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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner PlayStation 2 Cheats

Special CG Picture
Clear the game with the rank of S or SS, you will see a picture of Dingo and Ken at the overall ranking results after the credits.

Zoradius mini-game: All power-ups
Pause game play during Zoradius, then press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, L1, R1.

Alternate appearance
Successfully complete the game to unlock more versions of Jehuty.

Alternate ending sequence
Successfully complete the game with an "A", "S", or "SS" rank to unlock new pictures after the credits.

Zoradius mini-game
Select "Extra Missions", "Boss Battle mode", and fight Vic Viper. Pause game play when fighting Leo then press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, L1, R1. A sound will confirm correct code entry. The Zoradius mini-game will now be unlocked when you return to the "Extra Missions" screen.

Auman Anubis
Successfully complete the game and save the game. Instead of starting a new game, load your completed game file. Proceed to the location where you had to open two locks to open a gate. When you get the choice, move towards the left path. Locate the Metatron on the far west side of the left path on your map. Go to the Metatron. There is a dead end behind it. Fly close to it and look for cracks on that wall. Shoot this part of the wall, then enter the tunnel that is revealed. Defeat Anubis and collect his icon to unlock Auman Anubis. Note: You will have to fight Nepthtis immediately after this battle.

Successfully complete the game and save the game. Instead of starting a new game, load your completed game file. Proceed to where you enter the basement from the elevators. Go to the second room before fighting Inhert. Kill all enemies in this room. Go to the bottom of the room and to the second level of the moving pillars. Note: Counting from the bottom upwards, this is the second to last level of moving pillars. When the pillars retract, go around the corners. The icon is located on one of the corners. You must be close to the corner to find it.

Naked Jethuty
Successfully complete the game and save the game. Instead of starting a new game, load your completed game file. Proceed to immediately after the LEV battle where you must go through two descending rooms. The icon is located at the end of the second room, in the area just prior to the force field tunnel. Kill all the enemies in the second room of the descending path, but do not enter the force field tunnel. Find the two openings immediately below the entrance to the tunnel that are guarded by lasers. Shoot the lasers and enter. Defeat Naket Jethuty and collect the icon.

Heal while carrying
Whenever you have to carry someone (for example, Ardjet after defeating Viola's AI), you can heal them by using boost while carrying them. It uses up some of your SUB gauge, but you can use them as clubs.

Jehuty view while using Vector Cannon
You can actually see a different view of Jehuty when using the Vector Cannon. When charging the Vector Cannon, rotate the view with R3. Note: Keep moving or the view will change back to the original position.

Changing sub-weapons
You can change your sub-weapon without going into menu. During a battle or outside a battle, tap L1 to change back and fourth on your selected sub-weapon and grab. If you want to use another sub-weapon, hold L1 and choose it. Note: Note the game will pause when L1 is held, allowing you enough time to switch sub-weapons.

Using Jehuty's Burst attack efficiently
For multiple aiming of Jehuty's Burst, hold R2 + Left or Right to dash. While dashing, hold Square to aim in all directions to get your target locked on. Release Square, then fire. Note: The Burst attack is effective when destroying a swarm of Wisps or small projectile attacks.

Defeating Nohman
When you encounter Nohman after fighting Viola's A.I. Data, do not run up to him. Block his lasers if needed. Shoot normal lasers at him. When he teleports to you, you will know what to do.

Defeating the Train
When you fight the Train, you will have to destroy all the carts in five minutes. To destroy a cart, target its weapons and use homing missiles to destroy them. Once all of a cart's weapons are destroyed, it will explode and a fleet of enemies will attack. Use Gauntlet to knock enemies into the walls and out of range. The first and fourth cart have machine guns, the second has laser beams, and the third has machine guns and a massive laser cannon that is easy to avoid. The fifth cart is defenseless.

Easy kills
If you have low health while fighting enemies (outside of boss battles), get them close to each other then hold R2and press Square. You should now be circling the enemies. Then, release Square.

Anubis: Extra attacks
When using the Anubis or Aumaan Anubis in versus mode, rotate the Left Analog-stick counterclockwise to have Anubis hit its opponent eight or more times, depending on how fast you rotate it, instead of the usual four with its spear.

Dingo: Control position
When playing the game in the story mode, during the scenes when you see Dingo talking with other characters while inside Jehuty , move the Right Analog-stick. As you move it, the picture of Dingo will move around and allow you to see a little bit around him.

Move characters in cut scenes
In the scenes when you see dingo talking to other characters while inside Jehuty you can use the right analogue stick to move Dingo, you can also press L1 to move the other characters.

Unlock all Ex-Missions and VS mech
Provided that if you have Visual Works of Anubis, Pop the special demo disc into your PS2. In the main title, there is an option of 3: New Game, Save, and Options. Play through the demo, and after you clear the demo, you'll be brought back to the title screen. Save it. Once saved, pop in your Original ZOE2 game again, and all Ex-missions and VS mech will be unlocked. Note l: this code only applies to the Japanese version.

Defeating Nephtis
When you encounter Nephtis at the power plant on Mars, grab a solar panel on one of the towers. Wait until she charges up her dash attack and guard with the solar panel. She will be stunned for a few seconds. Attack her until she starts moving again. Repeat this process until she is defeated.

When you fight Nephtis inside a giant force field, wait for her to charge up her dash attack. As soon as she attacks, dash out of the way and she will hit the force field and become stunned. Attack her until she breaks free of the force field. Repeat this until she is dead. Note: Be sure not to run into the force field while attacking her.

When Nephtis is inside the tower like area, use the Geyser to stun the Clods and grab them and then wait for Nephtis to attack. Guard with the Clod and Nephtis will be stunned, attack her until she starts moving again. If the Clod tries to break free use Burst to keep them from escaping.

When Nephtis's AI infects Ardjet, dodge any of her long range attacks, then when she is done move into melee. Wait for Ardjet to swing at you, then deflect her attack by slashing at the correct moment. Deflect the sword four times and she will become stunned. Grab and hold her while ADA deletes the AI. Repeat until she is defeated.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Zone Of The Enders PlayStation 2 Cheats

Versus mode
Complete the game on any difficulty setting to unlock versus mode with five frames and most stages. Complete the game on any difficulty setting two times to get the remaining two frames and stages.

Alternate ending music
Complete the game on any difficulty setting and get an A-rank on all five rescue missions to get a different ending theme while the end credits are playing.

Versus mode: Unlock all characters and levels
Beat the game on easy mode with a D rating or higher.

Full health and ammo
Pause the game and press L1(2), L2(2), L1, R1, L1, R1, R2, R1.

Enemy's vital meter
To check how much vitality your enemy has (not Bosses), check the color of its level indicator. Vitality ranges from high (light blue) to low (red).

Double Blade for Jehuty
First you get all the weapons without using any Metatrons. Then you beat it 2 on any difficulty. When you play close up press R2 direction and Square. He will slice them to oblivion.

Unlock Remaining Frames and Battle Levels
On any difficulty setting, beat the game a second time.

Unlock Disco Mode
At the title screen press Up, Down, Down, X, Triangle, Left, Right, Square A sound effect will confirm correct code entry.

Get Versus Mode In Start Menu
At the start screen (Where you have to hit start to go to the main menu) hit the buttons O, X, Right, Left, Right, Left, Down, Down, Up, Up. You will hear a sound to confirm the code was entered correctly.

Unblockable Attacks
If the enemy is blocking, Either use a Burst or throw attack, it is un blockable!

Jehuty Dodge
If the enemy has shot a swarm of bullets at you, keep pressing Dash + Down or Dash + Up. Jehuty Will Do Semi-Multiple Flips.

How To Get the Second "True" Ending
Destroy ALL buildings and survivors during missions and SOS missions. Also, you must destroy the colony shaft completely during the fifth and final SOS mission in the game. Afterwards continue onward as normal. Tyrant will be your final boss. After defeating Tyrant, go to the MOUNTAIN.1 stage and you'll recieve the bad ending. Note: This can be done on any difficulty level.

Final Comment
Depending on your final rank, you will get comment from one of the main character. Get the B rank to hear Leo. Get the A rank to hear ADA and get the S rank to hear Celvice.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Zapper PlayStation 2 Cheats

Win the round
Collect six eggs every round and win the round.

Ultimate zapping weapon
When you buy a lot of dragonflies, you will get the ultimate zapping weapon.

Finding secret passages
Follow your friend's directions for secret passages.

Win the first world with 400 points and you will get to fly.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists of the Roses PlayStation 2 Cheats

Card Passwords
To enter a password for a card, press R3 at the "Build Deck" screen, and enter an eight digit password:
Card - Password
Ancient Tree of Enlightenment - EKJHQ109
Aqua Dragon - JXCB6FU7
Beast King of the Swamp - QXNTQPAX
Birdface - N54T4TY5
Black Hole - UMJ10MQB
Blast Sphere - CZN5GD2X
Change of Heart - SBYDQM8B
Crush Card - SRA7L5YR
Dragonseeker - 81EZCH8B
Earthshaker - Y34PN1SV
Elf's Light - E5G3NRAD
Fairy King Trusdale - YF07QVEZ
Fairy's Gift - NVE7A3EZ
Gravity Bind - 0HNFG9WX
Greenkappa - YBJMCD6Z
Harpy's Feather Duster - 8HJHQPNP
Horn of the Unicorn - S14FGKQ1
Magician of Faith - GME1S3UM
Doppleganger(Mimicat) - 69YDQM85
Mystical Capture Chains - N1NDJMQ3
Barrel Dragon - GTJXSBJ7
Robotic Knight - S5S7NKNH
Royal Decree - 8TETQHE1
Left Arm of the Forbidden One - A5CF6HSH
Seiyaryu - 2H4D85J7
Serpentine Princess - UMQ3WZUZ

Map Edit Mode
In a custom battle if you defeat the white and the red rose story modes you will unlock map edit mode.

Rare and powerful Meteor B. Dragon
Go to the deck building menu and hit R3. Now you can enter the following password: yf25tr8h

Two square terrain field boost
If a monster gets a terrain field boost turn it face up and it will go two squares instead of one.

Exodias head
Go to the deck building menu and hit R3. Now use the following card password: 37689434.

Get all yu-gi-oh cards
Use the following card password: AYD245D9.

Blue eyes ultimate dragon
Go to build deck, press R3, then type: b6fjko98.

Get reincarnate ability
Surrender 5 times or get 5 wins so that you can reincarnate a card in your chest. Hit L3 to use the ability.

Started Decks
Starter decks Depending on the name used at the start of the game, you will get a different type of starter deck. Try names such as "Konami", "Rod", or "Puzzle".

Easy Win
Once you have the map edit mode enabled, edit the map to what ever preferences you want. Make sure you put labyrinth terrain all the way around where your opponents deck leader square. Then when you fight using your map, your opponent will not be able to play any cards. So you win on the first turn. Use this only for the reincarnate ability. Because you are unable to get cards from the graveyard slots, it is basically useless unless you want the reincarnate ability.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament PlayStation 2 Cheats

Unlock Gama
Finish arcade mode with Touya as your final opponent.

No damage to player one
At the cheats menu enter: Circle, Square, Down, Left, Circle, Square.

Alternate Costume for KuwabaraBui
Bui - Complete Bui's arcade mode.
Elder Toguro - Defeat Younger Toguro in Dark Tournament episode 2.
Hiei - Win a tag team fight against five opponents with Hiei.
Kurama - Complete Kurama's arcade mode
Kuwabara - Complete Kuwabara's training against Kuwabara.
Younger Toguro - Complete Younger Toguro's arcade mode as Yusuke.
Yusuke - Beat Yusuke (CPU controlled) in any mode.

Unlock Bui
Complete Ichigaki's survival mode.

Unlock Chu
Win a Token Game Match with Chu's card in that deck. Alternate: defeat him in story mode plus.

Unlock Dark Tournament Plus Mode
Beat Toguro Ani in Dark Tournament.

Unlock E Toguro
Beat young taguro without him activating "increase strength"; 1 player hard difficulty.

Unlock Itchigaki
Defeat him in story mode.

Unlock Jin
Beat jin with a perfect in DT episode 23.

Unlock Karasu
Defeat karasu with yoko kurama in survival mode.

Unlock Kuro Momotaro
Complete arcade mode with Makintaro as your final opponent.

Unlock M1
Complete Dark Tournament Episode 15.

Unlock M2
Beat M1's Arcade Modde.

Unlock M3
Beat Hiei and Kurama in tag team mode with M1 and M2 as your team.

Unlock Makintaro
Defeat him in story mode.

Unlock New costume for Younger Toguro
Defeat him as your final opponent in Arcade mode.

Unlock Rinku
Complete 2 rounds with a "Perfect" in 1 player mode; hard difficulty.

Unlock Risho
Destroy 75% of the areana floor in any mode with 1 player.

Unlock Roto
Complete DT Episode 9.

Unlock Shishi Wakamaru
Beat genkai with yusuke in the cave;1 player hard difficulty.

Unlock Survival Mode
Finish the chapter Mass Slaughter.

Unlock Suzuka
Complete survival mode with shishi w.

Unlock Tag Team Mode
Finish the chapter Walk The Plank.

Unlock Touya
Defeat him in story mode.

Unlock Younger Toguro
Beat Dark Tournament Plus Mode.

Unlock Zeru
Win 5 fights in a row.

Crashed Arena
Complete dark tournament episode 30.

Dark Arena
Complete dark tournament episode 22.

Dark Tournament Pro mode
Complete dark tournament episode 30.

Survival Mode
Complete dark tournament episode 6.

Tag Team Mode
Complete dark tournament episode 7.

The Cave
Complete dark tournament episode 21.

The Cliff
Complete dark tournament episode 13.

Training Dojo
Complete Younger Toguro's arcade mode without losing a round.

M3: Easy wins
At the start of a fight, step back two steps and hold Down while continuously pressing L1. You should keep planting mines on the ground. After planting about seven mines, keep stepping back until your opponent runs toward you. They should die then. This is useful for winning survival mode.

Mankintaro: Regeneration
If you have taken damage, back up and perform his regeneration move. Pause game play while still holding the buttons needed for regeneration. As soon as the game is paused, you do not have to hold the buttons anymore. While paused your character will still continue to heal. If you wait long enough, he will return to full health.

Turbo mode
Press Circle, X, Right, X, Up, Square at the cheat menu.

All cards
Press Circle, Square, Circle, Square(2), Down at the cheat menu.

All chapters
Press Up, Down, X, Circle, Square, Right at the cheat menu.

All environments
Press Up, Right, Left, Right, X(2) at the cheat menu.

All modes
Press Left, Right, Down, Right, X, Circle at the cheat menu.

Unlock every fighter
Enter at the cheats menu: SQUARE, UP, SQUARE, CIRCLE, DOWN, CIRCLE.

Infinite Spirit Energy
Enter at the cheats menu: SQUARE, X, CIRCLE, SQUARE, X, CIRCLE.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Yanya Caballista: City Skater PlayStation 2 Cheats

Play as Aimee
Finish the bowl ramp in ramp mode to unlock Aimee.

Play as Bluebee
Finish all 10 combo stages and the final stage in challenge mode to unlock Bluebee.

Play as Clarice
Finish all 10 Gawoo attack stages and the final stage in challenge mode to unlock Clarice.

Play as Grandma B
Finish the normal ramps to unlock Grandma B.

Play as King Gawoo
Finish street mode on the normal difficulty setting, then defeat King Gawoo in street mode (flip side) on the normal difficulty setting to unlock him.

Play as Mr. Honda
Finish all 10 trick stages and the final stage in challenge mode to unlock Mr. Honda.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

XIII PlayStation 2 Cheats

Unlock All Levels
Pause the game and press R1, CIRCLE, R1, L2, R1, L1, SQUARE.

Quick Gun
At the start of the game, run though the back door to a gun faster and safer than going to the man at the front. Hit him in the head and he will die faster.

Better Sniping Accuracy
When in sniper mode, zoom in. To steady yourself for greater accuracy, sit there and do not touch anything to look or move for about five seconds or until he stops moving around. You can now look around with perfect dead aim accuracy.

More Ammunition
Wait until an enemy reloads his weapon before killing him. Kill him before he fires his gun and you will get a full magazine for your weapon.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

XGRA PlayStation 2 Cheats

All Tracks
Enter WIBBLE as a code at the cheat screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Unlock Racing Levels
Enter FREEPLAY as a code at the cheat screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

O2 Liveried
Enter UCANDO as a code at the cheat screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Programmer Messages
Enter MUNCHKIN, EDDROOLZ, or EDDIEPOO as a code at the cheat screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry. A programmer message will appear at the end of the credits sequence.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

XG3 Extreme G Racing PlayStation 2 Cheats

Unlock Fast Oval Race
To unlock the oval for a mega-speedy race, enter this code at the title screen: L1, L2, L1, R1, L1, R2, L1+R1, L2+R2. Enjoy the speed on the Oval.

Unlock Infinite Shields
To unlock infinite shields, pause the game and press L1+R1, L2+R2, L1+L2, R1+R2. Enter the code again to turn it off.

Unlock Infinite Ammo
To unlock infinite ammo, pause the game and press L2, R2, L1, R1, L2+R2, L1+R1. This will give you unlimited ammo. Enter the same code to turn it off.

Get Lots of Money
To use this code, start a new career and pick your driver, then enter the following code: L1, L1, L1, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, L2, L2, R1, R1, R1, R1, R1, R2, R2, R2, R2, R2, L1+R1+L2+R2.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Xenosaga: Episode 1 PlayStation 2 Cheats

Decoder #8
When you visit the Dock Colony for the first time, a woman in front of the clinic tells you of a Fish Detector that her husband lost. Go to the Kukai Foundation's cleaning place and inspect the tuxedo to find the Fish Detector. Talk to the girl in the Iron Man bar, sitting at the lower left table. She says that she lost an important ring and asks you to find it. Go to the Private Beach and go in the water where the fish show up on the radar screen. Run up to every fish and press Circle. Sometimes you will get an item, and sometimes you will not. You can get a Med Kit, a Speed Stim, and the Engagement Ring. If you return to the beach on any return trips, the Med Kit, and Speed Stim will be there again. Give the ring back to the girl in the bar. She will give you the Decoder #8 to open the red door.

General Tips
Whenever possible, fight. You will never know when a Boss is lurking around the corner. Utilize all of your T, E, and S points. Upgrade each attack accordingly and level up your characters. Also save your items (such as medkits and ethers). Whenever possible, evolve your Ethers. One of the most powerful character encountered using is KOS-MOS. She levels up quickly, and when she receives weapons and such she becomes more powerful. Note: In certain parts, KOS-MOS will not be a playble character. Keep your characters at even odds. The game is very unpredictable. Also take advantage of "Booster", as a lot of times you will die. All enemies possess the same abilities as you do. Whenever possible, stock up on Medkits and also upgrade your AGWS's.

Casino Passport
In the Durandal, open the chest inside the Game Room to get it.

Card Passport
On the Elsa, talk to the robot/bartender in the bar.

Casino Passport
In the Durandal, open the chest inside the Game Room to get it.

Slide Deck Key
When you are onboard the Elsa, before the ship is attacked, you can speak to the repair robot in the A.G.W.S. hangar. He mentions that he is the hardest worker, and that while he was cleaning one of the cabins he lost his key to the Slide Deck. The key can be found on the couch in the lounge of Cabin 2 (the southern-most cabin).

Robot parts
Torso 2: Dock Colony, Junk Store. Defeat the Arthra 26 series that appears on the central floor of the second tower on Song Of Nephilim system. Destroy the fourth box in the location where five boxes are in a line.
Right leg 3: Kukai Foundation Cleaners 1F. The treasure box in Bunnie's house in the Encephlon.
Right arm 7: Woglinde, front of Sergeant Major Swagger. Talk to Swaine on Woglinde during the Gnosis attack.
Left Leg 8: Elsa, corridor of the cargo bay. Before the Gnosis attack, talk to the woman in Ironman Bar in Kukai Foundation City Sector 26/27 to learn about the Engagement Ring. Search The White Tub on the second floor of the cleaners to obtain Fish Detector. Go to Gaignun's private beach and catch the fish that has the Engagement Ring. Return to the bar and give the ring back to the woman.
Left arm 9: Inside Gnosis mothership, Research Lab 3F. The treasure box guarded by Stribog (the long armed monster) inside the Gnosis mothership.

Hazardous Area Map
On board the Elsa, you will see the pilot walking around in Hangar 1 (A.G.W.S. hangar), looking for a map. He does not give any concrete details, except to look everywhere, and that the captain wants it. To get the map, speak with the captain on the bridge. He will give it to you to take to the pilot.

Deadly Jr.
Play poker in the casino long enough to buy the coveted Brave Soul. Then, either equip Jr. with it or have him extract and equip the skill. Jr. is ideal for the Brave Soul because he has many physical attacks. All his normal attacks use his guns, and he has the all-powerful Angelic Requiem at his disposal, which does physical damage to all enemies. Equip Jr. exclusively with tech attacks that do physical damage. Attacks such as Storm Waltz, Prelude to Battle, and Angelic Requiem are good, while Ether attacks such as Mystic Nocturne and Moonlit Serenade should be avoided. Angelic Requiem should be in his HI slot, if available. During battle, use a Hemlock on Jr. to hurt him badly, then immediately heal him for 150 to 300 points to keep him from dying too easily. Using Shion's Safety Level Ether is even better. Now that Jr. is thoroughly hurting, try attacking an enemy. Near the middle to end of the game, he can do over 500 to 700 damage with just his normal attacks, and anywhere from 700 to 1200 with his Tech attacks. As long as you can keep Jr. from taking too heavy a hit, or keep him protected with Safety Level, there should be few things that can stand up to him for long.

MOMO's first transformation
Go to the Cathedral Ship (inside the Gnosis). When you get to the stairs to go up (not the ladder), have MOMO as your lead character and search near the boxes. It should be there.

See Shion or MOMO in a swimsuit
When you are saving the people at the Kouki foundation, there is a chest in the hotel. When you get it, it will say "Swimsuit". You can equip it to Shion or MOMO. This allows their TP reward to increase by 25%. Also, when they are fighting they will be in a swimsuit. If you saw the intermission sequence where they are at the foundation's beach, you will see MOMO and Shion in a bathing suit. That is how they will appear as when they fight with the swimsuit equipped. Also, the same item can be won by completing Mission 4 of the Driller Game. A third and final swimsuit is to be found by defeating Great Joe. Note: Jr. and Chaos can also wear the swimsuit, and can be seen in swimming trunks.

See Shion without her coat
Immediate before the part where the Woglinde gets attacked, Shion goes to rest in her room. Notice that she takes off her coat. When the intermission sequence ends, you have the option to take a nap. Answer "No" and you can walk around as Shion without her coat.

Shion's Giant Robot Ethers
In the bottom of the Gear Shop in the Kukai Foundation, you can meet a strange professor who wants you to find parts so he can build a giant robot. Finding the six different parts, consisting of two arms, two legs, a torso, and a head will reward you with four different Ether attacks for Shion. These parts are located in the various Segment address rooms, which you find through exploring. The first attack is rewarded when you find both arms, and is called the Throni Blade. Next, you will find both legs which reward you with the Ether attack called the Dominion Tank. The head is the next item you can get, unlocking an attack called the Seraphim Bird. Finally, you will find the body which combines with all the other parts to create the summon of Erde Kaiser. This is the most powerful attack in the game, causing 9999 damage, but requires twelve Skills slots it makes it the only Ether that Shion can use.

Skip scenes
Whenever you are viewing a previously watched scene, press Start then press Triangle. You will then skip the entire scene until you are in quest mode again. Pause game play and you will be prompted if you want to resume or skip the scene. This is useful when you have saved a game before a scene and get killed afterwards.

Moving quickly and silently
Tap R2 rapidly when walking around to can hover quickly without making a sound.

In-game reset
Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Start + Select during game play.

You have to face Gargoyle in the Gnosis Cathedral Ship. The Gargoyle actually Commander Cherenkov. You need to have Shion, chaos, and KOS-MOS fight. Make sure that you have the upgraded frame and generator parts for Shion's and chaos's A.G.W.S. units. Equip both A.G.W.S. units with a sword since the Gargoyle and other Gnosis aren't good against close range attacks. Make sure everyone is at least level 18 or higher. When the battle starts, get into the A.G.W.S. units, and only attack the Gnosis on the right until it is dead. Why the Gnosis on the right? Because it can heal the Gargoyle 600 hp every turn. Then have KOS-MOS use med-kits on herself until she is fully healed. Finally attack the Gargoyle.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

X2: Wolverine's Revenge PlayStation 2 Cheats

Get All Costumes
Go to the main menu and press Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Square, Square, Square, L1 + L2.

Pick level
Go to the main menu and press Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Circle, L1 + R1.

Unlock Cerebro Files
Go to the main menu and press Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Square, Square, Square, R1 + R2.

Unlock Debug menu
Go to the main menu and press Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Square, Square, Circle, Circle, L1+ R1 + L2 + R2. The debug menu will be available after you pause the game.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

X-Squad PlayStation 2 Cheats

Private rank
At the title screen, press Square, Circle, Triangle, then start a new game. This results in a game with Michaels 9mmS, 99 clips, and bonus points displayed when earned.

Sergeant rank
At the title screen, press Triangle, Circle, Square, then start a new game. This results in a game with no weight limit, Taylor M82, Michaels 9mmS, 99 clips, and bonus points displayed when earned.

Lieutenant rank
At the title screen, press R1, L2, L1, R2, then start a new game. This results in a game with a level 2 shield, no weight limit, Taylor M82, Michaels 9mmS, 99 clips, bonus points displayed when earned, and a 10,000 point bonus when a level is completed.

Captain rank
At the title screen, press Circle, R1, Circle, L1, Triangle, R2, then start a new game. This results in a game with radar, no weight limit, Taylor M82, Michaels 9mmS, 99 clips, and bonus points displayed when earned.

Major rank
At the title screen, press L2, Square,R2, Triangle, L1, Circle, R1, then start a new game. This results in a game with a level 3 shield, Level 3 sensor, radar, no weight limit, Taylor M82, Michaels 9mmS, 99 clips, and bonus points displayed when earned.

Colonel rank
At the title screen, press Triangle, Square, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, then start a new game. This results in a game with a level 3 shield, level 3 sensor, radar, no weight limit, beginner level of all weapons, 99 clips for each, and bonus points displayed when earned.

General rank
At the title screen, press L1(2), L2(2), R1(2), R2(2), then start a new game. This results in a game with a level 3 shield, level 3 sensor, radar, no weight limit, intermediate level of all weapons, 99 clips for each, and bonus points displayed when earned.

Master of X-Squad rank
At the title screen, press Circle(4), Triangle, Square(4), then start a new game. This results in a game with a level 3 shield, level 3 sensor, radar, no weight limit, master level of all weapons, 99 clips for each, and bonus points displayed when earned.

Unlock All Weapons
To Unlock All Weapons, press START during a game and hold SELECT and START and quickly press X, X, Circle, X, Left, Down, Square.

Unlimited health
Press start and hold L1, R1, press Square, Circle, Circle, Triangle, X, Triangle, Square, Left, Right, Up, X.

Friday, September 6, 2013

X-Men: Next Dimension PlayStation 2 Cheats

Master code
Remove the memory card before activating this code. Hold L1, then press Right(2), Left(2), Down, Up, Circle at the main menu. A message will be spoken to confirm correct code entry. You may now re-insert the memory card and save the game.

Fight as Bastion
Successfully complete the game story mode as Magneto without losing any matches to face Bastion. Defeat Bastion to unlock him as a selectable character.

Fight as Bishop
Successfully complete the game in arcade mode as Gambit to unlock Bishop as a selectable character.

Fight as Blob
Successfully complete the game in arcade mode as Bishop to unlock Blob as a selectable character.

Fight as Psylocke
Successfully complete the game in arcade mode as Betsy to unlock Psylocke as a selectable character.

Fight as Dark Phoenix
Successfully complete the game in arcade mode as Phoenix to unlock Dark Phoenix as a selectable character. Alternately, successfully complete the game in story mode as Magneto.

Fight as Pyro
Successfully complete the game in arcade mode as Dark Phoenix under the easy, medium, and expert difficulty settings to unlock Pyro as a selectable character.

Fight as Sentinel A
Successfully complete the game in arcade mode as Cyclops.

Fight as Sentinel B
Win twenty matches in survival mode.

Third costume
Successfully complete the game in story mode to unlock that character's third costume.

Fourth costume
Win twenty matches in survival mode with all characters.

Fifth costume
Successfully complete the game in arcade mode under the hard difficulty setting with all characters.

Sixth costume
Defeat all ten fighters in time attack mode in under fifteen minutes to unlock the sixth costume for the fighter you selected.

Seventh costume
Select team mode and choose to fight with eight characters. Defeat all of the your opponent's team by using two or less of your own fighters to unlock the seventh costume for the character(s) you used.
Wolverine gets his original yellow/blue/black costume.
Phoenix gets a red/gold costume similar to Dark Phoenix.
Juggernaut, Gambit, and Psylocke get a costume similar to their comic book original.
Beast gets a blue costume with a yellow X on his chest, and he also has a helmet.
When you chose the seventh costume for Cyclops, Wolverine, Betsy, Juggernaut, Sentinel A (Sentinel), Gambit, Storm, Sabretooth, Rogue and Magneto, they will most commonly appear in their costumes if they were in a "Vs." series game (Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash Of The Superheroes, X-Men vs. Street Fighter, X-Men Children Of The Atom, Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter).

Eighth costume
Win forty matches in survival mode as any character.

Classic costumes
Some characters have classic outfits that resemble the classic X-Men characters:
Wolverine: Costume VII
Betsy: Costume VII
Forge: Costume VI
Gambit: Costume V
Juggernaut: Costume VII
Magneto: Costume VII
Nightcrawler: Costume VII
Sabretooth: Costume III
Rogue: Costume VI

Ending sequences
There are three possible endings in the game in story mode.
Regular ending (Magneto's Victory): Defeat Bastion as Magneto.
Alternate ending (Phoenix's Victory): Lose the Magneto vs. Bastion fight and you will go to the Phoenix vs. Bastion fight. Defeat Bastion as Phoenix.
Secret Ending (Fury of Dark Phoenix): Get a "Perfect" victory in the Phoenix vs. Bastion fight. This will also, unlock Dark Phoenix as a playable character.

Nightcrawler: Play in the Dimensional Rage
When in training mode as Nightcrawler, turn on "Infinite Specials" then perform the Dimensional Rage technique. You will be in the Dimension for the technique. Perform a different special other than Dimensional Rage and make it contact. This will cancel Dimensional Rage and leave you in the darkness. To exit, perform the Dimensional Rage again and let it finish properly.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

X-Men Legends PlayStation 2 Cheats

Xtreme Costumes
On the Main Menu enter UP, UP, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, START.

Beat Mystique.

Ice Man, Jean Grey, Beast, Rogue, and Storm
Finish First Level.

Jubilee and Nightcrawler
Finish Second Level.

Finish Third Level.

Beat Nuclear Facility level.

Emma Frost
Beat Nuclar Facility level (meet in X-mansion).

Magma (on field missions)
Beat Blob in Magma/Cyclops mission.

Beat NYC Riot, Morlock Rescue, and Muir Isle fight levels.

Wolverine 90's, Weapon X
Beat the game.

Original Cyclops, Cyclops 80's
Beat the game.

Original Jean Grey, Phoenix
Beat the game.

Original Beast
Beat the game.

Colussus without metal, Colussus 90's
Beat the game.

Bobby Drake, Original Iceman
Beat the game.

Street Clothes Magma
Beat the game.

Original Nightcrawler
Beat the game.

Storm's white outfit
Beat the game.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

X-Files: Resist or Serve PlayStation 2 Cheats

How To Defuse Bomb
In the beginning of act two for red falls you will go to a building where you'll take a train. Before you can leave you'll have to activate the power. Kill the zombie. All you'll have to do is flip the switch in the back, then flip the switch on the control panal, then just flip the switch in the back one more time to give power to the train. But before you get into the train check the body of the zombie in the control room. You will find fingerprint liquid. Use this liquid on the bomb and it will show you the three digit number. This number will defuse the bomb.

Unlimited First Aid Kits
When making the optical disc in Episode 2, if you type in the Chris Barnes code first, you will get a first aid kit. You can type it in as many times as desired.

Unlimited Ammo
Enter L1, L2, X, R2, R1 as a code.

One shot kills
Enter Circle, L2, Down, R1, X as a code.

Unlock all acts
Enter R2, Right, L2, Up, Square as a code.

How to kill Hector without getting hurt
When you play Scully and you go into a garage, press the button on the wall to lift the car then quickly press it again to make the car come crashing down onto Hector. Do this three times and he will be dead.

How to kill all 5 zombies in the padded cells
After killing the 2 zombies coming your way on the right, enter the room with two white-grey double doors. When the room is finished loading, pick up the medi-kit on the desk and go to the other side of the room. Press the button and quickly run to the first padded cell to your left (no zombie is in that cell), then go behind the door and the zombies with be on the other side. They will fight each other and kill each other, one may be left alive. But you must like run into the wall when you are behind the door so they can't get you through the door. Then dash the last zombie (if there are two left leave them to fight) and make a run for the top cell with the dead man and pick up a key.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

WWF SmackDown! Just Bring It PlayStation 2 Cheats

Pause in mid-air
When performing a flying move off the turnbuckle to outside the arena, usually your character will, for a second, stop in midair before falling the remaining 4 feet to the cement. This code works only in demo mode.

Float in mid-air
Sometimes, if your opponent knocks you off a turnbuckle, your character will fall but stay 4 feet off the ground until he is hit again. This code works only in demo mode.

Teleport outside the ring
Sometimes, a character lying prone near the ropes will be teleported outside the ring. This code works only in demo mode.

Unlock Rhyno
Start a story mode with anyone who doesn't have a title. Say that you don't want to form a tag team to Vince. Run down and attack (if you win you have an advantage in the next match. KO the opponent to win). Lose or win the match. Stay backstage and find Earl Hebner. He is near the vending machines in the lobby. Tell him you are going to get the hardcore title. Beat Rhyno backstage to win the title and unlock Rhyno.

Unlock Spike Dudley
Start a story mode with anyone who doesn't have a title. Tell Vince you will consider forming a tag team. Find any partner and win the tag team TLC match. Tell your partner backstage that you will find a partner for the six man tag match (after you tell him you will find the partner he asks if you trust him say you trust him). Got the hallway where the APA office is (it is the one on the opposite side of the vending machines). Help Spike and Molly. Win the tag team table match that the Dudley Boys challenge you to. Win the title match that follows and Spike Dudley will be unlocked.

Unlock Mick Foley
Start story mode as anyone without a title. Tell Vince that you don't want to form a tag team. Talk trash and then say you want to kick his butt all over the arena. Go to the parking lot to find Vince. Win the match he gives you. Show up on stage when whoever is out there asks you if you're serious about the title. Win the match against that superstar. Lose the title match at Wrestlemania. Mick Foley will appear and make a Hell in the Cell match. Win the Hell in the Cell match. Mick Foley will now be unlocked.

Unlock New Smackdown! Arena
Choose Slobber knocker mode. Be The Rock and defeat 18 wrestlers in the time limit. A new Smackdown! arena will be unlocked.

Unlock Tajiri
Start story mode with anyone who doesn't have a title. Tell Vince that you don't want to form a tag team. Talk trash on the mic and tell Michael Cole you were just messing. In teh next roaming session, go to Regal's office (it is down the the stairs in the hallway before the vending machine). Say that you don't want the European title match. He will make you fight Tajiri. Beat Tajiri in the match to unlock him.

Unlock Jerry Lynn
Start Story Mode with any one who doesn't have a title. Tell Vince that you don't want to form a tag team. Talk trash on the mic and tell Michael Cole you were just messing. Let time run out in the next roaming session. Win the Battle Royal. Let time run out again in roaming. Win the battle royal. Show up on stage. Win the next two matches and Jerry Lynn will now be unlocked.

Unlock Fred Durst
Choose Slobber Knocker Mode. Use the Undertaker and defeat 15 wrestlers in the time limit.

Unlock Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon Helmsley
To do this you need to unlock all the smackdown cards. If you have unlocked all the above then go through one of them again to get to Wrestlemania. You will unlock about 3 to 4 cards each time. Another way to do it is to defend a belt. Each time you defend you unlock a card. However when there are three cards left (Shane and Stephanie's cards included) you will need to go through story mode and win WWF title at Wrestlemania. Choose anyone who doesn't hold a title.
Tell Vince you don't want to form a Tag Team.
Talk trash.
Say you want to kick his ass.
Go to parking lot to find Vince.
Win match.
Show up on stage.
Win match.
Win match at Wrestlemania.

Unknown Wrestlers
Everytime you wrestle in story mode, an 'unknown' competitor's body parts and taunts are unlocked. This allows you to create past members of the WWF and other Federations in the CAW mode. These are not ready made wrestlers with videos etc.
Unknown 1 NCDP: DDP
Unknown 2 NCBT: Booker T
Unknown 3 EMA: Mike Awesome
Unknown 4 ERV: RVD
Unknown 5 ELS: Lance Storm
Unknown 6 NCSO: Sean O'Haire
Unknown 7 NCBK: Billy Kidman
Unknown 8 NCHH: Hurricane Helms
Unknown 9 WGM: Grand Master Sexay
Unknown 10 WS2: Scotty 2 Hotty
Unknown 11 WXP: X-Pac
Unknown 12 EJC: Justin Credible
Unknown 13 WAS: Al Snow
Unknown 14 WVV: Val Venus
Unknown 15 WGF: Goodfather
Unknown 16 WTM: Taka Michenoku
Unknown 17 WFU: Sho Funaki
Unknown 18 WDB: D'Lo Brown
Unknown 19 WKK: K-Kwick
Unknown 20 WER: Essa Rios
Unknown 21 WBM: Big Boss Man
Unknown 22 WGG: Gangrel
Unknown 23 ZAG: Andre The Giant
Unknown 24 ZSM: Shawn Michaels
Unknown 25 ZSS: Sgt. Slaughter
Unknown 26 ZBB: Bob Backlund
Unknown 27 WRD: Road Dogg
Unknown 28 CRF: Ric Flair
Unknown 29 CKN: Kevin Nash
Unknown 30 CSH: Scott Hall
Unknown 31 CBG: Bill Goldburg
Unknown 32 CST: Sting
Unknown 33 CHH: Hulk Hogan
Unknown 34 CJJ: Jeff Jarrett
Unknown 35 CSS: Scott Steiner
Unknown 36 JIDA: Jun Izumida
Unknown 37 JIDB: Japanese Puroresu Set
Unknown 38 MEX: Mexican Luchadore Set
Unknown 39 NJKS: Kensuke Sasaki
Unknown 40 ZOSH: Shinya Hashimoto
Unknown 41 NJMC: Masahiro Chono
Unknown 42 NJHT: Hiroyoshi Tenzan
Unknown 43 NJKM: Keiji Mutoh
Unknown 44 NJMN: Manabu Nakanishi
Unknown 45 NJYN: Yuji Nagata
Unknown 46 NJJL: Jyushin "Thunder" Lyger
Unknown 47 MGS: The Great Susake
Unknown 48 NJKK: Kuniaki Kobayashi
Unknown 49 NOVD: Vader
Unknown 50 NOMM: Mitsuhara Misawa
Unknown 51 NOKK: Kenta Kobashi
Unknown 52 NOJA: Jun Akiyama
Unknown 53 AJTK: Toshiaki Kawada
Unknown 54 AJGT: Genichiro Tenryu
Unknown 55 JAO: Atsushi Ohnita
Unknown 56 PAI: Antonio Inoki
Unknown 57 PNO: Naoya Ogawa
Unknown 58 PAT: Akira Taue
Unknown 59 PGP: Giant Shohei Baba
Unknown 60 LKS: Ken Shamrock
Unknown 61 DLTF: Terry Funk
Unknown 62 CHKF: Kung Fu Move Set

Unlock Last Man Standing
Go the route to Wrestlemania. During this route you will have a choice between three matches. Do this 3 times, choosing a different match each time. Win the match to unlock it once you finish the story.

Unlock Wrestlemania X-7 arena
This is unlocked when you win the WWF
Choose anyone who doesn't hold a title.
Tell Vince you don't want to form a Tag Team.
Talk trash.
Say you want to kick his ass.
Go to parking lot to find Vince.
Win match.
Show up on stage.
Win match.
Win match at Wrestlemania.

Unlock Theatre Mode Movies
When you win the WWF title at Wrestlemania, you unlock 5 movies in Theatre Mode:
SmackDown! commercial.
Making Of SmackDown! commercial.
SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role commercial.
Making Of SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role commercial.
"Dark Summit" trailer.
Recent greatest Smackdown moments.

Parking Lot Tricks
In the parking lot you can use the fork lift and the white jeep like weapons. Just go to the driver's side and press R1 and to use them back away from your opponent press Triangle and the X when you get close to them. Also some of the other parked cars can be used like a turnbuckle to do high flying moves. Just run on to it and use it like the top rope.

Forget Stone Cold
At Wrestlemania you don't have to fight you're fight against Stone Cold just press exit game and when it asks you for a rematch press no and then Mc Foley will come out and says rematch in a Hell in the Cell then you have to win that fight and once you win you unlock 5 new things.

55 Bonus Creation Points, Secret Card 12
Use a created superstar. Turn Vince Down 2. Talk Trash. Tell Michael Cole you want to kick his butt all over the arena. Go to parking lot for the match. Win the Match. Show up on-stage for the next superstar. Win the next match. Win the match at Wrestlemania.

Fight for Light-Heavyweight Title
This seems to be the hard title chase to find. Simply play "Story Mode" as a small guy (Dean Malenko, Christian, Spike Dudley, etc.) and do this: Turn down the Tag title hunt. Get through RAW (the "messin' with" episode). On Smackdown!, stay backstage. In 1st-person, go to Hebner by the vending machines. Just say "hi!" :) When Regal next talks to you, he'll give you the choice of fighting for either the Intercontinental or Light-Heavyweight title (if you're a bigger guy, he'll offer the European title instead of Light-Heavyweight).

Game Freeze Tip
If the game freezes -- start the game with the memory card out -- go to options --- put the card back in --- select system data --- copy created wrestler -- and load each wrestler until you find out which one is making the game freeze -- after you find out which wrestlers are good ones --- load all them and resave the game -- you might lose all hidden cards, and reset belts, but you get to keep your created wrestlers.

How to see Kurt Angle Drive the Milktruck
Choose Kurt Angle (doesn't have a title). Don't form a team with Vince. Talk trash on the microphone. Say you were just messing with him. Go down the stairs and go to the right door, go straight down the hall and go to the left door your opponent will hit you. Win battle royal. Now you will see Kurt Angle drive the milk truck.

See Kurt Angle In A Cowboy Hat
Choose Stone Cold Steve Austin in story mode (when he isn't the champ and the Rock is the Champ) and talk trash on the mic, say you were just messin', and win all matches up to WrestleMania. Then you will see Austin and Vince in a dressing room and Austin says something to the effect of "You'll Always be There" to Vince, then they hug. Then Kurt Angle enters the room shaking his head and wearing a cowboy hat.

Insurextion Arena
This is a very simple feature to unlock and it will unlock the Insurextion arena which is Smackdown Card 11. Turn down Vince for the Tag Titles, talk trash on the mic, in roaming, go down the stairs and go towards the snack machines where Michael Cole is. Talk to him and say you were just kidding, win the battle royal, talk to Hebert instead of choosing to go after the hard-core title. Then you will go to Regal's office - take the shot at the European title, win the match and the match that follows and you have the new arena.

The Pile o' Tables
In a TLC Match or a Table match, take the table outside of the ring and throw it at the announcers table it should land on the announcers table. Climb on the table and while holding the down button pick up the table then try to set it up. It should be set on top of the other table. You can do high damage moves through the 2 tables. This can also be done with 3 tables.

The Rock at His Best
Choose The Rock in a Story Mode, (while he's not the champion), say no to the tag team op, win either Run Down or Talk Trash, (if you talk trash, than in the first interview, say that you want to kick his butt) win the next few matches until Wrestlemania, and than just before the match, The Rock will be interviewed and will do what he really does!

Easy Royal Rumble Win
I know how to easily win the Royal Rumble on WWF Smackdown 3: JBI. This may sound stupid but my dad has won at least 6 times with this strategy and he isn't even that good. All you have to do is stand in a corner. The lower Left one works the best because the wrestlers rarely end up there. If you should just happen to walk your way just punch or kick him away and the wrestler should stay way from you unless you and the wrestler are the only two left and your waiting for another wrestler to some down the ramp or you are the last two left. If more than one wrestler come your way than just move to a different corner, going counter clockwise works well. When you are the last one left just sneak up behind the wrestler and knock him or her over. They should hopefully be doing their taunt which will give you enough time to knock him or her over the top rope.

The Betrayal
Accept the tag team title opportunity from Vince, find a partner, and win your first match. Then say that you want to find someone for the 3 man tag team match. Then tell your partner that you never trusted him since the beginning and then he's gonna fight you, but the traitor's gonna be backed up by the tag team champions making the match a handicap match.

Easy Way to Get New Smackdown Arena
I found this out by myself and it really works! It's pretty hard to eliminate 17 people in slobber knocker mode to unlock the new smackdown arena with the rock so try this! Go to create mode then go to create a superstar then go to moves. Then pick The Rock and it should take you to the moves list then go to running. Then pick attack. When your in attack change The Rock Clothesline and The Rock Forearm Smash to clothesline which is under powerful. Then when your in the slobberknocker match with The Rock trying to get the new smackdown arena just do that clothesline a couple of times to your opponent in the ring and pin. Then repeat this process until you have beaten 17 people. And don't worry you can turn the moves back to default when your done if you want.

Get Stone Cold's Old Entrance Music
To get Stone Cold's old entrance music you have to go to Create A Superstar, then go to Moves, next go to Superstar, then go to Stone Cold, go to bases, then go to entrance, go to Stone Cold's entrance music and change it to Steve Austin 2.

Monday, September 2, 2013

WWE Smackdown! vs. RAW PlayStation 2 Cheats

Andre the Giant
Purchase in the WWE Shop for $20,000 SD! dollars.

Bret "Hitman" Hart
Purchase in the WWE Shop for $20,000 SD! dollars.

Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake
Purchase in the WWE Shop for $20,000 SD! dollars.

Legend Undertaker
Purchase in the WWE Shop for $18,000 SD! dollars.

Legion of Doom (Animal and Hawk)
Purchase in the WWE Shop for $35,000 SD! dollars.

Purchase in the WWE Shop for $20,000 SD! dollars.

Masked Kane
Purchase in the WWE Shop for $18,000 SD! dollars.

The Rock
Purchase is the WWE Shop for $20,000 SD! dollars.

Extra Experience Points
Earn cash in season mode and completing challenges in order to buy extra experience points for your created wrestler in WWE Shopzone. You may buy the experience unlimited times.
Effect - Code
150 Experience - Buy for $1,200 in WWE Shopzone
1,500 Experience - Buy for $11,000 in WWE Shopzone
3,000 Experience - Buy for $20,000 in WWE Shopzone
5,000 Experience - Buy for $32,000 in WWE Shopzone
10,000 Experience - Buy for $60,000 in WWE Shopzone

Challenge Mode Unlockables
Effect - Code
HBK's T-shirt And jeans Alternate Attire and Kurt Angles General Manager Suit As
An Alternate Attire Complete - Rising Star Challenges
Heat And Velocity Arenas Complete - Amateur Challenges
Suits For All 3 Evolution Members (HHH, Batista, Flair) and Randy Orton
Alternate Attire Complete - Superstar Challenges
The Rock's alternate attire - Complete all of the challenges

Unlock the Credits
Complete Season mode once to unlock the Credits under the Options menu. This will allow you to watch them as many times as you wish.

Legend Challenge Difficulty
Buy every legend from the shopzone.

Free Specials in Hardcore Matches
In the backstage areas in Hardcore matches, Irish whip your opponent into one of the soda machines and a soda will pop out. Pick up the soda and your Superstar will drink it which will give you an instant special!

Copy Your Opponent's Finishing Move
To copy your opponent's finishing move, you need 2 Smackdown! specials ready. Once you do, get into your opponent's finishing move situation and press L1, while holding L2. You will then perform your opponent's finishing move.

Earn easy EXP Points
1. Start by creating a Super Heavyweight CAW.
2. Play through season mode and earn until enough exp to max out strength or durability or both.
3. Go to Create mode and make a copy of your CAW.
4. Edit the profile of the copied CAW and change the weight limit to DIVA. You'll receive a notification saying CAW attribute points will be lost. Continue.
By doing this the CAW's lost Attribute points will be converted back to EXP Points, and you can distribute it to other CAWs. Repeat steps 3-4 until you max out all your stats.

Experience by the Truckload!
Play as a strong superstar, and win matches easily to not only get some exp, but to get some cash. But the experience that costs 20,000 for 3,000 experience and you'll be good to go.

Easy Character Skill ups.
Play with a great superstar with a rating of like... 90 or something. You can gain EXP to use for your custom characters.

Easy Wins
Set the rules for no DQ, no count out, and whatever else you'd like. With these rules, get into the ring and knock your opponent down. Grab a chair and put 2 and 2 together.

The easiest win
Start off a match by knocking your foe down, and putting him into a submission. Continue that same submission, without letting him get up, and he'll eventually tap out. The reversal rate on these is very low, and if you time it right, they won't get up for the entire match... trust me. I've won an 'Ultimate Submssion' match 45 to 0.

Special Eyes
These are some fun eyes to experiment with.
In the eye section, choose one of the eyes that has a sort of silverish color to the iris. When you change the color to these eyes, you change the entire eyes. No better way to look Satanic than to have glowing red eyes!

2 Player Clean-o-meter advantage
Having a hard time beating a friend? Are you KOed before the match began? Well, there is help, in several easy steps.
1 - Select the 'Hell in the Cell' Match
2 - Select a superstar with quick taunts (The Undertaker works fine)
3 - Have him set on 'Clean'
4 - Once the match begins, head for the door. Once outside, climb the cell, and try to climb it first. It you couldn't climb it first, no biggie. Just do some quick taunts on the ground, while he's on the cell. He'll need time to regain composure and come after you, so taunt until your clean-o-meter is full. once then, execute your clean special. You'll be untouchable! He/she may try to attack you, but it comes with auto-reversal. They'll be dazed, and you'll have an opportunity to do a Smackdown!, with added attack power. Taunt, Smackdown!, Repeat.

Chair Smackdown!
To perform the infamous chair Smackdown!, you may think that its a complex set of timing, and a combination of weapon, and non-weapon moves. Wrong. Simply attack your opponent with right or left + X, and you'll plunge the chair into their gut. They'll hold it, and be dazed. Press L1 and show them that Metal hurts.
This is an EXCELLENT strategy for KOing someone.

Climb down the Cell
When on top of the cell, it can really make a good day bad if the only way you can get down is by testing how long it'll take you to hit the ground. To climb down, press Square and the directional button button of where you'd like to climb down. You hang on to the edge, and fall, unscathed.

Stone Cold Steve Austin
Stone Cold Steve Austin is not on the game but you can create him. First, save some money and buy the move set with the picture of someone doing the Stunner. You can purchase this at Shopzone. Then, when you go to move set find the moves that say Outlaw before them- these are his moves. The Finisher will only say Stunner. His entrance is 01 on the moves set, the only down side being the video and the music. There is some other cool entrance music to choose from so you Stone Cold fans will just have to be creative.

Hidden Entrances
1 - Farooq
2 - Billy Gunn
3 - Val Venis
4 - William Regal
5 - Scott Steiner
6 - Test
7 - Hurricane
8 - Spike Dudley
9 - Billy Kidman
10 - Funaki
11 - Steven Richards
12 - Sgt. Slaughter
13 - Jerry the King Lawler
14 - Taz
15 - Al Snow
16 - Rodney Mack
17 - Jazz
18 - Lita
19 - Vince McMahon
20 - Shane McMahon
21 - Steph McMahon
22 - Eric Bishoff
23 - Hulk Hogan
24 - Ultimate Warrior
25 - Iron Shiek
26 - Nikolai Volkoff
27 - George Steele
28 - Hillbilly Jim
29 - Dean Malenko
30 - Ted DiBiase
31 - Crash Holly
32 - Mr. Perfect
33 - Bob Backlund
34 - Lance Storm
35 - Ultimo Dragon
37 - Stone Cold Steve Austin
38 - Goldberg
39 - Brock Lesnar
40 - Jeff Hardy
41 - X-Pac
42 - Diamond Dallas Page
43 - Road Dogg Jesse James
44 - Kevin Nash
45 - Scott Hall
46 - Sting
47 - Jeff Jarrett
48 - Goldust
49 - Big Van Vader
50 - Keiji Mutoh
51 - Kendo Kashin
52 - Toshiaki Kawada
53 - Taka Michinoku
54 - Genichiro Tenryu
55 - Kensuke Sasake
56 - Masa Chono
57 - Hiroyoshi Tenzan
58 - Manabu Nakanishi
59 - Yugi Nagata
60 - Jyushin "Thunder" Lyger
61 - Mitsuharu Misawa
62 - Kenta Kobashi
63 - Jun Akiyama
65 - Naoya Ogawa
66 - The Great Sasuke
67 - Atsushi Onita
68 - Fred Durst
69 - Antonio Inoki
70 - Shoot Set 1
71 - Shoot Set 2
72 - Joshi Set A
73 - Joshi Set B
74 - Lucha Set

Hidden Entrances
Solo Entrances
01: Steve Austin
02: Lita
03: Bradshaw (Face)
04: Rikishi
05: The Hurricane
06: Goldberg
07: Bushwhacker
08: X-Pac
09: Jeff Hardy
10: Booker T
11: Bubba Ray Dudley (Face)
12: D-Von Dudley (Face)
13: Eugene
14: Hulk Hogan
15: Scott Steiner
16: Ultimate Warrior
17: Chris Jericho (Face)

Tag Team Entrances
01: Generic
02: World's Greatest Tag Team
03: Dudley Boyz (Heel)
04: Evolution (Ric Flair and Batista)
05: Evolution (Ric Flair and Randy Orton)
06: Rico & Miss Jackie
07: Bushwhackers
08: Hardy Boyz
09: Dudley Boyz (Face)
10: The Legion of Doom
11: Too Cool (Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi)
12: D-Generation-X (Road Dogg and X-Pac)

Trio Entrances
01: Generic
02: Evolution (Batista, Ric Flair, and Randy Orton)
03: F.B.I.
04: Rico, Miss Jackie & Charlie Haas
05: Team X-Treme (Lita, Matt Hardy, and Jeff Hardy)
06: D-Generation-X (Road Dogg, X-Pac, and Tori)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

WWE Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth PlayStation 2 Cheats

Matrix Effect
Do a single match and make sure interference is off. Then get a special and use it on your opponent. While your doing your special press L1 and L2 at the same time and you will do the matrix effect.

To do your finishers it is just like all the old ones just hit L1.

Create a Superstar: Moves
To make a good superstar have good moves, you need to select create and then moves. Then you can select between a superstar or a created superstar. Look for good moves like spears and chokeslams. The moves could be anywhere so I looked in every place. For regular Grapple moves put quick and easy moves, then pick the enemy up and use powerful moves, like a toe kick and a mini stunner, or Irish whip them to spear them. The letters GO before a move name is Grab Opponent before you can use that certain type of move. For a lot of the specials, you need to have a groggy opponent. For the turnbuckle specials like the Five-Star Frog Splash or the Molly Go Round, they have to be on the ground (Five-Star Frog Splash). For the Molly Go round they have to be standing. The Edge Spear on the list for the moves, you need to be running when your opponent is running. Some superstars have one kind of move that fill up both of their slots. Triple H and Bradshaw have two versions of the clothesline from hell and the pedigree. The clothesline from hell you can use a toe kick or be running at your opponent, but I'd recommend taken one pedrigree off of Triple H's special move roster and change it to a Book end or a Booker T special or anything else. Use the square button to see previews of every move on the move list. Only use the moves that you fancy or like.

Unlock Things
Unlock Divas Movie: Get 100 Knockouts in Slobber Knocker to unlock the Divas Movie.

To unlock things is Story mode win a match at the PPV and you will have a choice of things to unlock. Since the Story mode continues like on Smackdown 2 for Playstation you will eventually have everything unlocked if you play it enough.

Win the Undisputed Championship: You have a choice of unlocking RVD Special movie or a Smackdown SYM Special movie.

Win a match at Backlash PPV: You have a choice of unlocking The Rock's attire, Christian's attire, Create Parts 1, Backlash arena or Foam Hands A.

Win a match at Judgment Day PPV: You have a choice of unlocking RVD's attire, Vince McMahon's attire, Eddie Guerrero's attire, Undertaker's attire, Create Parts 2 or Judgment Day arena.

Win a match at King of the Ring PPV: You have a choice of unlocking Kurt Angle's attire, Edge's attire, Moves 2, Create Parts 8, King of the Ring arena or Plaza B backstage area.

Win a match at Vengeance PPV: You have a choice of unlocking Lance Storm's attire, Raven's attire, Billy Kidman's attire, Create Parts 3, Vengeance arena A or Vengeance arena B.

Win a match at SummerSlam PPV: Choice of unlocking Booker T's attire, Torrie Wilson's attire, Moves 4, Moves 6, Create Parts 9 or SummerSlam arena.

Win a match at Unforgiven PPV: Choice of unlocking Chris Benoit's attire, Trish Stratus's attire, Moves 3, Create Parts 5, Unforgiven arena or Foam Hands B.

Win a match at No Mercy PPV: Choice of unlocking Shawn Michaels attire, Stephanie McMahon's attire, Rikishi's attire, D-Von's attire, Molly Holly's attire or No Mercy arena.

Win a match at Survivor Series PPV: Choice of unlocking Matt Hardy's attire, Hardcore Holly's attire, Moves 7, Moves 8, 30 Ability Points or Survivor Series arena.

Win a match at Armageddon PPV: Choice of unlocking Ric Flair's attire, Chuck's attire, Billy's attire, Armageddon arena, Winter Plaza area or Winter Times Square area.

Win a match at Royal Rumble PPV: Choice of unlocking Triple H's attire, Steve Austin's attire, Bubba Ray's attire, Create Parts 6, Royal Rumble arena or WWE Superstar Special Movie.

Win a match at No Way Out PPV: Choice of unlocking Kevin Nash (for Season Mode), X-Pac (for Season Mode), Big Show's attire, The Big Valbowski's attire, Moves 5 or No Way Out arena.

Win a match at WrestleMania PPV: Choice of unlocking Hulk Hogan (for Season Mode), Faarooq's attire, Bradshaw's attire, Moves 1, Create Parts 7 or WrestleMania X8 arena.

Win a match at Insurrextion PPV: Choice of unlocking Jeff Hardy's attire, William Regal's attire, Moves 9, Create Parts 4 or Insurrextion arena.

Win a match at Rebellion PPV: Choice of unlocking Chris Jericho's attire, Stacy Keibler's attire, Brock Lesnar's attire, Moves 10 or Rebellion arena.