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Monday, September 2, 2013

WWE Smackdown! vs. RAW PlayStation 2 Cheats

Andre the Giant
Purchase in the WWE Shop for $20,000 SD! dollars.

Bret "Hitman" Hart
Purchase in the WWE Shop for $20,000 SD! dollars.

Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake
Purchase in the WWE Shop for $20,000 SD! dollars.

Legend Undertaker
Purchase in the WWE Shop for $18,000 SD! dollars.

Legion of Doom (Animal and Hawk)
Purchase in the WWE Shop for $35,000 SD! dollars.

Purchase in the WWE Shop for $20,000 SD! dollars.

Masked Kane
Purchase in the WWE Shop for $18,000 SD! dollars.

The Rock
Purchase is the WWE Shop for $20,000 SD! dollars.

Extra Experience Points
Earn cash in season mode and completing challenges in order to buy extra experience points for your created wrestler in WWE Shopzone. You may buy the experience unlimited times.
Effect - Code
150 Experience - Buy for $1,200 in WWE Shopzone
1,500 Experience - Buy for $11,000 in WWE Shopzone
3,000 Experience - Buy for $20,000 in WWE Shopzone
5,000 Experience - Buy for $32,000 in WWE Shopzone
10,000 Experience - Buy for $60,000 in WWE Shopzone

Challenge Mode Unlockables
Effect - Code
HBK's T-shirt And jeans Alternate Attire and Kurt Angles General Manager Suit As
An Alternate Attire Complete - Rising Star Challenges
Heat And Velocity Arenas Complete - Amateur Challenges
Suits For All 3 Evolution Members (HHH, Batista, Flair) and Randy Orton
Alternate Attire Complete - Superstar Challenges
The Rock's alternate attire - Complete all of the challenges

Unlock the Credits
Complete Season mode once to unlock the Credits under the Options menu. This will allow you to watch them as many times as you wish.

Legend Challenge Difficulty
Buy every legend from the shopzone.

Free Specials in Hardcore Matches
In the backstage areas in Hardcore matches, Irish whip your opponent into one of the soda machines and a soda will pop out. Pick up the soda and your Superstar will drink it which will give you an instant special!

Copy Your Opponent's Finishing Move
To copy your opponent's finishing move, you need 2 Smackdown! specials ready. Once you do, get into your opponent's finishing move situation and press L1, while holding L2. You will then perform your opponent's finishing move.

Earn easy EXP Points
1. Start by creating a Super Heavyweight CAW.
2. Play through season mode and earn until enough exp to max out strength or durability or both.
3. Go to Create mode and make a copy of your CAW.
4. Edit the profile of the copied CAW and change the weight limit to DIVA. You'll receive a notification saying CAW attribute points will be lost. Continue.
By doing this the CAW's lost Attribute points will be converted back to EXP Points, and you can distribute it to other CAWs. Repeat steps 3-4 until you max out all your stats.

Experience by the Truckload!
Play as a strong superstar, and win matches easily to not only get some exp, but to get some cash. But the experience that costs 20,000 for 3,000 experience and you'll be good to go.

Easy Character Skill ups.
Play with a great superstar with a rating of like... 90 or something. You can gain EXP to use for your custom characters.

Easy Wins
Set the rules for no DQ, no count out, and whatever else you'd like. With these rules, get into the ring and knock your opponent down. Grab a chair and put 2 and 2 together.

The easiest win
Start off a match by knocking your foe down, and putting him into a submission. Continue that same submission, without letting him get up, and he'll eventually tap out. The reversal rate on these is very low, and if you time it right, they won't get up for the entire match... trust me. I've won an 'Ultimate Submssion' match 45 to 0.

Special Eyes
These are some fun eyes to experiment with.
In the eye section, choose one of the eyes that has a sort of silverish color to the iris. When you change the color to these eyes, you change the entire eyes. No better way to look Satanic than to have glowing red eyes!

2 Player Clean-o-meter advantage
Having a hard time beating a friend? Are you KOed before the match began? Well, there is help, in several easy steps.
1 - Select the 'Hell in the Cell' Match
2 - Select a superstar with quick taunts (The Undertaker works fine)
3 - Have him set on 'Clean'
4 - Once the match begins, head for the door. Once outside, climb the cell, and try to climb it first. It you couldn't climb it first, no biggie. Just do some quick taunts on the ground, while he's on the cell. He'll need time to regain composure and come after you, so taunt until your clean-o-meter is full. once then, execute your clean special. You'll be untouchable! He/she may try to attack you, but it comes with auto-reversal. They'll be dazed, and you'll have an opportunity to do a Smackdown!, with added attack power. Taunt, Smackdown!, Repeat.

Chair Smackdown!
To perform the infamous chair Smackdown!, you may think that its a complex set of timing, and a combination of weapon, and non-weapon moves. Wrong. Simply attack your opponent with right or left + X, and you'll plunge the chair into their gut. They'll hold it, and be dazed. Press L1 and show them that Metal hurts.
This is an EXCELLENT strategy for KOing someone.

Climb down the Cell
When on top of the cell, it can really make a good day bad if the only way you can get down is by testing how long it'll take you to hit the ground. To climb down, press Square and the directional button button of where you'd like to climb down. You hang on to the edge, and fall, unscathed.

Stone Cold Steve Austin
Stone Cold Steve Austin is not on the game but you can create him. First, save some money and buy the move set with the picture of someone doing the Stunner. You can purchase this at Shopzone. Then, when you go to move set find the moves that say Outlaw before them- these are his moves. The Finisher will only say Stunner. His entrance is 01 on the moves set, the only down side being the video and the music. There is some other cool entrance music to choose from so you Stone Cold fans will just have to be creative.

Hidden Entrances
1 - Farooq
2 - Billy Gunn
3 - Val Venis
4 - William Regal
5 - Scott Steiner
6 - Test
7 - Hurricane
8 - Spike Dudley
9 - Billy Kidman
10 - Funaki
11 - Steven Richards
12 - Sgt. Slaughter
13 - Jerry the King Lawler
14 - Taz
15 - Al Snow
16 - Rodney Mack
17 - Jazz
18 - Lita
19 - Vince McMahon
20 - Shane McMahon
21 - Steph McMahon
22 - Eric Bishoff
23 - Hulk Hogan
24 - Ultimate Warrior
25 - Iron Shiek
26 - Nikolai Volkoff
27 - George Steele
28 - Hillbilly Jim
29 - Dean Malenko
30 - Ted DiBiase
31 - Crash Holly
32 - Mr. Perfect
33 - Bob Backlund
34 - Lance Storm
35 - Ultimo Dragon
37 - Stone Cold Steve Austin
38 - Goldberg
39 - Brock Lesnar
40 - Jeff Hardy
41 - X-Pac
42 - Diamond Dallas Page
43 - Road Dogg Jesse James
44 - Kevin Nash
45 - Scott Hall
46 - Sting
47 - Jeff Jarrett
48 - Goldust
49 - Big Van Vader
50 - Keiji Mutoh
51 - Kendo Kashin
52 - Toshiaki Kawada
53 - Taka Michinoku
54 - Genichiro Tenryu
55 - Kensuke Sasake
56 - Masa Chono
57 - Hiroyoshi Tenzan
58 - Manabu Nakanishi
59 - Yugi Nagata
60 - Jyushin "Thunder" Lyger
61 - Mitsuharu Misawa
62 - Kenta Kobashi
63 - Jun Akiyama
65 - Naoya Ogawa
66 - The Great Sasuke
67 - Atsushi Onita
68 - Fred Durst
69 - Antonio Inoki
70 - Shoot Set 1
71 - Shoot Set 2
72 - Joshi Set A
73 - Joshi Set B
74 - Lucha Set

Hidden Entrances
Solo Entrances
01: Steve Austin
02: Lita
03: Bradshaw (Face)
04: Rikishi
05: The Hurricane
06: Goldberg
07: Bushwhacker
08: X-Pac
09: Jeff Hardy
10: Booker T
11: Bubba Ray Dudley (Face)
12: D-Von Dudley (Face)
13: Eugene
14: Hulk Hogan
15: Scott Steiner
16: Ultimate Warrior
17: Chris Jericho (Face)

Tag Team Entrances
01: Generic
02: World's Greatest Tag Team
03: Dudley Boyz (Heel)
04: Evolution (Ric Flair and Batista)
05: Evolution (Ric Flair and Randy Orton)
06: Rico & Miss Jackie
07: Bushwhackers
08: Hardy Boyz
09: Dudley Boyz (Face)
10: The Legion of Doom
11: Too Cool (Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi)
12: D-Generation-X (Road Dogg and X-Pac)

Trio Entrances
01: Generic
02: Evolution (Batista, Ric Flair, and Randy Orton)
03: F.B.I.
04: Rico, Miss Jackie & Charlie Haas
05: Team X-Treme (Lita, Matt Hardy, and Jeff Hardy)
06: D-Generation-X (Road Dogg, X-Pac, and Tori)

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