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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Zone Of The Enders PlayStation 2 Cheats

Versus mode
Complete the game on any difficulty setting to unlock versus mode with five frames and most stages. Complete the game on any difficulty setting two times to get the remaining two frames and stages.

Alternate ending music
Complete the game on any difficulty setting and get an A-rank on all five rescue missions to get a different ending theme while the end credits are playing.

Versus mode: Unlock all characters and levels
Beat the game on easy mode with a D rating or higher.

Full health and ammo
Pause the game and press L1(2), L2(2), L1, R1, L1, R1, R2, R1.

Enemy's vital meter
To check how much vitality your enemy has (not Bosses), check the color of its level indicator. Vitality ranges from high (light blue) to low (red).

Double Blade for Jehuty
First you get all the weapons without using any Metatrons. Then you beat it 2 on any difficulty. When you play close up press R2 direction and Square. He will slice them to oblivion.

Unlock Remaining Frames and Battle Levels
On any difficulty setting, beat the game a second time.

Unlock Disco Mode
At the title screen press Up, Down, Down, X, Triangle, Left, Right, Square A sound effect will confirm correct code entry.

Get Versus Mode In Start Menu
At the start screen (Where you have to hit start to go to the main menu) hit the buttons O, X, Right, Left, Right, Left, Down, Down, Up, Up. You will hear a sound to confirm the code was entered correctly.

Unblockable Attacks
If the enemy is blocking, Either use a Burst or throw attack, it is un blockable!

Jehuty Dodge
If the enemy has shot a swarm of bullets at you, keep pressing Dash + Down or Dash + Up. Jehuty Will Do Semi-Multiple Flips.

How To Get the Second "True" Ending
Destroy ALL buildings and survivors during missions and SOS missions. Also, you must destroy the colony shaft completely during the fifth and final SOS mission in the game. Afterwards continue onward as normal. Tyrant will be your final boss. After defeating Tyrant, go to the MOUNTAIN.1 stage and you'll recieve the bad ending. Note: This can be done on any difficulty level.

Final Comment
Depending on your final rank, you will get comment from one of the main character. Get the B rank to hear Leo. Get the A rank to hear ADA and get the S rank to hear Celvice.

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