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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament PlayStation 2 Cheats

Unlock Gama
Finish arcade mode with Touya as your final opponent.

No damage to player one
At the cheats menu enter: Circle, Square, Down, Left, Circle, Square.

Alternate Costume for KuwabaraBui
Bui - Complete Bui's arcade mode.
Elder Toguro - Defeat Younger Toguro in Dark Tournament episode 2.
Hiei - Win a tag team fight against five opponents with Hiei.
Kurama - Complete Kurama's arcade mode
Kuwabara - Complete Kuwabara's training against Kuwabara.
Younger Toguro - Complete Younger Toguro's arcade mode as Yusuke.
Yusuke - Beat Yusuke (CPU controlled) in any mode.

Unlock Bui
Complete Ichigaki's survival mode.

Unlock Chu
Win a Token Game Match with Chu's card in that deck. Alternate: defeat him in story mode plus.

Unlock Dark Tournament Plus Mode
Beat Toguro Ani in Dark Tournament.

Unlock E Toguro
Beat young taguro without him activating "increase strength"; 1 player hard difficulty.

Unlock Itchigaki
Defeat him in story mode.

Unlock Jin
Beat jin with a perfect in DT episode 23.

Unlock Karasu
Defeat karasu with yoko kurama in survival mode.

Unlock Kuro Momotaro
Complete arcade mode with Makintaro as your final opponent.

Unlock M1
Complete Dark Tournament Episode 15.

Unlock M2
Beat M1's Arcade Modde.

Unlock M3
Beat Hiei and Kurama in tag team mode with M1 and M2 as your team.

Unlock Makintaro
Defeat him in story mode.

Unlock New costume for Younger Toguro
Defeat him as your final opponent in Arcade mode.

Unlock Rinku
Complete 2 rounds with a "Perfect" in 1 player mode; hard difficulty.

Unlock Risho
Destroy 75% of the areana floor in any mode with 1 player.

Unlock Roto
Complete DT Episode 9.

Unlock Shishi Wakamaru
Beat genkai with yusuke in the cave;1 player hard difficulty.

Unlock Survival Mode
Finish the chapter Mass Slaughter.

Unlock Suzuka
Complete survival mode with shishi w.

Unlock Tag Team Mode
Finish the chapter Walk The Plank.

Unlock Touya
Defeat him in story mode.

Unlock Younger Toguro
Beat Dark Tournament Plus Mode.

Unlock Zeru
Win 5 fights in a row.

Crashed Arena
Complete dark tournament episode 30.

Dark Arena
Complete dark tournament episode 22.

Dark Tournament Pro mode
Complete dark tournament episode 30.

Survival Mode
Complete dark tournament episode 6.

Tag Team Mode
Complete dark tournament episode 7.

The Cave
Complete dark tournament episode 21.

The Cliff
Complete dark tournament episode 13.

Training Dojo
Complete Younger Toguro's arcade mode without losing a round.

M3: Easy wins
At the start of a fight, step back two steps and hold Down while continuously pressing L1. You should keep planting mines on the ground. After planting about seven mines, keep stepping back until your opponent runs toward you. They should die then. This is useful for winning survival mode.

Mankintaro: Regeneration
If you have taken damage, back up and perform his regeneration move. Pause game play while still holding the buttons needed for regeneration. As soon as the game is paused, you do not have to hold the buttons anymore. While paused your character will still continue to heal. If you wait long enough, he will return to full health.

Turbo mode
Press Circle, X, Right, X, Up, Square at the cheat menu.

All cards
Press Circle, Square, Circle, Square(2), Down at the cheat menu.

All chapters
Press Up, Down, X, Circle, Square, Right at the cheat menu.

All environments
Press Up, Right, Left, Right, X(2) at the cheat menu.

All modes
Press Left, Right, Down, Right, X, Circle at the cheat menu.

Unlock every fighter
Enter at the cheats menu: SQUARE, UP, SQUARE, CIRCLE, DOWN, CIRCLE.

Infinite Spirit Energy
Enter at the cheats menu: SQUARE, X, CIRCLE, SQUARE, X, CIRCLE.

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