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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

WWF SmackDown! Just Bring It PlayStation 2 Cheats

Pause in mid-air
When performing a flying move off the turnbuckle to outside the arena, usually your character will, for a second, stop in midair before falling the remaining 4 feet to the cement. This code works only in demo mode.

Float in mid-air
Sometimes, if your opponent knocks you off a turnbuckle, your character will fall but stay 4 feet off the ground until he is hit again. This code works only in demo mode.

Teleport outside the ring
Sometimes, a character lying prone near the ropes will be teleported outside the ring. This code works only in demo mode.

Unlock Rhyno
Start a story mode with anyone who doesn't have a title. Say that you don't want to form a tag team to Vince. Run down and attack (if you win you have an advantage in the next match. KO the opponent to win). Lose or win the match. Stay backstage and find Earl Hebner. He is near the vending machines in the lobby. Tell him you are going to get the hardcore title. Beat Rhyno backstage to win the title and unlock Rhyno.

Unlock Spike Dudley
Start a story mode with anyone who doesn't have a title. Tell Vince you will consider forming a tag team. Find any partner and win the tag team TLC match. Tell your partner backstage that you will find a partner for the six man tag match (after you tell him you will find the partner he asks if you trust him say you trust him). Got the hallway where the APA office is (it is the one on the opposite side of the vending machines). Help Spike and Molly. Win the tag team table match that the Dudley Boys challenge you to. Win the title match that follows and Spike Dudley will be unlocked.

Unlock Mick Foley
Start story mode as anyone without a title. Tell Vince that you don't want to form a tag team. Talk trash and then say you want to kick his butt all over the arena. Go to the parking lot to find Vince. Win the match he gives you. Show up on stage when whoever is out there asks you if you're serious about the title. Win the match against that superstar. Lose the title match at Wrestlemania. Mick Foley will appear and make a Hell in the Cell match. Win the Hell in the Cell match. Mick Foley will now be unlocked.

Unlock New Smackdown! Arena
Choose Slobber knocker mode. Be The Rock and defeat 18 wrestlers in the time limit. A new Smackdown! arena will be unlocked.

Unlock Tajiri
Start story mode with anyone who doesn't have a title. Tell Vince that you don't want to form a tag team. Talk trash on the mic and tell Michael Cole you were just messing. In teh next roaming session, go to Regal's office (it is down the the stairs in the hallway before the vending machine). Say that you don't want the European title match. He will make you fight Tajiri. Beat Tajiri in the match to unlock him.

Unlock Jerry Lynn
Start Story Mode with any one who doesn't have a title. Tell Vince that you don't want to form a tag team. Talk trash on the mic and tell Michael Cole you were just messing. Let time run out in the next roaming session. Win the Battle Royal. Let time run out again in roaming. Win the battle royal. Show up on stage. Win the next two matches and Jerry Lynn will now be unlocked.

Unlock Fred Durst
Choose Slobber Knocker Mode. Use the Undertaker and defeat 15 wrestlers in the time limit.

Unlock Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon Helmsley
To do this you need to unlock all the smackdown cards. If you have unlocked all the above then go through one of them again to get to Wrestlemania. You will unlock about 3 to 4 cards each time. Another way to do it is to defend a belt. Each time you defend you unlock a card. However when there are three cards left (Shane and Stephanie's cards included) you will need to go through story mode and win WWF title at Wrestlemania. Choose anyone who doesn't hold a title.
Tell Vince you don't want to form a Tag Team.
Talk trash.
Say you want to kick his ass.
Go to parking lot to find Vince.
Win match.
Show up on stage.
Win match.
Win match at Wrestlemania.

Unknown Wrestlers
Everytime you wrestle in story mode, an 'unknown' competitor's body parts and taunts are unlocked. This allows you to create past members of the WWF and other Federations in the CAW mode. These are not ready made wrestlers with videos etc.
Unknown 1 NCDP: DDP
Unknown 2 NCBT: Booker T
Unknown 3 EMA: Mike Awesome
Unknown 4 ERV: RVD
Unknown 5 ELS: Lance Storm
Unknown 6 NCSO: Sean O'Haire
Unknown 7 NCBK: Billy Kidman
Unknown 8 NCHH: Hurricane Helms
Unknown 9 WGM: Grand Master Sexay
Unknown 10 WS2: Scotty 2 Hotty
Unknown 11 WXP: X-Pac
Unknown 12 EJC: Justin Credible
Unknown 13 WAS: Al Snow
Unknown 14 WVV: Val Venus
Unknown 15 WGF: Goodfather
Unknown 16 WTM: Taka Michenoku
Unknown 17 WFU: Sho Funaki
Unknown 18 WDB: D'Lo Brown
Unknown 19 WKK: K-Kwick
Unknown 20 WER: Essa Rios
Unknown 21 WBM: Big Boss Man
Unknown 22 WGG: Gangrel
Unknown 23 ZAG: Andre The Giant
Unknown 24 ZSM: Shawn Michaels
Unknown 25 ZSS: Sgt. Slaughter
Unknown 26 ZBB: Bob Backlund
Unknown 27 WRD: Road Dogg
Unknown 28 CRF: Ric Flair
Unknown 29 CKN: Kevin Nash
Unknown 30 CSH: Scott Hall
Unknown 31 CBG: Bill Goldburg
Unknown 32 CST: Sting
Unknown 33 CHH: Hulk Hogan
Unknown 34 CJJ: Jeff Jarrett
Unknown 35 CSS: Scott Steiner
Unknown 36 JIDA: Jun Izumida
Unknown 37 JIDB: Japanese Puroresu Set
Unknown 38 MEX: Mexican Luchadore Set
Unknown 39 NJKS: Kensuke Sasaki
Unknown 40 ZOSH: Shinya Hashimoto
Unknown 41 NJMC: Masahiro Chono
Unknown 42 NJHT: Hiroyoshi Tenzan
Unknown 43 NJKM: Keiji Mutoh
Unknown 44 NJMN: Manabu Nakanishi
Unknown 45 NJYN: Yuji Nagata
Unknown 46 NJJL: Jyushin "Thunder" Lyger
Unknown 47 MGS: The Great Susake
Unknown 48 NJKK: Kuniaki Kobayashi
Unknown 49 NOVD: Vader
Unknown 50 NOMM: Mitsuhara Misawa
Unknown 51 NOKK: Kenta Kobashi
Unknown 52 NOJA: Jun Akiyama
Unknown 53 AJTK: Toshiaki Kawada
Unknown 54 AJGT: Genichiro Tenryu
Unknown 55 JAO: Atsushi Ohnita
Unknown 56 PAI: Antonio Inoki
Unknown 57 PNO: Naoya Ogawa
Unknown 58 PAT: Akira Taue
Unknown 59 PGP: Giant Shohei Baba
Unknown 60 LKS: Ken Shamrock
Unknown 61 DLTF: Terry Funk
Unknown 62 CHKF: Kung Fu Move Set

Unlock Last Man Standing
Go the route to Wrestlemania. During this route you will have a choice between three matches. Do this 3 times, choosing a different match each time. Win the match to unlock it once you finish the story.

Unlock Wrestlemania X-7 arena
This is unlocked when you win the WWF
Choose anyone who doesn't hold a title.
Tell Vince you don't want to form a Tag Team.
Talk trash.
Say you want to kick his ass.
Go to parking lot to find Vince.
Win match.
Show up on stage.
Win match.
Win match at Wrestlemania.

Unlock Theatre Mode Movies
When you win the WWF title at Wrestlemania, you unlock 5 movies in Theatre Mode:
SmackDown! commercial.
Making Of SmackDown! commercial.
SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role commercial.
Making Of SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role commercial.
"Dark Summit" trailer.
Recent greatest Smackdown moments.

Parking Lot Tricks
In the parking lot you can use the fork lift and the white jeep like weapons. Just go to the driver's side and press R1 and to use them back away from your opponent press Triangle and the X when you get close to them. Also some of the other parked cars can be used like a turnbuckle to do high flying moves. Just run on to it and use it like the top rope.

Forget Stone Cold
At Wrestlemania you don't have to fight you're fight against Stone Cold just press exit game and when it asks you for a rematch press no and then Mc Foley will come out and says rematch in a Hell in the Cell then you have to win that fight and once you win you unlock 5 new things.

55 Bonus Creation Points, Secret Card 12
Use a created superstar. Turn Vince Down 2. Talk Trash. Tell Michael Cole you want to kick his butt all over the arena. Go to parking lot for the match. Win the Match. Show up on-stage for the next superstar. Win the next match. Win the match at Wrestlemania.

Fight for Light-Heavyweight Title
This seems to be the hard title chase to find. Simply play "Story Mode" as a small guy (Dean Malenko, Christian, Spike Dudley, etc.) and do this: Turn down the Tag title hunt. Get through RAW (the "messin' with" episode). On Smackdown!, stay backstage. In 1st-person, go to Hebner by the vending machines. Just say "hi!" :) When Regal next talks to you, he'll give you the choice of fighting for either the Intercontinental or Light-Heavyweight title (if you're a bigger guy, he'll offer the European title instead of Light-Heavyweight).

Game Freeze Tip
If the game freezes -- start the game with the memory card out -- go to options --- put the card back in --- select system data --- copy created wrestler -- and load each wrestler until you find out which one is making the game freeze -- after you find out which wrestlers are good ones --- load all them and resave the game -- you might lose all hidden cards, and reset belts, but you get to keep your created wrestlers.

How to see Kurt Angle Drive the Milktruck
Choose Kurt Angle (doesn't have a title). Don't form a team with Vince. Talk trash on the microphone. Say you were just messing with him. Go down the stairs and go to the right door, go straight down the hall and go to the left door your opponent will hit you. Win battle royal. Now you will see Kurt Angle drive the milk truck.

See Kurt Angle In A Cowboy Hat
Choose Stone Cold Steve Austin in story mode (when he isn't the champ and the Rock is the Champ) and talk trash on the mic, say you were just messin', and win all matches up to WrestleMania. Then you will see Austin and Vince in a dressing room and Austin says something to the effect of "You'll Always be There" to Vince, then they hug. Then Kurt Angle enters the room shaking his head and wearing a cowboy hat.

Insurextion Arena
This is a very simple feature to unlock and it will unlock the Insurextion arena which is Smackdown Card 11. Turn down Vince for the Tag Titles, talk trash on the mic, in roaming, go down the stairs and go towards the snack machines where Michael Cole is. Talk to him and say you were just kidding, win the battle royal, talk to Hebert instead of choosing to go after the hard-core title. Then you will go to Regal's office - take the shot at the European title, win the match and the match that follows and you have the new arena.

The Pile o' Tables
In a TLC Match or a Table match, take the table outside of the ring and throw it at the announcers table it should land on the announcers table. Climb on the table and while holding the down button pick up the table then try to set it up. It should be set on top of the other table. You can do high damage moves through the 2 tables. This can also be done with 3 tables.

The Rock at His Best
Choose The Rock in a Story Mode, (while he's not the champion), say no to the tag team op, win either Run Down or Talk Trash, (if you talk trash, than in the first interview, say that you want to kick his butt) win the next few matches until Wrestlemania, and than just before the match, The Rock will be interviewed and will do what he really does!

Easy Royal Rumble Win
I know how to easily win the Royal Rumble on WWF Smackdown 3: JBI. This may sound stupid but my dad has won at least 6 times with this strategy and he isn't even that good. All you have to do is stand in a corner. The lower Left one works the best because the wrestlers rarely end up there. If you should just happen to walk your way just punch or kick him away and the wrestler should stay way from you unless you and the wrestler are the only two left and your waiting for another wrestler to some down the ramp or you are the last two left. If more than one wrestler come your way than just move to a different corner, going counter clockwise works well. When you are the last one left just sneak up behind the wrestler and knock him or her over. They should hopefully be doing their taunt which will give you enough time to knock him or her over the top rope.

The Betrayal
Accept the tag team title opportunity from Vince, find a partner, and win your first match. Then say that you want to find someone for the 3 man tag team match. Then tell your partner that you never trusted him since the beginning and then he's gonna fight you, but the traitor's gonna be backed up by the tag team champions making the match a handicap match.

Easy Way to Get New Smackdown Arena
I found this out by myself and it really works! It's pretty hard to eliminate 17 people in slobber knocker mode to unlock the new smackdown arena with the rock so try this! Go to create mode then go to create a superstar then go to moves. Then pick The Rock and it should take you to the moves list then go to running. Then pick attack. When your in attack change The Rock Clothesline and The Rock Forearm Smash to clothesline which is under powerful. Then when your in the slobberknocker match with The Rock trying to get the new smackdown arena just do that clothesline a couple of times to your opponent in the ring and pin. Then repeat this process until you have beaten 17 people. And don't worry you can turn the moves back to default when your done if you want.

Get Stone Cold's Old Entrance Music
To get Stone Cold's old entrance music you have to go to Create A Superstar, then go to Moves, next go to Superstar, then go to Stone Cold, go to bases, then go to entrance, go to Stone Cold's entrance music and change it to Steve Austin 2.

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