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Sunday, September 1, 2013

WWE Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth PlayStation 2 Cheats

Matrix Effect
Do a single match and make sure interference is off. Then get a special and use it on your opponent. While your doing your special press L1 and L2 at the same time and you will do the matrix effect.

To do your finishers it is just like all the old ones just hit L1.

Create a Superstar: Moves
To make a good superstar have good moves, you need to select create and then moves. Then you can select between a superstar or a created superstar. Look for good moves like spears and chokeslams. The moves could be anywhere so I looked in every place. For regular Grapple moves put quick and easy moves, then pick the enemy up and use powerful moves, like a toe kick and a mini stunner, or Irish whip them to spear them. The letters GO before a move name is Grab Opponent before you can use that certain type of move. For a lot of the specials, you need to have a groggy opponent. For the turnbuckle specials like the Five-Star Frog Splash or the Molly Go Round, they have to be on the ground (Five-Star Frog Splash). For the Molly Go round they have to be standing. The Edge Spear on the list for the moves, you need to be running when your opponent is running. Some superstars have one kind of move that fill up both of their slots. Triple H and Bradshaw have two versions of the clothesline from hell and the pedigree. The clothesline from hell you can use a toe kick or be running at your opponent, but I'd recommend taken one pedrigree off of Triple H's special move roster and change it to a Book end or a Booker T special or anything else. Use the square button to see previews of every move on the move list. Only use the moves that you fancy or like.

Unlock Things
Unlock Divas Movie: Get 100 Knockouts in Slobber Knocker to unlock the Divas Movie.

To unlock things is Story mode win a match at the PPV and you will have a choice of things to unlock. Since the Story mode continues like on Smackdown 2 for Playstation you will eventually have everything unlocked if you play it enough.

Win the Undisputed Championship: You have a choice of unlocking RVD Special movie or a Smackdown SYM Special movie.

Win a match at Backlash PPV: You have a choice of unlocking The Rock's attire, Christian's attire, Create Parts 1, Backlash arena or Foam Hands A.

Win a match at Judgment Day PPV: You have a choice of unlocking RVD's attire, Vince McMahon's attire, Eddie Guerrero's attire, Undertaker's attire, Create Parts 2 or Judgment Day arena.

Win a match at King of the Ring PPV: You have a choice of unlocking Kurt Angle's attire, Edge's attire, Moves 2, Create Parts 8, King of the Ring arena or Plaza B backstage area.

Win a match at Vengeance PPV: You have a choice of unlocking Lance Storm's attire, Raven's attire, Billy Kidman's attire, Create Parts 3, Vengeance arena A or Vengeance arena B.

Win a match at SummerSlam PPV: Choice of unlocking Booker T's attire, Torrie Wilson's attire, Moves 4, Moves 6, Create Parts 9 or SummerSlam arena.

Win a match at Unforgiven PPV: Choice of unlocking Chris Benoit's attire, Trish Stratus's attire, Moves 3, Create Parts 5, Unforgiven arena or Foam Hands B.

Win a match at No Mercy PPV: Choice of unlocking Shawn Michaels attire, Stephanie McMahon's attire, Rikishi's attire, D-Von's attire, Molly Holly's attire or No Mercy arena.

Win a match at Survivor Series PPV: Choice of unlocking Matt Hardy's attire, Hardcore Holly's attire, Moves 7, Moves 8, 30 Ability Points or Survivor Series arena.

Win a match at Armageddon PPV: Choice of unlocking Ric Flair's attire, Chuck's attire, Billy's attire, Armageddon arena, Winter Plaza area or Winter Times Square area.

Win a match at Royal Rumble PPV: Choice of unlocking Triple H's attire, Steve Austin's attire, Bubba Ray's attire, Create Parts 6, Royal Rumble arena or WWE Superstar Special Movie.

Win a match at No Way Out PPV: Choice of unlocking Kevin Nash (for Season Mode), X-Pac (for Season Mode), Big Show's attire, The Big Valbowski's attire, Moves 5 or No Way Out arena.

Win a match at WrestleMania PPV: Choice of unlocking Hulk Hogan (for Season Mode), Faarooq's attire, Bradshaw's attire, Moves 1, Create Parts 7 or WrestleMania X8 arena.

Win a match at Insurrextion PPV: Choice of unlocking Jeff Hardy's attire, William Regal's attire, Moves 9, Create Parts 4 or Insurrextion arena.

Win a match at Rebellion PPV: Choice of unlocking Chris Jericho's attire, Stacy Keibler's attire, Brock Lesnar's attire, Moves 10 or Rebellion arena.

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