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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sky Odyssey PlayStation 2 Cheats

Auto Gyro
Successfully complete all levels in sky canvas mode with more than 90 points to unlock the Auto Gyro.

Accumulate enough acrobatic points in adventure mode to have ten of your mission grades marked with circles to unlock the Corsair.

Gold UFO
Successfully complete all levels in target mode with a gold rank to unlock the Gold UFO.

Successfully complete adventure mode to unlock the Me-262.

Silver UFO
Successfully complete all levels in the adventure mode with an A rank to unlock the Silver UFO.

Stealth Fighter
Successfully complete all levels in adventure mode with a total time of 10 minutes or less to unlock the Stealth Fighter.

Successfully complete the Stormy Seas level in adventure mode by landing on an aircraft carrier. The pontoons will allow your aircraft to land on the water.

Custom parts
Successfully complete all adventure mode levels with at least a B rank to unlock custom parts.

Swordfish third wing
Land at the Mid-Air Rendezvous alternate landing strip in adventure mode to find a special third wing that attaches to the Swordfish. With this wing the Swordfish converts into a tri=plane. If you unlock the Special Radar in target mode first, you will find the landing strip more easily.

Shinden parts
There are 4 total Shinden parts hidden in adventure mode. To get these parts, you have to find the alternate landing strips and land there. As with the Swordfish wing, you can find the strips more easily if you first unlock the Special Radar in target mode.
Fuselage: The Towers Of Terror alternate landing strip.
Jet Engine: The Great Divide level alternate landing strip.
Right Wing: The Adventure Begins level alternate landing strip.
Left Wing: The Labyrinth level alternate landing strip.

All Aircraft
At the Aircraft Selection screen, press Square, Circle, L1, R2, Select.

Level Select
At the Mission Selection screen, press X, Triangle, R1, R2, L2.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sky Gunner PlayStation 2 Cheats

Lock Frame Rate
At the Title screen, press Up, Triangle, Left, Circle, Down, X, Right, Square.

Play as Copain
Complete the game with Femme.

Play as Hardi
Complete the game with Copain and Ciel with the top money rank as those characters. After that beat the game with Rival to unlock Hardi in survival and time-attack mode.

Play as Rival
Without losing to Rival, complete the game with Ciel.

Camera Option
Complete the game with an "SS" rank.

Scene Select Option
Complete the game with all four characters.

Survival Mode Option
Complete the game with Copain with the top money rank.

Time Attack Option
Complete the game with Ciel with the top money rank.

Unlock Everything
At the title screen hold L1 and R1 and press Circle, Square, Up, Circle, Triangle, Down.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sitting Ducks PlayStation 2 Cheats

Easy Feathers
You will need either the Teeth or the Gator Mask (recommended, as you will need it later in the game). Go to a place that has a ball and a goal. Put on the Teeth or Gator Mask so that the other ducks will not steal the ball from you, but instead get scared and run away from you. Constantly get the ball and keep scoring. Five Feathers will fly out of the goal each time you score. Keep doing this until you get the desired amount of Feathers.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Siren PlayStation 2 Cheats

Puzzle Game
Acquire archive 087 on Kyoya Sudo's stage, Day 3, 03:00.

Time Attack Mode
Complete every scenario and objectives one and two for all stages.

Archives Trick
After you finished the game and unlocked the zuno game, go to the stage where your archive is missing, take it, then in the menu select Back To Title. Then, enter the zuno game and immediately exit. The game should ask you to save on your game file. Save and the archive will be saved also.

Hidden Movie
Complete the game with the second ending and collect all 99 archive items to unlock the 100th item. Go to the stage select screen and move the cursor to the upper right corner. There is a cinema that takes place in 684 AD showing the fate of the alien visitor.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Sims: Bustin' Out PlayStation 2 Cheats

Extra Money
While playing a game, quickly press R2, L1, L2, R1, Left, Circle. If you entered the code correctly, a Gnome will appear. Click on the Gnome to receive extra money.

All Objects
While playing a game, quickly press L2, R2, Up, Triangle, L3 to unlock all objects.

All Locations
While playing a game, quickly press R2, R3, L3, L2, R1, L1 to unlock all locations.

Extra Money
At Mom's house, Mimi's place, or Dudley's trailer, buy things until your budget drops below $100. Wait about an hour. When the phone rings, answer it. You will get free money. Repeat this as necessary.

Helps you in your career
During game play stand next to the mailbox. Makes a blue gnome appear next to trash can: R2, L1, R1, L2, Left, Circle.

Mindless Fun
If one of your Sims is in a bad mood and you want to quickly get his or her mood back into the good zone without constantly overseeing it, make a small room with windows and a door into the house (this door is to be torn down later). Then add a microwave, counter, fridge, a three seater sofa (so the Sim can sleep on it), a TV, lights, a toilet, a table, chairs and anything else if you want to. This will supply everything your sim will need. Get the Sim to enter the room and go remove the door. Make the Sim test everything out and it will not go out the room (while its happiness increases). Connect the room back to the main house when the Sim has gotten more happier.

Get Married Easily
All you have to do is follow the insructions below and your sim will be married easily:
1. Invite your lover round.
2. Make a meal for the other sim.
3. Let the other sim use your toilet.
4. Do somthing fun with them like dancing or watching TV
5. Let them have a sit down.
6. Let them use a coffe or espresso machine.
7. Have a few hugs and kisses.
8. Make sure propose in a large room.
9. Have fun with the new sim.

Help in Careers that need body and charisma
For this you will need to be able to visit Toane's Gym. When you need some body and charisma points visit Toane's Gym. You can use their body machines and swimming pool for body and a mirror for charisma once you have got what you need leave. (don't blame me if you don't have enough friends).

1,000 Simoleons
While playing pause the game and enter L2, R2, L1, R2, Circle, Square, Triangle then you should have 1,000 simoleons.

Stay at Work
When someone who you live with is at work VISIT someone eslses house. Do not return until there time when there meant to get back from work. The person will not have returned and will stay at work. NOTE: They will come back unless you repeat this glitch.

100% Personality for a Sim
If you evict the Frutti family then edit Ginger you can put all her personality points to max.

Get abducted to increase stats
Just purchase the telescope and after looking through it for a long time you will be abducted be aliens. When you are returned to earth you your stats will have been rearranged and have been increased.

Get "Move Away" rebate
In Bust Out Mode, if you have made a contribution to the value of the house of the Sim you are staying with, when you move away you will be reimbursed for it. Take advantage of this. Buy something expensive, move away, get reimbursed (automatically), move back and use the Sim Object as if you paid for it. Be careful, if you are in debt when you move away you will have to cough up some Simoleons yourself.

The BEST 5 cheats
You put all of these codes in while playing the game, you may press pause, but I don't think it works in the main menu, I've never tried

Before you type in the codes first put in the cheat gnome: R2, L1, R1, L2, Left, O a gnome will appear somewhere next to the street, you can type in the following codes:

To raise motives/happiness things: L2, R1, Left, O, Up click the gnome and it will say raise motives

$10,000: L1, R2, Right, Square, L3 click the gnome and it should say Give Money
Note: you CAN have both raise motives and Give Money on at the same time :)

Unlocks all places: R2, R3, L3, L2, R1, L1 you can visit but you cant move in until you unlock it in the game

Unlocks all objects: L2, R2, Up, Triangle, L3

Unlocks all social options: L1, R1, Down, X, L3, R3


Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Sims PlayStation 2 Cheats

Ikea On Speed
A fast easy way to laydown wallpaper and tile in a big or small room is by pressing and holding L1 or L2 then pressing X this will lay tile or wallpaper in a second instead of using click and drag.

Two Player unlock
How to use your cheat code: At the start up screen press on R1, R2, L1, L2 at the same time to bring up the cheat menu.
Type in MIDAS and press done.
Start up Get A Life mode
Get into the Hot Tub with the girl
Press Start
Choose Quit
Choose Just Quit
You have unlocked Two-Player

Cheat Mode
To unlock Cheat Mode, press L1+R1+L2+R2 at the main menu. This will unlock the cheat menu, which contains the following:
Code - Unlockable
Freeall - All objects are free.
Midas - Unlock all two-player games, objects and skins.
Party M - Unlock Party Motel game.
Sims - Unlock Play the Sims without going through Get a Life.

Hidden Get A Life objects and modes
You can unlock objects by doing the following things:
Aromaster Whifferpuffer Gold: First time you cook a successful dinner in Chapter 1.
Beejaphone Electric Guitar: Get through the house in 24 hours or less in Chapter 1.
Chairmaster Vanity Table: Fix the television after Mom breaks it in Chapter 1.
Coat Of Arms: Get through the house in 4 days or less in Chapter 2.
Electronic Insect Control System: Upgrade house value in Chapter 2.
Frat House in two-player mode: Complete all goals and move out in Chapter 2.
Handyman: Fix everything in the house in Chapter 2.
Head In Curio Jar: Get through the house in 8 days or less in Chapter 3.
Maid: Clean up the house in Chapter 2.
Master Suite Tub: Get a promotion to job level 5 in Chapter 3.
Motel in two-player mode: Throw a raging party in Chapter 3.
Museum in two-player mode: Borrow 800 Simoleons from Mom in Chapter 1.
Park: Feed the bum in Chapter 3.
Perspiraction Executive Treadmill: Get a job in Chapter 1.
Slurp 'n' Burp Beverage Cooler: Get a promotion to job level 2 in Chapter 2.
Strip Poker Table: Get a promotion to job level 4 in Chapter 3.
Teppan'Yaki Table: Get a promotion to job level 3 in Chapter 2.
Tree Swing: Upgrade house value in Chapter 3.

Life Of Crime career path
Prevent a thief from escaping in Get A Life mode to unlock the Life Of Crime career path in all modes.

Easy money
Enable the "Free mode" code, then go to your house and buy a lot of expensive items. After that, save then restart your system. Do not enter the code again, then sell your items back for more money. The best item to do this with is the Monkey Butler Tree, which is worth 15,000 Simoleans. Make a wall parallel to the sidewalk (with the trash can and mail box). Put the most expensive wallpaper on both sides. Then, press Square to sell the wallpaper on one side. If this does not work, try the opposite side. You should be able to sell one side's wallpaper repeatedly.

Regain fun and social levels
Skip work every other day, to the point where they call you but you will not get fired. While you are home, call over some friend(s) and play pool or a cooperative game.

No More Trash
When the sims trash is full click on the buy mode and click on the trash can and press delete and it will give you your money back so then buy a clean trash can.

Prevent a thief from escaping
To prevent the thief from escaping when he comes in enter build mod and build a wall around him. Then call the police when they arrive take the walls down. This will enable you to unlock the career in a life of crime also.

First Person View
Go to the cheat menu (L1+L2+R1+R2) and type in FISH EYE. Then play either game and when your playing and there is no walls (after you Press O 2 times) press O circle again then you will be in the person's view.
Note: There must be a spacing between FISH and EYE.

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Simpsons: Hit & Run PlayStation 2 Cheats

Get in other people's cars
If you want to do this first you have to get out of the car you're already in, then go up to a car that's driving in the street or get on top of it and wait till you see the Y button icon at the top of the screen and press the Y button there, now you're driving in someone else's car.

Rocket car
In the first level of this game you can find a rocket car. Find the power plant and take the tunnel all the way through. When you arrive out you will see large mansions. Go straight out, turn right, then left and immediately to your left will be a gold house. Walk up to the front gate and you will see a rocket car from that old episode. Get inside with Y. Keep in mind that this car is extremely fast and not so durable so be careful.

Drive through Booths and crates instead of kicking them to get coins faster.

Cheat Codes
In the options menu hold L1 + R1 and enter the following:
Code - Effect
Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square - Blow up vehicles in one hit
Square, Square, Square, Square - Faster cars
Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle - Fastest cars
Triangle, X, Triangle, X - Infinite car health
Square, Square, Square, Triangle - Press horn to do a huge leap in your car
Circle, Circle, Circle, X - More camera angles
Circle, X, Circle, Triangle - Grid mode
X, Circle, X, Circle - All reward Cars
X, Square, Square, Triangle - Credits
Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Square - Speedometer display
Circle, Circle, Triangle, Square - Red Brick Car
Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle - Tripping mode
X, X, X, X - Night time mode

New Year's theme
Set the system date to January 1st to see various things in the game change to a New Year's theme.

Halloween theme
Set the system date to October 31st to see various things in the game change to a Halloween theme.

Thanksgiving theme
Set the system date to the last Thursday in November to see various things in the game change to a Thanksgiving theme.

Christmas theme
Set the system date to December 25th to see various things in the game change to a Christmas theme.

Drive a monster truck
When on Apu's level, you can get a monster truck, Go to Springfield Stadium. Directly next to the fountain is a green monster truck.

Drive Nightboat
When playing as Lisa, drive any car to the pier and look for the huge oil tanker with a Globex sign on one side with a jump in front of it. Jump through the Globex sign and drive to the top. Do not drive off. Park your car next to the little gap/walkway on the left. Hop out and run up to the first set of crates. Hop up to the very top and shimmy around the ledge. Inside the top crate is the Nightboat.

Drive pink Cadillac
On level 6 with Bart, drive to Planet Hype (right at the beginning of the docks, there is a revolving planet there) and go on the roof. The Pink Cadillac is crashed into the front of the building in a little slot (facing the Squidport sign). Fall off the front of Planet Hype, land on the Cadillac, get in, and drive it.

Drive RC car
On the final level as Homer, drive to where the firetruck is a long ramp. As you jump off it, look off to the side. You will see a little car with an antenna. Slowly drive up past where the truck attaches to the ladder/ramp then drive fast towards the building with mildew under the roof. You could also climb up the other firetruck that is in the wreckage next to the building. Jump on the ladder, then go up to the top of the firetruck. Next, go over the side of the roof with the horizontal wood, then to the top of the roof with the RC car.

Drive a rocket car
In Homer's first level, drive to the power plant at the back of the town. Then, drive through the power plant. Once you reach the end, keep going along the road and on the left, in front of one of the big houses, you will find a blue and white rocket car that you can drive around.

Multi-player racing game
Collect all the cards in one level to unlock the multi-player racing mini game.

Giant chessboard
On Homer's first level, drive into the nuclear power plant. You will soon find a blocked passage. Get out of your car, jump on the metal things, and double jump then press Square to break it. Inside are more than 100 coins. When in, hit all of the chess people, get the coins, and knock down the trees for a nice amount of coins. Note: This place is huge and you cannot get your car in it.

When in Homer's level, drive through Mr. Burn's factory. At the end, take a right and a quick left to get in front of a blue house. In the backyard, you will see a space shuttle that you will be able to use and fly over the city. There will be an alien in the UFO that you can talk to. It tells you how to use the shuttle.

Burning rubber
When you are about to start a new game, go to options menu and enable the "Fast cars" and "Red brick car" codes. In Homer's first level, get the rocket car and it will be the little red brick car. Get in it then hold L1 until you are at a complete stop. Keep L1 held and you will start to skid flames for a moment.

Alternate character reactions
When you buy different costumes, in each level the character you select will react differently when you allow him or her to remain idle. For example, choosing Bartman will have Bart jump up and fly around for a few seconds.

Different Camera
At the main menu (the living room), go to the options screen. Hold down L1 + R1, then press CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, X to activate the cheat. A horn will confirm entry.

Drive an ATV
On Marge's level go to the trailer park. Behind one of the trailers is an ATV.

Get All Terrain Vehicle
On Marge's level go to the trailer park, behind one of the trailers is an ATV.

Drive monorail car in Bart's level
Go to the divider in the middle of the street near the giant glass tube (sit and rotate place) then go up the stairs there will be a beaten up monorail train. Jump over to the front and press Triangle and you will be driving the monorail car.

Four Wheeler
On level 4 with Marge, go into the Trailer Park by the bridge. Look in th back yards of the trailers, and you should find a four wheeler. P.S. You can drive it!

Easy money
Get the rocket car in front of one of the mansions. After you drive around and it gets destroyed, make sure you remember where you left it. Then, look for one of the wrenches and get it while out of a car. The rocket car will now return. You can smash it again and keep getting money as many times as desired.

Enable the "Invincibility" and "Instant vehicle explosions" codes. Drive around town, hitting all the cars you can. You will get $10 for every car that you explode.

Note: This will cause a hit and run; watch out for the cops.

One of the best ways to get money is to smash cars/objects and collect the coins, but you will inevitably get a Hit And Run and have to avoid the cops. There is a way to avoid this and collect all the coins desired. First, intentionally incite a Hit And Run. Next, press Start and go to the mission selection screen. Choose any mission. When you return to the game, the police lights are still flashing around the radar but there are no police chasing you. You can smash up everything in sight for as long desired and no police will ever bother you. The only thing you have to do is keep the police lights flashing around the radar. If you let the Hit And Run end, you will have to start the trick over again.

Enable the "Instant vehicle explosions" code then crash some cars. You should get some coins for each car.

Cop Escape
When Hit & Run comes up on your screen and you want to get away here are many ways how to:

The Throw - Back-drive on the left side of the road slowly. The cars the come to you will drive out of your way creating a barrier for the "cops".

Raging Round-up - Hold R1, X and left also put the "Blow Up Cars In 1 Hit Cheat On" the "cops" that come to you will just blow-up.
*Note:that cheat doesn't always work*

The Smashing Wall - Make sure you are in a car with good handling. If a "cop" is on your tail drive up to a wall fast, quickly hold R1 and turn out of the way of the wall.

Stuipid Cops - Put on the blow-up cars in 1 hit cheat on. Beside the Simpson's house there is a playground. Go to the playground and drive through the BUZZ COLA glass sign wait behind the house. The police will drive straight into the wall of the house!
*Note: If a "cop" goes down by the playground drive into it*

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Simpsons: Road Rage PlayStation 2 Cheats

Get Nuclear Bus
At the options menu Hold L1 + R1 and press Triangle, triangle, Square, Circle. A sound will signal correct code entry.

Get Inside Mr. Burns Mansion
In Springfield Mountains, go to the cemetery. You should see another gate to your right. Go inside the gate and drive into Mr. Burn's house to trash it. Take that you transport tyrant!

Get Homer Car
Finish all 10 missions in mission mode. Go to Homer's picture in the select screen to get the car.

Get No Map Mode
At the options menu Hold R1 + L1 and press Square, triangle, triangle, X. A sound will signal correct code entry.

Get 2D Characters
At the options menu Hold R1 + L1 and press Circle, circle, circle, circle. A sound will signal correct code entry.

Skip Mission
Fail a mission 5 times to skip that mission (except for the last one).

Unlock Marge with white hair
Set internal system date to the 3rd Thursday of November (Thanksgiving).

Unlock Apu in a Santa costume
Set internal system date to December 25 (Christmas Day).

Unlock Barney in a tuxedo
Set internal system date to January 1 (New Year's Day).

Unlock Bart in a Frankenstein costume
Set internal system date to October 31 (Hallowe'en).

More Time
Hit phone booths that have a picture of Burns to get 2 extra seconds.

Stop Time
At the options menu, hold R1 + L1 and press Circle, triangle, square, X. If entered the code you should here a sound signal correct code entry. Press R to start, stop, and reset the timer.

Get Nighttime Mode
At the options menu, Hold L1 + R1 and press X (4). Then a sound will signal correct code entry.

Get Overhead View
At the options menu Hold R1 + L1 Circle,circle,circle,square. A sound will signal correct code entry.

Slow Motion
Go to options and hold L1 + R1 and enter X, circle, triangle, square. A noise will confirm the correct entry.

On Springfield Dam their are lots of shortcuts. The first short cut is near the TNT storage and Quimbys Mansion. Head towards the TNT storage and in the cliff their are some overhanging branches and leaves. Drive right through them and you will come out at the smashed in bridge. The second shortcut is near the beginning where you start, near the stonecutters. You soon come towards a huge yellow sign. Go under the sign and there is a hill. Go up the hill and you will join the road again. You can also do this going back towards the stonecutters as well. The third shortcut is going off the side of the Dam. Go down the Dam and go along the river. On the left of the river about half way down is a dirt track going up a hill. Go up the hill and you will come out at Rancho Relaxo. Using all of these shortcuts it is easy to get over $15,000!

Hidden New Year's Character
This cheat is simple. Set the system date on your Playstation 2 to January 1st, and the New Year's Krusty will be unlocked under the "?" at the character select screen.

Hidden Halloween Character
Change the system date to October 31st to unlock Halloween Bart in the character selection screen under the "?".

Hidden Thanksgiving character
Setting the system date to November 22nd will unlock the Thanksgiving Marge under "?" in the character selection screen.

Hidden Christmas character
Setting the system date to December 25th will unlock Christmas Apu under "?" at the Character selection screen.

Drive as Mr. Smithers
Go to the Options menu. Hold L1 + R1 and press triangle, triangle, square, square. You can now drive as Mr. Smithers in Mr. Burn's limo.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Simpson's Skateboarding PlayStation 2 Cheats

Cheat Codes
Go to the character select screen and HOLD L1 + L2 + R1 + R2. After that, put in a code below while holding the previous buttons:

Get All Levels: Triangle, X, Square, Circle
Otto in Shades: Square, X, Circle, Triangle
Wiggum Big Head: X, Circle, Square, Triangle
Wiggum Man Eater: Triangle, Circle, Square, X
Get $99: Triangle, X, Circle, Square
Get Fuzzy Skaters: X, Triangle, Square, Circle
Marge a Demon: X, Square, Triangle, Circle
All Skaters: Circle, Triangle, X, Square
All Boards: X, Triangle, Circle, Square
Bart with Big Head: X, Square, Circle, Triangle
Frink with Big Head: Square, X, Triangle, Circle
Lisa with Big Head: Square, Triangle, X, Circle
Frink Cool: X, Circle, Triangle, Square
Lisa Gangster: Square, Triangle, Circle, X
Bart a Gangster: Circle, X, Square, Triangle
Nelson Big head: Triangle, Square, Circle, X
Homer Big Head: Circle, X, Triangle, Square
Nelson a Ballerina: Triangle, Square, X, Circle
Homer in Tights: Triangle, Circle, X, Square

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Silpheed: The Lost Planet PlayStation 2 Cheats

All weapons
Enter "XACALITE" as a name to begin stage 1 with all nine weapons available. This is for the Japanese version of the game. For other versions, enter "GLOIRE".

Napalm bombs
Most levels and Bosses can be defeated in under three minute with the Napalm Bombs. While the range of these bombs is limited, the amount of damage they do is larger that any other weapon in the game. Get very close to the enemy and always stay to the right or left of the place where the Bosses are shooting. Remember when Napalm Bombs explode, many things around them are damaged, not just where you see the explosion. Note: Be more concerned about dodging shots than shooting the enemy -- as soon as your health is gone, it is gone.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Silent Scope 3 PlayStation 2 Cheats

Real-time window option
Complete the indoor shooting range with a "S" or better rank to unlock the "Real-time Window" option at the "EX Options" menu.

Hint: Free health
Shoot about five or more people in the head.

Professional mode
Successfully complete all EX missions to unlock the "Professional Mode" option at the "EX Options" menu.

Continuous mission mode
Successfully complete all EX missions to unlock the "Continuous Mission Mode" option at the "EX Options" menu.

Defeating Bosses
To easily kill a Boss, shoot them in the head.

Teddy kill
In Silent Scope EX, you will encounter a helicopter Boss. He will have an afro and a teddy bear in the front seat. Shoot the teddy bear in the head and the helicopter will crash.

Secret level
After completing all the levels there will be a final confrontation level. You will have to get to a swordsman Boss and defeat him. He will come at you with his sword. Shoot him then. After that, you will have to find your way to a 1-shot Boss. To kill him easily, wait for the shuttle to stop moving, then make your shot. After that, you will have to kill your own Boss.

Kissing Bosses
Successfully complete consecutive mode on Silent Scope EX and the Phantom and the Prince Of Rose will kiss each other.

Extra Contact
If you stare at Life-up Girls, Robert or your partner will say 'How long are you going to stare like that?' or 'Am I in your view?'. This will not work on the 4WD or by Helicopter on the train level.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Silent Scope 2: Dark Silhouette PlayStation 2 Cheats

Double Hit Bonus
To get a "Double Hit Bonus" just fire right when a moving tagets walks behind a stationary one or when two moving targets pass each other and they line up in one in front of the other (relative to you).

Get Four Continues
If you continue more than 30 times, you'll be given four continues to complete the level.

Get Three Continues
If you continue more than 15 times, you'll be given three continues to complete the level.

Infinite Continues
If you continue more than 100 times during gameplay, you will be given infinite continues to complete the game with.

Trade Health For Time
To trade half of one health pack to gain five seconds, pause the game and press UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, X, CIRCLE.

Trade Time For Health
To trade five seconds of time for one half of a health pack, pause the game and press CIRCLE, X, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, UP, UP.

Additional Lives
Intentionally lose the game by dying repeatedly to increase the number of lives per credit between four to six.

Additional Time
Intentionally lose the game by allowing the timer to run out repeatedly to increase the time limit between seventy and eighty.

Time Attack Boss Mode
After you defeat the big Boss by shooting him three times, he will hang from the tower. Shoot the chain and complete the game that way to unlock time attack boss mode.

Survival Boss Mode
After you defeat the big Boss by shooting him three times, he will hang from the tower. If you shoot him or the girl, they will both fall. You will complete the game and unlock survival boss mode.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Silent Scope PlayStation 2 Cheats

Extra options
Beat the game under any difficulty setting to unlock a real time window and up to 8 health in the options menu. Beat the game more than twice under any difficulty level to unlock infinite credits in the credit section of the options menu and +30 in the time limit section.

Voyeur Mode
X, Circle, X, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, L1, L2, L1, L2.

Get rid of the aiming rings and enemy markers
Hold trigger, press start, continue holding the trigger, now highlight mode, press start x4.

Hidden mode
At the mode selection screen, press Right, Down, Right, Square, Up, Square, Square, Triangle, Down, Right, Down, Right, Square, Triangle.

First person view
At the mode selection screen, press Up(4), Down(4).

Pink mode
At the mode selection screen, press Left, Right(2), Square, Triangle.

Exchange a half of life for 5 seconds
Pause the game in story mode and press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, X, Circle.

Exchange 5 seconds for half of life
Pause the game in story mode and press Circle, X, Right, Left, Right, Left, Down(2), Up(2).

100 challenge mode
Successfully complete all nine outdoor shooting range challenges to unlock 100 challenge mode.

No crosshair
At the mode selection screen, press Right, Right, Right, Square.

No scope
At the mode selection screen, press Right, Down, Right, Square, Right, Down, Right, Square.

No enemy cursor
At the mode selection screen, press Right, Right, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up, Right.

Romantic Mode
At the mode select screen enter: LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, SQUARE, TRIANGLE
Your scope will look like a heart and the screen will have a pinkish tint to it.

Love View
Press left, right, right, square, triangle at the mode selection screen for the usual circular sights to become a heart shaped one.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Silent Line Armored Core PlayStation 2 Cheats

Get Bonus Parts
To earn bonus parts, get an A or S on any mission.

Get KWI-RJ/60 Part
Zone 4 R&D Area, mission eliminate rioters. Proceed with the mission as normal, until you reach the top floor. When you get off the elevator, there will be 3 MT's and a crate right in front of you. Destroy the crate to receive the part.

Get MWC-OC/30 Part
Zone 7 unexplored region, secure unexplored region. When the mission starts, overboost forward until you fall into a crater. You will find a crashed transport. Destroy the rear door and retrieve the part.

Get CWG-ARF-180 Part
You must beat the game first to obtain this part. Go to zone 3 lab development, mission protect part transport. When the transport is refueling, destroy the rear cargo door and retreive the part.

Get KWEL-EJ22 Part
Zone 3 lab development, mission defend solar power plant. You must find this part. After you fend off the exterior attack, head inside. Then travel to the room that's on fire in the SOUTHWEST corner of the map. The part is on the floor in one of the corners.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Silent Hill 4: The Room PlayStation 2 Cheats

Call restaurant
When you look out your window, you can see the phone number of a restaurant. You can use the phone to call that number for fun.

Unlock Chainsaw
Beat the game once, save and load the new data. Then, in the Forest World, near the car, search for a cut trunk, the Chainsaw is right beside it.

Unlock Eileen's Nurse Costume
Complete the game on any skill level and then restart using the same save. Check room 302 for the costume. It can be selected on the 3rd run through.

All Weapons Mode
Beat One Weapon Mode.

Cynthia's Special Costume
Finish the game with all four endings on one slot. Start a new game and select Eileen's nurse uniform to have Cynthia wearing her special costume.

One Weapon Mode
Get 10 big stars in hard mode.

Brand New Fear mode
Successfully complete the game under any difficulty. Save the game after the credits complete to unlock the "Brand New Fear" option.

Sub-machine gun
Successfully complete the game with a rank of at least 9 big stars. Start a game in "Brand New Fear" mode and look in Room 202 in the Apartment World to find a sub-machine gun for Eileen.

Fifth Alternate Ending
Successfully complete the game four times and earn the 4 different endings. Play the game again using the same save slot and select Eileen's nurse uniform. If you complete the game a fifth time, hold Triangle and Circle before the ending to see the special UFO fifth ending.

There are four endings in Silent Hill 4: The Room: Escape (the good ending), Mother, Eileen's Death, and the 21 Sacraments (the bad ending). Ironically enough, the worst ending is the most interesting, and the best is the least interesting. To get Escape, you must take good care of Eileen and your room. For Mother, make sure Eileen is okay but disregard your room. For Eileen's Death, disregard Eileen's safety/sanity but take care of your room. For the 21 Sacraments, don't bother with either of them.

Silent Hill 3 Cameo
Sometimes if you look out of Henry's windows, you may see a hot air baloon in the sky that has the Silent Hill 3 bunny rabbit from the amusement park as its design. You will also see the bunny as a stuffed animal if you look through the hole in the apartment where you can see Eileen's room.

Creepy Call
Whenever you walk around in Henry's apartment, go to his bedroom and look out of his window. If you notice, you will see a billboard that says "Bar Ashfield" on it and right below it as a phone number. Then go to his phone next to his bed and dial: 555-3750. It will play a little creepy call makes Henry feel disturbed.

Moving Loading Screens
Whenever you enter a new room and get the loading screens with the weird symbols, move the left analog stick around and watch as they move across the screen.

Throughout the latter part of the game, your apartment will become possessed and/or haunted. If you took the Shabby Doll that the mysterious man gave you inside of the Apartment World, Ghosts will slowly come into your apartment. No matter what, however, your apartment will become possessed from time to time. You must eliminate these possessions by lighting Holy Candles near the possessed item, or equipping a Saint Medallion once you go near it.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Silent Hill 3 PlayStation 2 Cheats

Unlock Extra Costumes (PAL)
NOTE: Silent Hill 3 has different costume codes, depending on the region; these codes are for region PAL, which includes the United Kingdom and Europe)
Finish the game to access the secret costume passcode screen. Enter the passcodes to unlock a new costume for Heather:
HappyBirthday (Heather Shirt)
I_Love_You (Onsen)
PutHere2FeelJoy (Block Head)
TOUCH_MY_HEART (Don't Touch)
GangsterGirl (God Of Thunder)
LightToFuture (The Light)
ShogyouMujou (Transience)
BlueRobbieWin (Killer Rabbit)
01_03_08_11_12 (Royal Flush)
cockadooodledoo (Golden Rooster)
PrincessHeart (Transform)
Shut_your_mouth (Zipper)

Unlock Extra Options (PAL)
Press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 on the options menu. Note, that dying twice on Normal unlocks Beginner Difficulty which can only be found on the Extra Option menu.

Unlock New Weapons (PAL)
Unlock new weapons by playing through the game and then doing the following to affect your final score:

Kill more enemies by shooting with ranged weapons than by fighting with melee weapons. You can unlock the flamethrower the sure fire way by clearing the game twice.

Light Saber
Kill more enemies by fighting with melee weapons than by shooting with ranged weapons.

Silver and Gold Pipe
Throw the normal (steel) pipe into the sewer and answer the next three questions as, "No", "No", "Yes".

Unlimited Submachine Gun
Destroy the last boss in the game with a melee weapon. Easiest if you use a Gameshark device to set Heather's life to "never die".

Douglas Wearing Y-Fronts
Beat the game then highlight New Game (Extra) and enter the old Konami code (press UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, CIRCLE, CROSS). Select your difficulties and a sound will verify the code. Douglas will be sans pants when you see him through the game.

References To SH2 (PAL)
NOTE: This requires a save game that is a PAL version of SH2. The game also needs to be listed as a cleared game.
Using any memory card with a finished/game cleared file from Silent Hill 2 will cause some retroactive interactivity when Heather investigates some areas of the game.

Heather Beam
Kill 333 enemies or more.

Beam Sabre
This weapon will turn into a 'Sexy Beam' when you have the transform costume equipped.

View 'possessed' ending
Kill more than 100 enemies, forgive the person at the church and get more than 2000 points worth of damage.

Beginner fighting difficulty setting
Intentionally die twice during game play under the normal fighting difficulty setting. The fighting difficulty setting can now be set to "Beginner" in the extra options menu.

UFO ending
Successfully complete game and unlock the Princess Heart costume and the Heather Beam weapon. The Heather Beam is a special weapon which you can only use if Heather or Cheryl is not holding any weapon. Defeat all monsters and Bosses using only the Heather Beam. Note: The "Monster defeated" counter should read 0 kills.

Normal ending
Beat the game simply by not killing too many enemies.

Unlock the Life Bar
Complete the game on Hard Action Mode and Hard Riddle Mode to unlock the life bar, which can be turned on and off at the extra options screen.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Silent Hill 2 PlayStation 2 Cheats

Extra Options
At the Options screen, press L1 + R1.

In-game reset
Press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Select + Start during game play.

Completion bonuses
Successfully complete the game. Start another game and enter the extra options menu to access new features. A "Bullet Adjust" option can be set, allowing the normal amount of ammunition found at a location to be doubled or tripled. A "Noise Effect" option can be toggled. Another new option can be toggled, allowing scenes to be viewed without distortion.

Additional riddle difficulty
Successfully complete the game under the easy, normal, and hard riddle difficulty settings. Select the hard riddle difficulty again and begin a new game with a new combination of riddles.

Reveal signs
Unlock all five endings, then start a new game. All signs will now be revealed.

Book Of Lost Memories
Successfully complete the game. Start a new game and look for the newspaper stand near the Texxon Gas Station. The Book Of Lost Memories can be found inside.

Book Of The Crimson Ceremony
This book can be found in the reading room on the second floor of the "Nightmare" hotel.

Chain Saw
Successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty and normal riddle difficulty settings. Start a new game to find the Chain Saw among logs before the cemetery.

Dog Tag
Successfully complete the game with the "Rebirth" ending. Start a new game and a dog house will now appear near Jack's Inn. Look inside the dog house to find the Dog Tag.

Hyper Spray
Successfully complete the game two times. Start a new game to find the Hyper Spray on the south side of the motor home.

Obsidian Goblet
Successfully complete the game. Start a new game and enter the Historical Society building. The Obsidian Goblet can be found on a shelf.

White Chrism
Successfully complete the game. Start a new game to find White Chrism vial in the kitchen of apartment 105 in Blue Creek Apartments.

Introduction FMV sequence audio
If you wait at the title screen for awhile, the introduction FMV sequence will begin. In some scenes, there will be no audio. Successfully complete the game one time and the audio will be restored to those scenes.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Shrek: Super Party PlayStation 2 Cheats

Spilt Milk: Easy win
Use the aiming pad and aim in front of someone before they go another way. If done correctly, you will not miss one point. This will also boost your score at the high score board.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Shrek 2 PlayStation 2 Cheats

All Levels
Enter the first level and press the start button. Go to the scrapbook and enter Left, Up, X, Circle, Left, Up, X, Circle, Left, Up, X, Circle, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up. When done correctly you will hear a voice announce: "That's what I call spreading joy."

All Bonus Games
Go to the first level, press Start to pause game play, and enter the 'Scrapbook' screen. Then, press Left, Up, X, Circle, Left, Up, X, Circle, Left, Up, X, Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Circle. Exit the 'Scrapbook screen, quit the level, then, select the 'Bonus' option.

Cage Drop Mini-game
Successfully complete 59 missions.

Cloud Maze Mini-game
Successfully complete 45 missions.

Floating Floor Mini-game
Successfully complete 31 missions.

Movie Stills And Crash Coliseum Mini-game
Successfully complete 70 missions.

Ring Coliseum Mini-game
Successfully complete 21 missions.

Defeating Rats
When fighting rats the characters to use are Fiona with her spin attack, Little Red with her spin attack, or with Gingerbread Man with the candy cane that hits all the enemies within range.

Mission With Transformed People Into Rats
When you do the mission where the people are turned into three rats, use Lil' Red to shoot regular apples at the traps. Also, use her when you have to shoot long distances over water.

Final Mission: Easy Win
In the beginning, use Flona's Slow Motion ability to get past the knights. Then, use Donkey to defeat them.

Blackbird Sympathy Mission
When doing the Blackbird Sympathy mission, all the birds do not have to be there. However after you miss so many buttons, you will fail.

Cinderella Mission
When you do the Cinderella mission in Far Far Away, finish Humpty Dumpty's first. Get the hourglass, then get the one there where Cinderella is located. Then, only use Fiona's slow motion when they get too close to her.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Shox PlayStation 2 Cheats

Get $2,500,000
Start a new single player game and use the name LOADED on the name entry screen.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Showdown: Legends of Wrestling PlayStation 2 Cheats

Easy Wins
To score an easy win over your opponent in a one on one match, just throw him outside the ring. Make sure your opponent's time outside the ring is higher then yours. Then, just keep him out there and you will win the match.

Easy Finisher
Most of the wrestlers have a jab as either pressing X or pressing Left or Right just before pressing X. If you hit your opponent repeatedly, you will earn just as many points for your finishing move bar as if you were to do a grapple move. This allows you to get your finisher much faster.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Shinobi PlayStation 2 Cheats

Collect the gold Oboro Clan Coins during game play to unlock bonus options in the extras menu, including level select and movies.

The many faces of Shinobi
If you beat the game once and collect thirty talismans, Hotsuma's brother Moritsune becomes available. Moritsune is stronger faster, and less hearty than Hotsuma. Akujiki feeds off him more quickly. If you beat hard mode with forty talismans collected, you will unlock the OG - Joe Musashi himself. While he isn't as strong in sword play as the brothers, he can throw shurikens like no bodys business.

VR stage
Collect 50 Oboro Clan Coins during game play.

Hard difficulty setting
Successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty setting.

Insane difficulty setting
Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting.

Play as Joe Musashi
To play as Joe Musashi, find 40 Oboro coins throughout the game.

Play as Moritsune
To play as Moritsune, find 30 Oboro coins throughout the game.

Death To The Helicopter
You know that annoying helicopter that is one of the first few bosses? It can be easily defeated without having to repeatedly jump. All you have to do is get under it and double jump, dash, slash. You can dash after each hit with your sword and get in multiple fast hits.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne PlayStation 2 Cheats

While in a terminal, swap Nocturne for another PS2 game. Go out of the terminal and when the debug screen pops up, switch Notcurne back.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Shifters PlayStation 2 Cheats

In the town after the castle levels, walk behind all the houses instead of on the street. You will find potions a scrolls behind them.

In the town behind the houses in the second area is a graveyard. Walk up to each stone and press R1. They will be marked with things such as "Disco" and "Beloved Game Developers".

Easy Exp
To get some easy exp in the castle fight, all the elephants you find they give you a lot of experience.

Daria's Doom
If you have the spell Silence Daria this will be a piece of cake. When you start the fight, morph into a more powerful form then cast the spell "Silence" so she can't use Mind drain or Minor healing. If you don't beat her right off the bat re-cast silence when it wears off.

Monday, February 4, 2013

ShellShock: Nam '67 PlayStation 2 Cheats

Unlimited ammunition
Press R2, R1, Triangle, L2, L1, Up, R2, R1, Triangle, L2, L1, Up at the "Press Start" screen.

God mode
Press R3, L3, Right, Left, L1, R1, R3, L3, Right, Left, L1, R1 at the "Press Start" screen.

Add weapon
Press Up, Down, Left, Right, Circle, Square, Up, Down, Left, Right, Circle, Square at the "Press Start" screen. The "Add Weapon" option will now appear when the game is paused.

All missions and gallery pictures unlocked
Press L2, R2, L1, R1, L1, L2(2), R2, L1, R1(2), R2 at the "Press Start" screen.

Psychedelic mode
Press Up, R2, Circle, Left, Triangle, Square, L2, L1, Circle, R1 at the "Press Start" screen.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Shaun Palmer's Pro Snowboarder PlayStation 2 Cheats

Master code
Highlight the "Options" selection at the main menu. Then, hold L2 + Left and press Triangle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle. All cheats will be unlocked.

All character goals and boards
Highlight the "Options" selection at the main menu. Then, hold R2 + Right and press Triangle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle. Note: This also unlocks the two secret characters.

Maximum stats
Highlight the "Options" selection at the main menu. Then, hold L1 + Right and press Triangle(2), Circle, Triangle.

All Movies
Hold Left + R1 and press Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle.

Always Land a Flip
Do like a flip just as you go in a snowmobile, truck, etc. It will still give you the flip and you will always land it.

All FMV Sequences
Highlight the options at the main menu. Then hold R1 + Left and press Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Shark Tale PlayStation 2 Cheats

Replace all Pearls with Fish King coins
At any level where you can obtain pearls, press "Select" to show the controller guide, then hold L1 and enter: Circle, Square, Circle, Circle, Circle, Square, Circle, Circle.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Shadow of Memories PlayStation 2 Cheats

Extra option
When the game is completed, one of five endings will appear. An "Extra" option will now be available at the title screen, which allows you to view the percentage completed for every chapter. You can also start the completed game over again at the beginning to try to do better and get a different ending.

Restore energy units
If you begin running out of energy units, allow yourself to die. The moment you are brought back to life, you will get an energy unit for free. For example, if you let yourself die five times in a row you will get five energy units for free. Do this trick each time you begin a new chapter.

Extra ending
Unlock all five normal endings. A special prologue will appear, allowing you to play again and unlock the "Extra" ending.

FMV sequences
Successfully complete the game to unlock a FMV sequence from the Spring 2000 Tokyo Games Show. Successfully complete the game after getting three different endings to unlock a FMV sequence from a private Konami game show in Europe. Successfully complete the game after getting all five normal endings and the "Extra" ending to unlock a FMV sequence from the Fall 2000 Tokyo Games Show.