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Friday, November 30, 2012

RC Revenge Pro PlayStation 2 Cheats

Quick start
Press X immediately when "Go" appears during the pre-race countdown.

All tracks
At the main menu, press L1, R1, R2, Square, Circle to unlock all tracks.

All cars
At the main menu, press L1, L2, R1, R2, Circle, Square to unlock all cars.

Unlock next cup
At the main menu, press L1, R1, R2, L2.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rayman Revolution PlayStation 2 Cheats

Access multiplayer bonus maps
In the first map, in the Options Menu/Language/Voices, select the "RAYMANIAN" language (don't validate it), keep L1 + R1 pressed and do the following sequence: L2, R2, L2, R2, L2, R2. A new menu will appear with the three multiplayer bonus maps.

Other cheats
In any other map, go to the Sound Menu, select the "MUTE" option (again don't validate it), keep L1 + R1 pressed and do the same sequence: L2, R2, L2, R2, L2, R2. A new cheat menu will appear.

Baby Soccer bonus map
During a game (before it ends), keep L1 + R1 pressed and do the same sequence: L2, R2, L2, R2, L2, R2. The names of the players appear on the baby globox.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rayman Arena PlayStation 2 Cheats

Avoid slowing down
When racing, avoid the green slime as it slows you down. Always use the walkways when available.

Get All Characters
Put in PUPPETS for a NAME then press L2 + Circle + Square to enter the name. A sound indicates correct code entry.

Get All Battle Levels
Put in ALLFISH for a NAME then press L2 + Circle + Square to enter the name. A sound indicates correct code entry.

Get All Levels
Put in ALLRAYMANM for a NAME then press L2 + Circle + Square to enter the name. A sound indicates correct code entry.

Get Old TV Screen
Put in OLDTV for a NAME then press L2 + Circle + Square to enter the name. A sound indicates correct code entry.

Get All Skins
Put in CARNIVAL for a NAME then press L2 + Circle + Square to enter the name. A sound indicates correct code entry.

Get All Race levels
Put in ALLTRIBES for a NAME then press L2 + Circle + Square to enter the name. A sound indicates correct code entry.

Mode 1 Levels
Put FIELDS as a name then press L2 + Circle + Square. A sound will indicate correct code entry.

Mode 1 Battle Levels
Put AREANAS as a name then press L2 + Circle + Square. A sound will indicate correct code entry.

Mode 1 Race Levels
Put TRACKS as a name then L2 + circle + square. A sound will indicate correct code entry.

3D Mode
Put 3DVISION as a name then L2 + Circle + Square. A sound will indicate correct code entry.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc PlayStation 2 Cheats

Extra Energy
Energy is increased for every six cages collected. There are 60 cages in the game.

Heavy Metal Fist
If you have heavy metal fist, you don't need to power up your punch to open piggy banks.

Rayman 2 Reference
In the Hoodlum's factory, get to the place where you have to jump across crates to get to the other side. Once there, keep going up. You will eventually reach a location with a switch to activate the lifts to get to this second "conveyor belt". On those lifts, get pretty well up to the top. There is a hole in the side of a huge "pipe". Jump and helicopter over there and go in. You will see some of the villains from Rayman 2, including Admiral Razorbeard and his other cronies.

Razzof Circus Mini-game
Collect jewels during the game to get 6000 game points.

Crush Mini-game
Collect jewels during the game to get 4000 game points.

Racket Jump Mini-game
Collect jewels during the game to get 3000 game points.

Rayman 2-D Madness Mini-game
Collect jewels during the game to get 1000 game points.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando PlayStation 2 Cheats

Skill Points Rewards
Get the following extras by earning the required number of Skill Points:
5: Big Head Ratchet
7: Rux Skin for Ratchet
10: Big Head Clank
12: Mirrored levels
15: Big Head NPCs
20: Clown Outfit
25: Big Head Enemies
30: Beach Boy

Unlock Snow Skin
Beat all levels of the Impossible Challenge (in the Arena) to unlock the snow skin.

Weapons For Free
Play with a memory card save from the original Ratchet and Clank in your PS2 and you'll automatically have all five weapons that both games share.

Challenge Mode
You will be able to play the game on challenge mode after beating it one time. Challenge mode ups the difficulty as well as providing a bolt multiplier to help you buy those hard-to-get weapons. You can also buy extra upgrades for most of the weapons in challenge mode.

See Jak II
When your in Megapolis, Go to Clank's apartment, Look where the couch and the chair is, Look right, and you will see Jak and Daxter.

Unlock Insomniac Museum Level
On Planet Otwock, stand on the fountain at 3:00 AM to be teleported to this level. You can also reach this level by using the Short Cuts menu, which is unlocked after you defeat the final boss and get all weapons, all mods, and all skill points. In this secret level, you can see prototype characters and levels not used in the rest of the game.

James Bond Ratchet
When you get 7 skill points you will unlock a cheat that will give Ratchet a tux.

Lots of Bolts
On planet Endako (the one where you rescue Clank) go to Clank's appartment. On the table there should be something triangular. Break it and lots of of bolts will come out. Ta-Da. Lots of bolts.

Easy Boss Battle
The easy boss battle: If you are on planet Yeedil and trying to beat the boss, all you have to do, is when he shoots out other little Protopets, don't care about the Protopets, just focus on the giant Protopet and start shooting the Bouncer/heavy Bouncer or the Plasma Coil/Storm and he will die eventually. But remember, as soon as the battle starts, equip the Sheild Charger, and the Synthanoids/Kylinoids.

The Box Breaker
To get the Box Breaker, go to planet Oozla, then go to the end of the Megacorp store (the part after you use the Dynamo to get across the gap with the boards rushing up at you.) Then, if you've been to planet Joba, use the Gravity Boots to walk up the metal ramp, thrn stalk up on all your ammo. You will be facing the Swamp Monster 2. You will need a lot of firepower for this beast. The most effective weapon for him is the Lava Gun/Meteor Gun. If that doesn't work use the Seeker Gun/HK22 Gun. If that still doesn't work use the Blitz Gun/Cannon. And don't forget to use the Synthanoid/Kylinoid and the Sheild Charger. Try not to fall into the gooey swamp water, as if you are in ther for five to ten seconds, you will sink and die. Then when you beat him, you will get the Box Breaker! The way to use it is to press X (jump up) and press the square button (Hyper Strike.) The Box Breaker can break about fifteen feet up left, right, forward, and backward!

Mini Game
To play a Mini Game, go to Clank's apartment, and use the Dynamo on the triangle thing. You will play a game with a Synthanoid. To shoot the swarming sheep, just press X. You can move up and down with the analog stick (left analog stick) or the control pad.

Black Sheepinator
To get the Black Sheepinator, just beet the game on Challenge Mode and you will get the Black Sheepinator.

Easy Traversing
On planet Greblin, don't have battles with the Y.E.T.I.s. Just destroy the Artic Leviathans (or let your Synthanoids or upgraded forms of the Synthanoids take care of them.) But pick up the Moonstones from the Artic L's. You will be able to find Moonstones much faster.

Armor Magnetizer
To get the Armor Magnetizer, go to planet Todano. Go to the patr of the Weapons Facility where you get the Sheepinator (the second part of it.) Then, get the Tractor Beam out and move the targets three quarters of the way in that section (section number two of seven.) You will see a big hole in the wall. Jump in it and keep on going. WATCH OUT! A Megacorp Security Gauard 'Bot will jump up from below when you get close enough. Then, you will approach a pimply faced teenager who just LOVES Captain Qwark. Talk to him. He was going to give you the Armor Magnetizer for free, but since you humiliated Qwark in your first adventure when Gadgetron products were still popular, you will have to give him a Qwark Action Figure. Beat planet Boldan, then go to Planet Aranos Thugs 4 Less Prison. After you get coordinates for another planet, don't go to the next planet. Stay there, and go to the door, not left, not right, but in the middle of it all. Make sure you have at least 20,000 Bolts, and hop up the latter, and use the Levitater. Hey, look! Plumber's crack! It's the plumber from the very first planet on the first Ratchet and Clank! (if you don't count the one you only can go to once.) You will need to pay the plumber 20,000 Bolts for a stinkin' Captain Qwark Action Figure. HEY! If you had enough Bolts to buy the Qwark Action Figure, just approach him and buy it! Now you can go back to Planet Todano and trade for the Armor Magnetizer! Follow the first few steps to get back to Mr. Pimply, and trade him! Bonus! Don't leave yet! Near the pimply dude, there is a reward! A Platinum Bolt!

How to get past the level "The Chemical Factory"
On the level the Chemical Factory {after Planet Notak} the last obstical is three floating barrels. If you stand on the first barrel, the third one will rise, if you stand on the last one, the first one will rise, and if you stand on the middle one, the barrels stay straight. Stand on the first one so the last barrel will rise, then take your Thermonator out and freeze the water, jump up the barrels and put your Thruster Pack on, the hold R1 and press X, you will fly op and on to the edge, then there will be 3 or more robots that Clank has to talk to.

Beat Impossible Challenge Without A Sweat
Here is how you beat the "Impossible Challenge"
easily first,have at least 60 pieces of life in your life bar,next,be sure to have gotten the Plasma Storm, Killonoids, Megarocket Cannon, RYNOII, Megaturret Glove, Omniwrench12000, Meteor Gun, Heany Lancer, Blitz Cannon, and finally the Zodiac. Here are some tips that will help:
1. Stock up on all of your ammo.
2. Use your wrench if you are close to an enemy.
3. You should at least have Durasteel Armour.
4. Blitz Cannon for light close range.
5. Heavy Bouncer for heavy close range damage.
6. Heavy Lancer for long range light damage.
7. Megarocket Cannon for heavy long range.
8. RYNOII and Zodiac will be weapons that are used when you need help with destruction
9. Killonoids and Megaturrets are are used as support and cover fire needs.
10.Only use this if you will have fun!!!!!
(P.S. I acquired all weapons and needed power ups before I beat this.The Zodiac should be used if you need to destroy some powerful enemy's.If you cant beat it after my guide tells you what you do go to Planet Yeedil and train.)

Easy way to defeat Chian blade
On the Market Nebula make your way to the stadium.{A.K.A. Battle Arena.} After you've won the battle for the elotrotizer, select chain blade. When he jumps in the arena, use your multi star. If you use it as soon as he get's in the arena, You won't get hit by him.

Defeat Thugs-4- Less leader easily
On your third battle with the T-4-L {A.K.A. Thugs=4-Less} leader when you have to rescue Angela, he will be using some kind of Megacorp destucto robot. Use the gun turrets. When using one he should walk away. When he stops shooting those floating bombs. He will try destroy your turret. As soon as he comes to you, exit the turret. Then he will focus on you instead of the turret. After maybe five seconds or more get back in the turret and he will walk away to fire more floating bombs. That way you don't have find another turret. Note: The T-4-L leader might not destroy the turret. He MIGHT not.

Final Boss Tactic
At the very last planet, you will face amutated proto-pet. This may sound crazy,but let it get a ammo box. For example: If boucers or any other kind of weapon comes flying out of its mouth, you must get under the mouth of the proto-pet. The weapon won't be able to hit you there. While the proto-pet is still firing the weapon, it will leave you a clear shot so use the time wisely. On the other hand if you get the ammo before the proto-pet, it will fire more proto-pets leting you be a locked on target.

Ratchet and his games
After the imsomniac and game logos go away, you will see ratchet playing with a game controller, if you wait long enough, you can see him playing 4 games, Ratchet and clank 1, Ratchet and clank 2, Jak and daxter, and Sly cooper. It's not a code, but it's funny to see ratchet lose at something that he had done for real before. Have fun, and laugh!

Beat The Impossible Chall. With A FEW Weapons
There are 60 rounds in the impossible challenge and if you want to beat the impossible challenge with just a few weapons do this: First make sure you have the Kilonoides, the Megaturrets, Zapper or Clanks Shocker, and last but definitely not least the tesla shield {The transformed verision of the first shield.} Here's how it works: When your enmey's are coming towards you, the Megaturrets will be the first weapon to start firing. The limit for the Megaturrets to be out at once is five. When your out of megaturrets, the kilonoids will start shooting. The kilonoids plasma lasers won't be strong enough to push the enemy back unless the kilonoids throw a bomb. If the enemy get's to close to you the tesla shield and the Clank Shocker will shock them, but the Clank Shocker can hit at a longer range than the tesla shield. When it's time for a cage battle your kilonoids and tesla shield will vanish when you jump on the thing that get's you into the cage, this also happens when you exit the cage. At the 60th round you will face Megapede. The best weapon to use against it is the Meteor Gun or the RYNOII. If my way doesn't work for you, then do it another way, but these are the weapons I used to beat the impossible challenge. Just use these weapons and kick @$$.

Get to the insomniac museum without winning the game
At silver city on planet boldan (once the electrical wall is down) go to the crossing and turn left towards the door with the thugs go straight and kill them all take the right passage go kill the thugs and go up the lift there should be thugs running across the room kill them and then go through the left passage and down the lift there should be a total of seven thugs the (closest two should be playing rock, paper, scissors) kill them all (I usually use the vaporizer or sniper for this) without breaking the two ammo boxes to the right between a gap then go and stand on the two ammo boxes and jump over the yellow wall and go straight past the yellow glass building and across a bridge (it should have a few graphics glitches) go and jump left next to the building and keep and walking forward while pushing on the side of the wall you'll then fall through the wall and under the building to the middle of the building and jump up through the floor you'll be fighting a few thugs after you've killed the thugs there will be two teleporter pads one will go to your ship and the other to the insomniac museum.

Clank's Day at Insomniac
Collect all weapons, mods, and skill points to unlock this option at the "Random Stuff" menu.

Rejected commercials
Collect all weapons and all mods to unlock this option at the "Random Stuff" menu.

Collect all weapons and all mods to unlock this option at the "Random Stuff" menu.

How to defeat the impossible challenge
You need the RYNO 2 and mega rocket launcher and ultra tesla barrier. You will only need RYNO 2 in the first 59 rounds and the mega rocket launcher in the last you equip you re self with the ultra tesla barrier all the time if the barrier fades wait until the next cage match or normal and then you equipt it again the Tesla barrier fades whenever it change for cage match to normal or normal to cage match. Simply destroy everything you see with the RYNO 2 after each round look for ammo boxes. in about 6 rounds you will have a cage match. Look around for ammo boxes whenever a cage match finishes. id you are not wasteful after each cage match you will only use around 20 ammo. In the last round (round 60) use the mega rocket launcher. You will face the megapede. The rockets from a RYNO 2 may not be fast enough to hid the megapede since it move around so quickly. when you hit one of its segiments it will fall off and fire at you. use RYNO to finish the sgeiment.

Get it over with
If you want to kill the final proto-pet, just use the RYNOII. You'll annihilate it before he busts through the floor, or kill'em in less than ten seconds. On planet Oozla, the first boss you see, use the Zodiac to obliterate it, or the Ultra Mini-Nuke. On the Marketar Nebula, eliminate the B2 Brawler by allowing him to get down for it's spin attack and blast it with the RYNOII, or the Zodiac.

Free Loader
On the dessert planet your ship is crushed. After you find the elevater to get to the surface,you'll run into the thief/Angela. After dealing with her you will have your next desination. You must gather a few crystals for the old man. Note: "This you must have completed the game for this." If you don't won't to get him some crystals, then just pause the game, go to the special screen select short cuts and go where you want to go.

Ship Vendor Bonuses
Collect skill points to unlock more bonuses at the Ship Vendor.

15 skill points
Blargian Red
Orxon Green
Pokitaru Purple
Snagglebeast Brown
Qwark Green
Bogan Blue
Lombax Orange
Yeedil Yellow
Drek's Black Heart

16 skill points
Special Insomniac paint jobs

18 skill points
Scoop Nose

26 skill points
Split Nose

Skill Points
Barlow Skill Points
"Speed demon" - Beat 1:45 in the hoverbike race.

Boldan Skill Points
"No shocking developments" - Ride the grind rail without getting hit.
"Safety deposit" - Rescue all tourists at the bank.

Damosel Skill Points
"Midtown madness" - Go grinding without getting hit.

Dobbo Skill Points
"Dukes up" - Kill the mech with only melee attacks.
"Old skool" - Kill all enemies with only the weapons from Ratchet and Clank 1.

Endako Skill Points
"Nothing to see here" - Destroy all Megacorp rockets during the tour.
"Destroy all breakables" - Bust up the Circular City.
"Operate heavy machinery" - Destroy 10 robots with the crane.

Grelbin Skill Points
"Be a moon child" - Mine all moonstones.

Joba Skill Points
"That's impossible!" - Beat the impossible challenge.
"How fast was that?" - Beat 2:05 in the hoverbike race.
"Wrench Ninja II: Massacre" - Kill all enemies with only the wrench.
"Bye bye birdies" - Kill 12 birds.

Maktar Nebula Skill Points
"Wrench Ninja: Blade to Blade" - Defeat Chainblade with only the wrench.
"Vandalize" - Bust up the Maktar Resort.
"2B or not 2B hit" - Kill B2 Brawler without getting hit.
"Clank needs a new pair of shoes" - Win 300 bolts from a slot machine.

Noob Skill Points
"Robo rampage" - Turn Lunar City into a parking lot.

Notak Skill Points
"Planet buster" - Destroy the large floating globe.

Oozla Skill Points
"Prehistoric rampage" - Shoot 4 pterodactyls.
"Smash and grab" - Bust up the Megacorp store.

Siberius Skill Points
"You can break a Snow Dan" - Kill the Snow Dan.

Snivelak Skill Points
"Moving violation" - Destroy 14 ships.

Tabora Skill Points
"Heal your chi" - Get all crystals.

Todano Skill Points
"You're my hero" - Rescue all tourists.
"Try to sleep" - Turn 16 squirrels into sheep.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ratchet and Clank PlayStation 2 Cheats

Mirrored Levels
First beat Drek, then at the goodies screen, do the following moves: Flip Left, Flip Left, Flip Left, Flip Left, 3-Hit Wrench Combo, Hyper Strike, Double Flip Right, Flip Right, Flip Right, Double Jump, Full Second Crouch.

Trippy Trails
First beat Drek, then at the goodies screen, do the following moves: Wall Jump, Wall Jump, Wall Jump, Wall Jump, Wall Jump, Wall Jump, Wall Jump, Wall Jump, Wall Jump, Wall Jump, Double Jump, Hyper-Strike.

Max Health
First beat Drek, then at the goodies screen, do the following moves: Comet-Strike, Comet-Strike, Comet-Strike, Comet-Strike, Flip Back, Full Second Crouch, Flip Back, Full Second Crouch, Comet-Strike, Comet-Strike, Comet-Strike, Comet-Strike.

Big Head, Ratchet
First beat Drek, then at the goodies screen, do the following moves: Flip Back, Flip Back, Flip Back, Full Second Crouch, Stretch Jump, Full Second Glide.

Big Head, Clank
First beat Drek, then at the goodies screen, do the following moves: Flip Back, Hyper-Strike, Comet-Strike, Double Jump, Hyper-Strike, Flip Left, Flip Right, Full Second Crouch.

Big Head, Enemies
First beat Drek, then at the goodies screen, do the following moves: Stretch Jump, Flip Back, Flip Back, Flip Back, Stretch Jump, Flip Back, Flip Back, Flip Back, Stretch Jump, Flip Back, Flip Back, Flip Back, Full Second Crouch.

Big Head, NPCs
First beat Drek, then at the goodies screen, do the following moves: Flip Left, Flip Right, Flip Back, Flip Back, Comet-Strike, Double Jump, Comet-Strike, Hyper-Strike.

More Bolts
After completing Gemlik Base leave and go back. First break the boxes to your right, then walk back to the transporter and go to the fighter hanger. Turn right and break the boxes there. Now go in the closest door and down all the steps to the elevator. Go down at the bottom the door will not open use your wrench and keep hitting the door you will keep getting bolts.

Gold Weapons
After you defeat Drek, go to planet Novalis and you will see a transporter right when you get off the ship. Press triangle on the transporter and it will tansport you to a room with gold weapons. Each gold weapon is 4 gold bolts and a certain number of regular bolts. Each gold weapon is basicly an upgrade of the regular one.

All weapon costs
Bomb glove - get it when game starts
Pyrocitor - 2,500
Blaster - 2,500
Glove of doom - 7,500
Mine glove - 7,500
Taunter - 2,500
Suck cannon - find at end of logging site Eudora
Devastator - 10,000
Walloper - 7,500
Visibomb gun - 15,000
Decoy glove - 7,500
Drone device - 7,500
Tesla claw - 30,000 or 40,000
RYNO - 150,000

Easy skill point
On Planet Euroda (Logging Site) You will see a bunch of vehicles flying around. Pull out a long range weapon, (I suggest the blaster because of its ammo being cheapest) and fire at the vehicles. Use sniper mode for better accuracy. After a good number of vehicles, you will get a skill point.

Harder skill point
On the Blarg station in the Nebula, you will enter a green room with a Gadgetron vendor. If you want the skill point, Ignore the vendor. Enter the room and the Mutant animal boss will drop from the ceiling. For the skill point, use your Omniwrench ONLY! Perform a hyper strike over and over on the creature. You can use a weapon on the boss's minions. (pyrocitor works best) If you don't hit the boss with the weapon when fighting the minions, you will still get your skill point if you keep using the hyper strike.

Cool Hoverboard Trick
When in a hoverboard race, to do a trick called "the Revolverater," do one flip with each of the L and R buttons (except L3 and R3), if you do it right and land it, you will get a score of 500 points and a full turbo meter.

Transforming / walking hoverboard race
After you get the hologuys go back to the very first hoverboard race and use your hologuys and enter the race. You will end up walking the whole race.

Aridia's Four
There are four Gold Bolts on Planet Aridia, the first one is by a sandshark maker. You will see a bomb away wall, behind it is the Bolt. The second is on the center island, you have to be by Skid's agent to get it, and you need the Heli-pack to long jump across the mud to get it, it's in a dump truck. For the third Bolt you need the Magneboots, and once again you need to be by Skid's agent, walk up the pillars to the side of his ship to get the Bolt. Finally the last Bolt you need the Swingshot for. Follow the Swingshot path to the Trespasser's Platform. Look down and there will be some moving platforms, glide down to them and the Bolt is at the other end of the platform.

Going Commando
There is in fact a Skill point called Going Commando and it is in the last level. On Planet Veldin, destroy ten of the guys with jet packs and those laser guns using only your wrench.

Last Gold Of The Game
The last three Gold Bolts in the game are in Veldin, Ratchets home planet. The first one is on the platform that has about 15 Elite Gaurds, it's behind the laser door, it's easy to get, just whip out the Taunter and lure the frog in there to step on the switch and the laser will die. The second Bolt is above that platform, when you get to the first Swingshot Ball in the level, look to the right for platforms, follow them to the Gold Bolt. The last one is just before the sewer tunnel, just before you get the swingshot out, look to the right for a Grind Rail path, use it and it will take you to the last Gold Bolt in the game.

Drek's Fleet Gold Bolt
On board the ship, before going to Veldin there are two Gold Bolts. The first is at the end of the electric water tunnel, but instead of going to the right side of the fork at the end, go to the left for a Gold Bolt and a timer to start the electric current over once you jump out. The second is tricky, when you are in the room that is upsidedown and filled with barking dogs and lasers, get off the platform and go through the door to the right, the Bolt is in that room.

Beast VS. RYNO
On the planet Umbris when you get to the part where Quark betrays you. You should fight a giant beast. Note: You will need the RYNO for this. Pull out your RYNO and fire it at the beast, it should take away one section of the beast energy and the the beast will use his energy shield and then lure the monster to the loose bridges. If you do this right you should only have to use only three shots.

Dodge Flip
This is not really a cheat but it helps to dodge bullets and looks really cool. To do this start running and keep running and all at once press R1, X, and snap the joy stick over. This should result in a corkscrew that helps you dodge bullets. You can also do it while firing to make it offensive too!

Gold Bolt (Orxon)
To get the Gold Bolt at the end of the long tunnel in Orxon you need the gold devastator. It is the only thing that will blow open the metal gates. Make sure you do not fall in the goop because you will have to start over again.

Second Gold Weapons Room
After you have beaten Drek and you have either started over or have gone back to last safe go to Gremlik base and defeat Quark. Do NOT go into your new ship if you are starting over. There wil be a tower to the right facing down the runway. Go to it. There should be a passageway that goes all the way through. Right after the passage levels off start doing wall jumps. At the top there is a platform with a button. Hit the button and it will take you to the top of the tower with all of the gold weapons cases.(Note: The weapons in there are the ones that you havn't gotton already.)

Infinite Glide
This is something that you can ONLY use with the Thruster-Pak. Just double tap R1 and you start gliding on the ground for as long as you want Do not go of a cliff with this. You can use weapons while gliding. You can also use the Quick Srlect Menu while hovering. If you press x, square, or any of the R or L buttons to stop gliding. (Note: You can go to the Gadgets Menu to get the Heli-Pak and use the Heli-Pak to hover when you're already hovering!)

Skill Points, 3 more
For the skill point "Quarktastic" on Metropolis you have to destroy the Quarkbot.
For the skill point "Buired Treasure" on Pokitaru you have to destroy all the crates in the ocean.
For the skill point "Careful Cruise" on Drek's Fleet you have to get through the water tanker without losing any health.

Cluck, Cluck + Whirlybirds
If you want to get the Skill Point, " Cluck, Cluck," go to planet Rilgar/Blackwater City. Go right/East when you get out of your ship. Jump on the platform and jump where you see some acid shooting enemies. Then, go to your Weapons Menu and pick the Gold Morph-O-Ray if you want a big chicken or the Morph-O-Ray if you want a small chicken. And whatever you do, do not shoot the acid soldiers with any other weapon besides one of the two I mentioned earlier. After you have turned the acid soldiers into soldiers into chickens, you will see an acid shooting tank. The reason I said to turn the acid soldiers into chickens is because you DON'T want to harm the tank. Then, try to go directly under the tank and turn him into a chicken. That's the first Skill Point, and here's the second one...! If you want to get the Skill Point, "Whirlybirds," go to the very first planet that is snowy. (The planet before Gremlik Moon Base.) Right when you get out, shoot five helicopters with any weapon except the turret at the end of the level. Easy, isn't it?

Gold Bolt In Gaspar
If you want to get the two Gold Bolt's on planet Gaspar, follow these steps:
After you have beaten the level, go back to the end of the level (You can just take a shortcut from the first part of the level: go left.) When you are there, look down in the lava. You should see a cave that is in the lava and looks like a monster's mouth. Glide in the cave. Go to your Weapons Menu and select the Walloper. Try not to destroy everyone there, but as you go along, you can hit a few people if they get in your way.
At the end, you should see an elavator that leads to the Gold Bolt! There is also a lota' ammo up there!

Gold in Drek's Fleet
If you want to get the Gold Bolt in the 2nd to the last planet, just follow these directions....
At nearly the end of Drek's Fleet, go into the door where you walk with the Magneboots and lasers + robot dogs everywhere, except, go on it right-side-up. You might think you have to go in the door on the left, but it's right. You will see a bunch of lasers on the ground. Stretch-Jump over them and go in the door on the right. You will see some more lasers, Stretch-Jump and take out the robot gaurd. Go in the door right in front of where you are standing. Gold Bolt!

Pokitaru Strategy
If you want to beat Pokitaru pretty easily, follow these steps: When you are helping the fat guy on the Info-Bot, there is an easy way to beat the areas where you are on a raft. Surround the peremiter with Decoy Glove ammo and 2 Glove of Doom balls. Go to your weapons menu and pick the Walloper. Destroy the bouncing mutant fish thingies and you will get at the end of any of the rafts easily. No sweat! If you are on the land, send a G.O.D. ammo out and use the Walloper or Devastator.If you are in an area where there are those mutant fish in the water, just use the Blaster or Devastator. If you are near one of those things that are pink and growing out of the ground, use the Devastator at a far away range. When you are in the ship, just try to avoid the flying fighters, and destroy the poluting ships. If you need ammo or health, or both, just destroy the flying fighters.

If you want to get the Skill Point, "Destroyed," on planet Gaspar, follow these directions. Whatever you do, don't go the way you're supposed to go to find the Pilot's Helmet on Planet Gaspar. Refacing the elevator, don't go there. Turn exactly around. Walk forward and off the cliff. You will be on a path. Follow it and you should find a little platform. Jump on it. Use the Swing-Shot.Jump on the other platform. You should see a number of Blarg Bombers. Destroy them with the Devastator. Shoot the generator attached to a cord attached to the Bomber. Whenever you have to use the Swing-Shot, use it. Whenever you have to use the Devastator on the Bombers, do it. Whenever you have to destroy enemies, do it. Eventually, you will come across a platform with at least five Bombers. Shoot the generators with the Devastator. Ta-da! Bonus! There is also a Gold Bolt nearby. Scavenge around the platform until you find a Versa-Target (not the one you just used to get to the end platform in the first place.) Use the Swing-Shot to get to another platform. Gold Bolt! And there is even a lava raft to take you back to your ship.

Eliminate a Racer
At the racetrack in the Gadgetron Site on Kalebo III, if you know you can't win the race, save a rocket until the end and launch it just before crossing the line. Select "Continue" and a rocket will fly towards and destroy the nearest racer at the start of the race.

Skill Points 4
Speedy: (Blackwater City) Finish the hoverboard race in under 1:35
Girl Trouble: (Blarg Tactical Station) Beat the final Queen including Minions with only your wrench. [Hint:Wait until you have all eight life spheres.]
Destroyed: (Blarg Refinery) Destroy all the dry-dock destroyers. [I had a little fun and did it with the visibomb]

Gemlik Base gold bolt
To get the bolt from the shielded area, you launch a visibomb from your ship and direct it to the biggest dome-shaped building. you guide the bomb into a large vent and steer it down. you destroy the tower that generates the shield. simple!!! The difficulty is medium-hard.

Unlimited bolts
This may take a long time to do but anyway. When you have landed in Metropolis jump of the side with the railing. (before you jump you should see if there are cars going into a tunnel.) Once you are in the tunnel go to what ever side you like and do comet-striks up at the cars. Every time you hit a car bolts will come out.

How To Get The RYNO
To get the all powerful RYNO (rip ya a new one) go to the 5th planet. When there, go across the water to a box (it should be North-East from your ship) and go through the rooms. There are tricky guys here, including multiplying blobs and tanks that shoot gas. Get to the end of this part and jump onto the taxi that says "press triangle to go downtown." It will take you to a place that looks like New York City. There are more tanks and blobs and guys you will have seen before. These are guys in suits that have a spray gun. But they're not all that bad, because if you don't get in their way, they will actually exterminate the blobs! Wait for them to do this and then kill them. In this small area there is a guy who doesn't attack you, but offers you a RYNO for 150,000 bolts! If you don't have the cash (I didn't!), get the cash! And then come back and pay up. He'll hand it over. The RYNO is a huge military weapon that fires many homing missiles at a time. One shot takes up one ammo and the ammo costs 25 bolts each! It holds up to 50 ammo at one time and when the guy gives it to you it has 25 ammo. You can later destroy the Snargle Beast at the end of the level "Captain Quarks HQ" with the RYNO.

Skill Points (con't)
Skill Points from Batalia to Veldin:

Batalia: (Jumper) Navigate the grind rail without losing any health
(Accuracy Counts)Destroy one of the small fighters with the turret.(Hint: I find it simpler to destroy the bombers and then go back into the turret.

Gasper: (Gunner) Destroy five ships with one of the turrets.

Hoven: (Pest Control) Destroy all of the Ankle Biters in the forested section.
(Whirlybirds)Destroy five helicopters with anything other than the turret.

Moon Base: (Sitting Ducks) Destroy all of the cargo ships. (I find it quicker and cheaper to do it in the fighter jet than with say the Devastator or the Visibomb.)

Borda City: (Blast Em') Destroy three of the remaining war ships.

Kalebo III: (Heavy Traffic) Navigate the huge gring rail with taking a hit.

Drek's Fleet: (Sneaky) Destroy all of the sentry bots during the tour of his ships.

Veldin: (Going Commando) Destroy ten of the elite gaurds with only your omniwrench.

(Note: Will add more skill points as I find them.)

Skill Points
Here are a few skill points for getting the scrapbook (15 skill points):

Novalis: (Take Aim)Hit one of the bomers passing over the city.

Matropolis: (Strike a Pose)Get between Big Al's dummy's legs at the top of his store.
(Blimpy):Hit a blimp, any blimp.

Outpost X-11: (Transported)Destroy three flying transports.
(Swing It) Traverse the last six swing shot markers without touching the ground.

Logging Site: (Any Ten) Destroy any ten flying transports.

Black Water City: (Tricky) Pull a Twisty McMarx in the hoverboard race. (Hit all four poses and do two flips)

Gold Bolts, Levels 1-5
1. The first gold bolt is behind a blocked off passage in the pools behind where you get a ship. It is in the second last chamber on the left wall going towards the exit. Difficulty: Easy
2. The next gold bolt is going up the water works in the first room that you come to. When you walk in you shouldn't see the ceiling. There should be a part where you can wall jump up. Difficulty: Easy
3. The last gold bolt in Novalis is up the river but you need the hydropack to get in. Once you are in there should be a number of monsters that you have to get through to get the bolt. Difficulty: Medium

Outpost X11:
1. This gold bolt is behind a blast away wall that the other end is bloked but you can see in. This is where you have to defeat the sandsharks for Skid. There should be a part that is only connected to by a bridge in an outcove. Use your bomb glove and blow away the right side of the cliff. Difficulty: Easy
2. Gold bolt #2 is on an island in the middle of the muck. You need to have the helipack to get it. Go near the edge of the pit that the adgent is near and boost jump along the fence. There should be a little platform and from there you can make it to the island. Difficulty: Medium
3. This one does not appear on the map-o-matic and is below where you get the tresspasser. There should be some walkways that turn slowly. Right below the where the tresspaser is (or was) is the gold bolt. To get back up move to the edge of one of the walkways and use your swingshot. Difficulty: Easy
4. Near Skid's adgent is three walkways that can be identified as magneboot walkways. Get the magneboots and walk up these. You should be near the large cannon. Under it is the gold bolt. Difficulty: Easy

1. The first gold bolt is easy to get if you know where it is. There is a tunnel that cars pass through under where you land your ship. Watch the traffic and jump down and glide. There should be an opening and a gold bolt. At one end of the tunnel is a cab that takes you to your ship. Difficulty: Easy
2. The nest bolt is in a building that you can only get to from the top of the second tower of the fitness course. You have to boost jump and then glide into the building. Difficulty: Medium
3. The last gold bolt is after you get the helipack and are heading towards the train. When you get to the train platform turn right instead of left jump over the bosex and you should see the blot! Difficulty: Easy

1. The only gold bolt on this level is towards where you come back from getting the suck cannon. It is on a little ledge that you have to do the extra high jump to reach. Difficulty: Easy

1. The first gold bolt is in the room later on where there is a gadgetron vendor. If you do a high boost you can reach the upper level. On the right side there is a hollow where there is a gold bolt. Difficulty: Easy
2. This one is outside the station and you need the O2 mask to get it. It is quite easy to get. Just find a platform that is close and boost jump over. Difficulty: Easy

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal PlayStation 2 Cheats

Secret Character Skin Codes
Go to Edit Profile, press and hold L2, then enter the code below to unlock secret skins:
Effect - Code
Nefarious Skin - UP, UP, UP, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, UP

Bonus weapons
Have a saved game from Ratchet And Clank: Going Commando on your memory card to have the Lava Gun, Bouncer, Holoshield, and other weapons available to be purchased.

Double Bladed Laser Sword
Pause the game and enter the following: Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Up, Down, Left, Left

Unlock Sly 2: Band of Thieves Demo
Hold Down L1+L2+R1+R2 Simultaneously at title screen.

Unlock Squat Stats
At the main menu highlight "Stats" and press Up, Down, Left, Right, Square

Old School Ratchet Skin
If you have a Ratchet and Clank 1 file on your memory card you can activate this at the Pheonix starship weapon vendor.

Get a certain number of skill points to unlock each of the cheats:
Effect - Code
Big Head A.I. - 20 Skill Points
Big Head Ratchet & Clank - 5 Skill Points
Mirror Worlds - 30 Skill Points
Secret Agent Clank - 15 Skill Points
Ships to Ducks - 25 Skill Points
Time Freeze - 10 Skill Points
Wrench Replacement - Enter code from Demo

Note: This game is revealed on the demo disc's Captain Quark mini-comic game after all the tokens are collected. Press Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Up, Down, Left(2).

Insomniac Museum
The very cool and special Insomniac Museum is a hidden planet in the game where those skilled and lucky enoughcan go to check out some very cool extras, cutting room floor materials, minigames, effects, animations, weapons, etc., via a detailed and 3D rendered replica of the Insomniac Games' offices. There are two ways to get into the Insomniac Museum:
    1. The first is to collect all of the games 15 trophies. Once all have been collected the locked door inside the Trophy room at Phoenix will be open. Just walk in and you will be whisked away into the museum.
    2. The second way to get into the museum is via a special teleporter on Metropolis. The pad can be found through the window on the left, before the swing target leading to the level's first Titanium bolt. The teleporter is typically not operational but, if you return to it when all good "Insomniacs" are awake-between 3:00-3:59 AM.

Dark Quark
In the Insomniac Museum, play the unused Quark vid-comic level and enter: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Circle, Square, Square.

Qwark in a tu tu
During any qwark vidcomic, enter the following: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Circle, Square, Square.

Annihilation Nation Trophy
Win every challenge in the Annilation Mation.

Friends of the Rangers Trophy
Do all of the Ranger Battle missions.

Nano Finder Trophy
Get full Nanotech of 200 (can only get 200 Nanotech in Challenge Mode)

Omega Arsenal Trophy
Upgrade every weapon in the game to its Omega version.

Skill Master Trophy
Get all 30 Skill Points.

Titanium Collector Trophy
Find every Titanium Bolt in the game.

Mega Weapons
Beat game once and enter challenge mode. Now visit a vendor to purchase Mega Weapons.

Beat game then it should be in the first vendor on Planet Florana.

Beat Game once then should be in Cinematics menu. Press L1 or R1 to cycle through.

Wear Inferno Mode Armor Forever
When you get an inferno mode canister broken. Pause the game, go to skins, and equip current armor. You will have the armor on even after the Inferno effect wears off.

Free Ammo and Health
Go to any challenge like Annihilation Nation, start the challenge and quit and it refills your ammo and health.

Get a discount on weapons
If you have a save from Ratchet and Clank 1, you get a 10% discount on weapons when you buy them. Save must be past the 2nd hoverboard race.

The Bomberman Mini-Game
First, go to star pheonix's vid comic room. Press triangle to select chapter then press square. Now put in YING_TZU. Finaly, press start and you get transported to insomniac museum to play a Bomberman-like minigame. It can go up to 4 players.

Fast Weapon XP
Need easy stages to get weapon experience? Play the Annihilation Nation challene against Scorpio to rack up the XP. Some weapons, like the shield glove, may need different stages to gain XP. For the shield glove, try playing the battle missions in Marcadia and having the bevy of peons shoot your shield for XP.

Friday, November 23, 2012

R: Racing Evolution PlayStation 2 Cheats

Easy Money
After you defeat Nelly in a drag race in event challenge mode, you will get his Mazda RX-7. Keep repeating that race, and when you win you will get over 100,000+ RP every time. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

R-Type Final PlayStation 2 Cheats

Curtain Call Ship (#100)
Enter 9910 0101 as a password at R's Museum.

Mr. Heli Ship (#59)
Enter 5959 5959 as a password at R's Museum.

Strider Ship (#24)
Enter 5050 1060 as a password at R's Museum.

Lady Love Ship (#3)
Enter 4170 4170 as a password at R's Museum.

Cheat Codes
Pause the game, and then hold L2 while pressing the following buttons:
Max red weapon power - R2, R2, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, UP, DOWN, SQUARE.
Max yellow power - R2, R2, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, UP, DOWN, X.
Max blue weapon power - R2, R2, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, UP, DOWN, CIRCLE.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Quake 3: Revolution PlayStation 2 Cheats

Level Skip
Hold R1 + R2 + L1 + Select, and press X, Circle, Square, Triangle, X, Circle, Square, Triangle during game play. If done correctly, you will automatically win the match.

Pause in multi-player mode
Since the game does not have a pause option in the multi-player mode, simply press Start , highlight "Quit" and press X. Your game will be paused, but it will not quit unless you select "Yes". To resume the game, select "No".

Rocket jump
Pick up a Rocket Launcher and switch to it, then point your gun straight down. Jump, and when you are at your highest point, quickly fire the Rocket Launcher. If done correctly, your character will go high in the air. Note: You will most likely lose a little bit of health while doing this, so be careful.

Bonus characters and level
Successfully complete the game in campaign mode under the "I Can Win" difficulty setting. A bonus level and two more characters will appear after the credits. Successfully complete the bonus level to unlock it and the new characters in multi-player mode.

How To Defeat The Vadrigar
On Tier 5, mission 5 on Single Player Campaign, you must face The Vadrigar 1 on 1. To Defeat Him, you must take out the shield generators protecting him. To do this, run to 1 side of the chamber you are in, press R2 to snipe and use the BFG-10K to aim at the red balls. USING ANALOG MAKES THIS EASIER. When you have destroyed the shieldgenerators, the vadrigar will go for all powerups, i would try to stop him whilst exercising caution using strafing. Try to get quad damage. If the vadrigar STOPS dead, hammer him with a rail gun 3-5 times you'll defeat him easy. Otherwise use a chaingun with quad damage and haste.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Q-Ball: Billiards Master PlayStation 2 Cheats

Paths view of a ball
While at the title screen, press Up, Triangle, Down, X, Left, Square, Right, Circle. When done this correct, a sound will chime. Set your detail guideline to 'high'. There will be a red line visible at the object ball, while the cue ball's path will still be displayed in white.

Extra Ball Guide Lines Made Available in Option Screen
At the title screen press Up, Triangle, Down, X, Left, Square, Right, Circle.

Extra Options
Defeat Every Player in Normal Rank. Alternatively enter the password: MEGABYTE.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy PlayStation 2 Cheats

Higher Levitation
When levetating objects with Telekinesis, you can make them lift even higher by holding down the Pyrokinesis button (R2). The only problem with this is that you cannot move the objects while doing this.

Advanced Technique: Surfing
An advanced technique for getting across areas with no land is to get on top of an object and the lift it with Telekinises while standing on it to "surf" across gaps. By the way, it's very hard to stand on top of items without losing balance. A trick is to walk around whatever your standing on to make sure the item your standing on doesn't tip over.

Advanced Technique: Multiple Minds
Try using more than one technique at the same time, such as picking up an enemy (or item) with Telikenises, then burning him with Pyrokenises, and then throwing him (or it) into more guards (you throw by tapping the Telikenises button and left analog stick in the direction of the target while already having the item or person selected with Telikenises).

Mind Drain
You don't have to just use Mind Drain when the guards are dead. You can use it when they are close enough to you while they're alive to save on bullets and stealth.

All Powers
Complete the game to unlock all powers.

Arcade Mode
Complete the game. There will be no movies or cinematics and scores are given like in an arcade game.

Extra Missions
Find gnomes throughout the game in order to unlock extra missions.
Floor of Death: Gnome in level 4
Panic Room: Gnome in level 3
Up And Over: Gnome in level 4
Stop Lights: Gnome in level 7
Gasoline: Gnome in level 6
Bottomless Pit: Gnome in level 4
TK Alley: Gnome in level 2
GearShift: Gnome in level 3
Tip The Idol: Gnome in level 1
Psi Pool: Gnome in level 6
Aura Pool: Gnome in level 8
Bouncy Bouncy: Gnome in level 2
Survival Mode: Gnome in level 3
Gnomotron, Unlock all extra missions: find all Gnomes

Training Nick: Finish the game on easy
Urban Nick: Finish the game on normal
Wasteland Nick: Finish the game on hard
Stealth Nick: Finish the game on elite
Sara: Finish the game on normal
Sara (psi): Finish the game on hard
Tonya: Finish the game on hard
Sara (suicide): Finish the game on hard
Marlena "Pyro": Finish the game on elite
Marlena "Pyro" (leather): Finish the game on elite
General: Finish the game on elite
General (clown): Collect all six orbs in the General Boss Battle
Barrett: Finish the game on elite
Jov: Finish the game on elite
Wei Lu: Finish the game on normal
Dragon Wei Lu: Finish the game on hard
MP1: Finish the game on easy
MP2: Finish the game on normal
MP3: Finish the game on hard
Jack: Finish the game on elite
UN Soldier: Finish the game on easy
Burnt Soldier: Finish the game on normal
Labcoat: Finish the game on easy
Dockworker: Finish the game on easy
Komiko: Finish the game on normal

Sneak Peak in the Demo
Note: this cheat works only for the Demo version. In the first demo mission after killing the three guards in the second area press the red button turning off the lasers at the next door go through the door then you will see another door in that hallway. When you try to open it, it says "door locked for demo" simply use remote view (up on D-pad) and you can pass through the door and explore what the actual game's first level contains.

Defeating Jov Lenov - Master of Mind Control
TK the MPs that Lenov is MCing and throw them at the machines. After you destroy all of the machines, Lenov will fight you. Just use your gun or TK the MPs and throw them at him.

Defeating Edgar Barret - Master of Telekinesis
TK the objects on the conveyor belt and throw them at Barret. After you get his health down a bit, he will take the fight outdoors. Just do the same thing until you defeat him. Watch out when he throws the large crates and boxcars at you. They can kill you in one hit if you are not careful. Wait until he rests, then nail him.

Defeating Wei Lu - Master of Illusion
Use PK on the statues then shoot them. After you destroy all the statues, Wei Lu will transform into a huge three-headed dragon. Destroy all three heads to defeat her. It is best to go to the back of the room and use the assault rifle if possible.

Defeating Marlena Kessler - Master of Pyrokinesis
Use TK to pick up and throw the canisters at the large gun. To avoid the huge blast, go to the back of the room. You will notice some glass things that popped out of the floor. Get behind one of them. Once you destroy the huge weapon, Marlena will fight you. TK the canisters and throw them at her to defeat her. Note: The canisters will refill after you use them all (they must all explode). Also, make sure you are on the side that she is on.

Defeating Nicholas Wrightson - Master of Remote Viewing
Destroy all the screens in the room to defeat Wrightson. You can only destroy them when they are firing. Just dodge the ray and shoot them. Be sure to also, avoid the Aura Beasts in the room.

Defeating The General - Leader of The Movement
Use PK on each Monolith pillar (the spinning things). Upon destroying them you can collect up to six orbs (which will be scattered around the room) for your new psionic weapon. Once The General gets to full health, the fight will begin. Just shoot him with the psionic weapon to damage him. You can refill your psionic weapon's ammunition by getting in the center of the Monolith. Note: Make sure to quickly get out from the Monolith once your ammunition is refilled. Also, when The General goes invisible, just use your Aura View to see him.

Defeating Zombies
If you have a shotgun, just shoot them in the head. If not, MC one with a shotgun and use him.
When fighting the Zombies, simply use Mind Drain to kill them.

Mainframe code
On the level where you fight Jov Leanov, the code for to get into the mainframe is "2963".

Levitate yourself
To levitate yourself in a way, get on to an object that you can levitate, such as a box. Aim down and hold Triangle to lock on. Press L1, and the box will levitate with you on it. To go higher, keep holding Triangle and press L1 continuously at the correct time. You should get progressively higher. This is useful for getting to high and far places.
In order to levitate from the ground, stand on any object such as a crate, barrel, bench, etc. Perform the TK ability while standing on the object. Make sure that the crosshair is lined on the object. You will begin to levitate with the object with the Right analog-stick as if you were controlling an object from afar. Make sure that the object is not a wooden crate or an explosive barrel, as they are fragile to gunfire and other objects. This tactic can be used to make the "drop" on enemies below. The only problem is that you cannot use any other mind powers.

Instant kill
To instantly kill someone with a shotgun without having to aim at their head, use TK to levitate them as high as possible without multi levitating. Walk almost, if not directly under them, and fire the shotgun. It should automatically aim at their head and blast it off.

Mind Control and TK MP3s while they are still alive
TK an item that can be thrown, or anything that can knock an MP3 down such as a box or crate. Throw it at the MP3. While the MP3 is on the ground, use either TK or MC to lift the MP3 or Mind Control him. While in mind control, if the MP3 has a weapon other than a handgun, commit suicide with the MP3. His head will explode, which will not happen even if you get a headshot with a shotgun.

Suicide In MC
When using MC with an enemy that has a gun hold L3 + R3 for about 10 seconds, the enemy will then kneel down and commit suicide.

Fusion Tower Shut Down
In the Fusion Tower, there are four rooms: K-1, K-2, K-3 and K-4. The goal of this puzzle is to hit these switches in order. Each room contains one switch. You need to flip all four of these switches to overload the fusion reactor and move on to the next area. Okay. You start off in room K-1, but don?t hit this switch! They must be flipped in this order:


Now, while you stay hidden in K-1, mind-control a bad guy and have him run to room K-3, then to K-2 and finally to K-4. You're psi-energy will drain pretty fast while you're doing this, and of course with every switch you flip, the fusion blast becomes faster and more powerful, so be patient. It takes practice, but you'll get it. After the first three are down, all you have to do is flip the last switch in K-1 and you're done! But watch out for the meat-puppet soldiers that come charging in the room. Dispose of them (and anybody else that gets in your way) and run to room K-3. A door has now been unlocked.

In the Fusion Tower,I found that fliping the switches in the order of K-1, K-4, K-2, K-3 also works to shutdown the reactor. I realize that is the reverse of anothers suggestion, but this way you don't have to worry about the people in the reactor chamber trying to kill you. Also, this way you don't waste as much Psi-energy if you flip the first two switches yourself, go to K-3 and Mind Control a guy to flip K-2 for you.

Cheat Codes
To enter these, simply scroll down to "Extra Content" and pull the right trigger, or push the R1 button. A keypad will appear.

Game Cheats
Take Less Damage: 548975
Use less PSI power: 456456
AllPowers: 537893
Unlimited Ammo: 978945
No Head: 987978

Playing Modes
Arcade Mode: 05051979
Coop Mode: 07041979
Survival Mode: 7734206
Dark Mode: 465486

Nick Models
Training Nick: 564689
Urban Nick: 484646
Wasteland Nick: 975466
Stealth Nick: 456498

Sara Models
Sara: 135488
Psi Sara: 468799
Suicide Sara: 678999

Barett Models
Barrett: 497878
Training Barret1: 196001
Training Barret2: 196002
Training Barret3: 196003
Training Barret4: 196004
Training Barret5: 196005
Training Barret6: 196006

Wei Lu Models
Wei LuL: 231324
Dragon Wei Lu: 978789
Tranquility WeiLu: 654654

General Models
General: 459797
Clown General: 431644

Other Models
Marlena: 489788
Tonya: 136876
Fetish Pyro: 231644
Bikini Pyro: 135454
Saranae: 65496873
Jov: 468987
MP1: 321646
MP2: 698799
MP3: 654659
Jack: 698798
Soldier: 365498
Burned Soldier: 454566
Labcoat: 998789
Dock Worker: 364654
Komiko: 978798
Scorpion: 546546

Extra Missions
Pitfall: 05120926
PanicRoom: 76635766
Up And Over: 020615
Stop Lights: 945678
Gasoline: 9442662
Bottomless Pit: 154897
TK Alley: 090702
Gear Gauntlet: 154684
Tip The Buddha: 428584
Psi Pool: 565485
Aura Pool: 659785
Bouncy Bouncy: 568789
Gnomotron: 456878

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pryzm: The Dark Unicorn PlayStation 2 Cheats

Skip Level
During gameplay press Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Up, Down.

Unlock All Levels, Invincibility & Unlimited Magic
When starting a new game put in SUPREMEMAGIC for a name.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Project Eden PlayStation 2 Cheats

Cheat Modus
While playing a game, press X to display the team menu. Next, hold Select, press Left Analog-stick Up and rotate it clockwise three times, then immediately rotate it anti-clockwise three times, while continuing to hold Select. Note: Your selected character will run around when this is done. While in the same menu, you should notice that a new icon has appeared under the log icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Highlight it and press X to display the cheat menu. The cheat menu allows all weapons, unlimited health, unlimited weapon energy, warp to the last level, and level selection.

Unlock All Levels Normally
Unlock all levels normally by finishing the game once. The game's master save will acknowledge that milestone and allow you to select the stage to start on from the Title Screen (does not apply to Continue/Load Games).

Unlock Cheats
During gameplay, press X to bring up the team screen. Then press and hold SELECT. Push the left analog stick UP, then rotate it three times to the right (clockwise), then immediately three times to the left (counter-clockwise). If you do the code correctly, you will see another icon appear under the Log icon. Selecting it will take you to the Cheat Menu, which includes:
Max Energy
Turn Invulnerability On
Turn Team Invulnerability On
Turn Team Invulnerability Off
Turn Infinite Weapon Energy On
All Weapons
Access All Levels
Skip Level

Friday, November 16, 2012

Pro Race Driver PlayStation 2 Cheats

More Damage
Enter "DAMAGE" as a code.

More Realistic Physics
Enter "SIM" as a code.

Get Credits
Enter "CREDITS" as a code.

Get Blow Off valve
Enter "MARKSKAIFE" as a code.

All Cars
At the bonus screen under the options menu, enter "XKIMCF".

All Tracks
At the bonus screen under the options menu, enter "QTRIKX" or "TMYTKO".

Pro Race Driver Tracks
At the bonus screen under the options menu, enter "LQJFFA".

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Prisoner of War PlayStation 2 Cheats

Cheat Codes
Enter the following at the password screen:
Password --- Unlockable
Boston --- First Person Mode
Foxy --- Top Down Mode
Dino --- Unlimited Goodies
Fatty --- Defiance
Muffin --- Guard Size
Quincy --- Guard Perception
Dt --- Date
alltimes --- All Events In The Day
coretimes --- Core Events
ger1eng5 --- All chapters
defaultm --- Only 1rt Chapter
farleymydog --- Only Core Current Events
Togsavecan --- Unknown

Alcohol and cigarettes
Always get alcohol and cigarettes when they are found while exploring the camp. They are required to bribe guards and to get objects and services from other prisoners. They can also be used in exchange for your confiscated equipment.

Search rubble piles to find rocks. Press X while in first person view to throw rocks to distract guards. You can only carry a maximum of 15.

Nazi uniforms
If you wear the Nazi uniform while exploring the camp, stay way from higher ranking Nazis. They will be able to detect your disguise.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time PlayStation 2 Cheats

A Prisoner Seeking An Escape: Hangman
When you reach the bottom of the chamber in the A Prisoner Seeking An Escape level, kill all the sand creatures and then enter the cell to the left when looking at the save point. In the left corner of the cell is a little joke on the wall. Take a closer look in first person view at the drawings you find there. Obviously the prisoners where playing hangman here.

Classic Prince Of Persia Mini Game
After getting the second sword that can break walls (approximately one third of the way through the game after the "Above the Bath's" area), you will reach a large location where you must pass through a door with Farah and activate a lever to open another door to a hallway filled with scarabs. There are three positions to this switch (open door into room, open door to hallway with scarabs, and open secret door to the classic Prince Of Persia). The switch is located at the end of the room, near the save point and near a large piece of rubble. There is a wall opposite to that lever that appears to be unbreakable, and does not look like other wall areas that can be manipulated. When you hit this secret area on the wall, it will not spark as expected. After setting the switch to unlock the door to the mini-game, keep hitting the non-sparking section of wall until it breaks. A message will appear to state that the classic Prince Of Persia has now been unlocked. Alternately, successfully complete the game.

Classic Prince Of Persia: Level passwords
Level - Password
Jafar battle - LRARUC

Unlock Original Prince Of Persia Room
Start a new game and while on the balcony where the game starts, hold L3 and enter X, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, X, SQUARE, CIRCLE.

Final Battle
When you get to the battle with the viseor, you will have to beat 3 of his "clones" before attacking the actual viseor. This will take a while because the "clones" will block almost all of your attacks. You must block his attacks and counter attack to do any kind of damage.

Tip: Easy kill
To get rid of human sand creatures quickly, stab them with the dagger (freeze them) and then vault over them (they won't stop you) and slash them. This will save time because on the first slash they will split.

Tomb doors puzzle
Near the end of the game, you are in a tomb with infinite doors. You have to find the correct series of doors to progress. Go to the landscape view. Always start at the door with the face above it and go clockwise. The order is:

1. Fourth door from the entrance
2. Seventh door from the entrance
3. Third door from the entrance

After you have successfully done this you will be taken to the second level of this room. It is almost the same, just with more
doors. The order is:

1. Fourth door from the entrance
2. Ninth door from the entrance
3. Fifth door from the entrance

An intermission sequence will then follow. In the circular room you find in the tomb, there are doors that you must enter in the correct order, or be teleported back to the start. One way to make sure you go through the correct door is to listen carefully. When you are in front of the next door that you need to enter, you will hear the sound of trickling water. This indicates that you are standing in front of the correct door. Repeat this until you have solved the maze.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Primal PlayStation 2 Cheats

Unlock Concept Art
To unlock concept art, collect the tarot cards scattered throughout the game world.

God Mode
If you get tired of having Jen turn into a thirty day special (i.e., die), press START once to go to the New Game/Load Game/Options screen. Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 for five full seconds to call up the cheat box. To input cheats, you need to highlight a cheat line and hold X. Press LEFT or RIGHT to cycle the letters. Pressing LEFT or RIGHT without holding X will select the next or previous letter. Press SQUARE to activate the cheat, then press TRIANGLE to exit the cheat box. Input MONSTROUS on the Invulnerability line.

Unlock Actors Featurette
Finish the realm of Solum to unlock the Actors Featurette.

Unlock All Movies
Press START once to go to the New Game/Load Game/Options screen. Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 for five full seconds to call up the cheat box. To input cheats, you need to highlight a cheat line and hold X. Press LEFT or RIGHT to cycle the letters. Pressing LEFT or RIGHT without holding X will select the next or previous letter. Press SQUARE to activate the cheat, then press TRIANGLE to exit the cheat box. Input OBLIVION on the Bonus E line. This unlocks all movies and makes the lines Bonus A through D useless (they unlock the previous four movies).

Unlock Making Of Movie
Finish the realm of Aquis to unlock the "Making of" movie.

Unlock Trailer Video
Finish the realm of Volca to unlock the Trailer Video.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Pride FC PlayStation 2 Cheats

How To Do The Triangle Armbar
Choose the fighter Antonio Rodrigo Nogeira and get into the guard and press triangle and 0 and if they escape press triangle and 0 again and he will go for the triangle armbar.

How To Do The Knee With Wanderlei Silva
Get into the clinch position and press triangle and square and he will grab their head and do three knees.

Stand up from Guard or Top Mount
Tap Square + Circle. If in Guardposition, it will allow your opponent to stand with you. If done while in Mount it will cause you to take Stand & Down position.

Special Moves
Carlos Newton - Flying Armbar - Standing
Front Step + Triangle + Square

Murillo "Ninja" Rua - Ninja Knee Combo - Standing
Front Step + Square, Triangle

Don Frye - Power Uppercut Combo - Standing
Triangle, Square, Triangle, Triangle

Igor Vovchanchyn - Russian Overhead Punch - Standing
Front Step + Square

Sakuraba - Flying Punch - Stand & Down Position
Back Step + Square + X (Close to Opponents Feet)

Matsui - Double Dropkick - Standing
Front Step + X + Circle

Sakuraba - Flying Stomp - Stand & Down Position
Back Step + Triangle + Circle (Must Be At Opponent's Feet)

Sakuraba - Mongolian Chop - Guard Top
X + Triangle

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Powerpuff Girls: Relish Rampage PlayStation 2 Cheats

100% health boost
Press L2, R1, R2, L1, X, Triangle, Circle, Square, R2, L1, L2, R1.

Extra Chemical X Bottle
Press X(2), Circle, X, Circle, L1(2), X(2), Circle, X, Circle, L1(2).

30% health boost
Press L1, L2, L1, Square, R2, R1, R2.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Power Rangers Dino Thunder PlayStation 2 Cheats

Movie Theater Clips
To view clips from the game, Dino Thunder (TV Show) or Ninja Storm (TV Show), you must complete Bonus Game Missions with the corresponding Zords:

Effect - Code
Footage of Cephalazord (Dino Thunder) - Complete any Cephalazord Bonus Game
Footage of Crimson Insectazord (Ninja Storm) - Complete any Crimson Insectazord Bonus Game
Footage of Dimetrozord (Dino Thunder) - Complete any Dimetrozord Bonus Game
Footage of Dimetrozord attaching to Thundersaurus Megazord - Complete Mission 23
Footage of Dolphinzord (Ninja Storm) - Complete any Dolphinzord Bonus Game
Footage of Hawkzord (Ninja Storm) - Complete any Hawkzord Bonus Game
Footage of Lionzord (Ninja Storm) - Complete any Lionzord Bonus Game
Footage of Navy Beetlezord (Ninja Storm) - Complete any Navy Beetlezord Bonus Game
Footage of Parasaurzord (Dino Thunder) - Complete any Parasaurzord Bonus Game
Footage of Pterazord (Dino Thunder) - Complete any Pterazord Bonus Game
Footage of Samurai Star Megazord (Ninja Storm) - Complete any Samurai Star Megazord Bonus Game
Footage of the last scene (In game) - Complete Mission 24 (beating the game)
Footage of the opening scene (In game) - Always Available
Footage of Thundersaurus Megazord transforming (In game) - Complete Mission 12
Footage of Tyrannozord (Dino Thunder) - Complete any Tyrannozord Bonus Game

Friday, November 9, 2012

Portal Runner PlayStation 2 Cheats

Full health
Press Start to pause game play, then hold L2 and press Circle(3), Square(2), R2, R1, Up, Circle, Square. A sound will confirm correct entry.

All FMV sequences
Hold L1 and press Left, Right, Left, Down, Up, Down, R1, Circle, R2, Square at the main menu. The "Movies" selection will be unlocked at the options screen. Note: This also unlocks the "Extras" option.

Level Skip
Pause gameplay, hold L2 and press Circle, Left, Circle, Right, Circle, Square, Left, Left, Right, R2.

Giant Gingerbread Man
In the Candy Shop you have to defeat a giant gingerbread man at the end. Shoot him with your trident arrow and a few basic arrows. When about 1/3 of your health is left, go back to the gingerbread neighbor hood and collect health hearts. Then go back and shoot the giant gingerbread man with basic arrows.

Choose multi-player and the space level. Get to the top and go into 3rd person view. Look at the switch turn and you should see a black platform. Shoot it, get on it and you'll get a batch of piercing arrows.

Freeing the wizard
In order to get the key to unlock the cage, need to jump on moving platforms. Avoid the black ones. Wait until they turn white. Make sure that you kill the people in the towers, as they will shoot arrows at you. You also need to check on the wizard because he will be taunted by black knights. After you get to certain points on the platforms, they will begin to change course. After you get the arrow, shoot the doors and you and the wizard will be free.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pool Paradise PlayStation 2 Cheats

Shop Items
Darts mini-game ($4,000)
Stuffed Dodo ($2,500): Unknown
Coconut Shy mini-game ($3,000)
Laser Sight ($100): Helps your aim.
HUD Goggles ($5,000): Show ball paths.
Skeepool mini-game ($3,000)
Hidden Cave mini-game ($5,000)
Dropzone mini-game ($8,000)

Hidden Cave
After buying the Hidden Cave mini-game at the store, go to the practice table. Start a game, and point towards where the hidden cave is supposed to appear. From the break position, go to the right at about the 2 O'clock position and point at the cave located there. If done correctly, you will be able to select the map in the following step. Press Start to pause game play, then select the 'Inventory' option followed by 'Sub Games'. Then, select the Hidden Cave map. Answer 'Yes' when prompted to quit the practice game. You should now be at the Hidden Cave, with a treasure chest with money. After reaching it the first time, it becomes unlocked at the main menu at the island rock.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Playstation 2 System - PlayStation 2 Cheats

Regional Lockout Bypass
Note: This trick requires an original non-analog PlayStation controller and a Japanese PlayStation 2 console with the launch version DVD utility software (version 1.0) and memory card package.

Plug the controller into port one. Place a DVD disc in the system and hold Up until the DVD player menu appears. Release Up, and select the play icon.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pitfall: The Lost Expedition PlayStation 2 Cheats

Bottomless canteen mode
Hold L1 + R1 and press Left, Square, Circle, Down, Square, X, Square, Circle at the title screen.

Play as Nicole
Hold L + R and press Left, Up, Down, Up, Circle, Up(2) at the title screen.

Classic Pitfall mini-game
Hold L1 + R1 and press Circle(2), Left, Right, Circle, Square, X, Up, Circle at the title screen. The "Original Pitfall" option will be unlocked at the "New Game/Load Game" screen.

Hyper punch mode
Hold L1 + R1 and press Left, Right, Circle, Up, Circle, Right, Left at the title screen.

Unlock Pitfall II
Gather and use all Idols.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Pirates: The Legend Of Black Kat PlayStation 2 Cheats

Invincibility for Katarina
Hold R1 + R2 and press X, Circle, L3, Triangle,R3, Select, R3, L1, L2, Square.

Invincibility for the Wind Dancer
Hold R1 + R2 and press Select, Triangle, L1, X, R3, L2, Square, R3, Circle, L3.

Reveal buried treasure chests
Hold R1 + R2 and press Circle, X, Square, Triangle, L1, Select, L3, L2, L3, R3. Green Xs will appear on the captain's log maps to indicate the location of buried treasure chests.

Reveal all treasure chests
Hold R1 + R2 and press R3, X, Triangle, L3, Circle, L1, Select, L3, Square, L2.

All treasure chest keys
Hold R1 + R2 and press Circle, Select, X, Square, R3, L1, L3, L2, Triangle, L3.

Wind Dancer
Hold R1 + R2 and press L2, Triangle, R3, L3, X, Square, R3, Select, L1, Circle.

Unlimited items
Hold R1 + R2 and press Triangle, L1, Select, L2, R3, L3, Square, X, R3, Circle. Once found, an item will be available in unlimited amounts.

Extra gold
Hold R1 + R2 and press Triangle, R3, L3, X, Square, R3, Select, L1, Circle. Sail to another map to get the Galleon.

Unlimited wind boost
Hold R1 + R2 and press Select, L1, R3, Circle, L2, Triangle, X, L3.

Advance to Katarina's next sword
Hold R1 + R2 and press R3, Select, L2, L3, Square, X, L1, Circle, L3, Triangle.

Alternate Glacial Gulf music
Hold R1 + R2 and press L1, X, Triangle, L2, Square, Circle, L3, Select, R3, L3 to hear music from SSX when sliding down in Glacial Gulf.

High pitched voices
Hold R1 + R2 and press R3, Circle, Select, X, R3, Triangle, L1, Square, L2, L3.

Kane poison head
Hold R1 + R2 and press Triangle, L2, L1, Square, L3, X, L3, Circle, R3, Select. The poison status will now be indicated by the head of Kane from Command and Conquer.

Alternate Katarina costumes
Simultaneously hold L1 + L2 + Up + Select + L3 on controller one and R1 + R2 + Triangle + Start + R3 on controller two. A short sequence of music will confirm correct code entry. Press R3 on controller one to change the value of the numbers that appear on screen, then start a new game or resume a saved game to view the corresponding costume. This cheat code requires two players and controllers.

Alternate Loading Screen
During any of the loading scenes during the game, press any button and the loading screen will change to a different one. You can only do this once per screen.

Get Mara's Galleon Wind Dancer
Bring five fallen stars to King Neptune in Neptune's Reach. He with give you Mara's Galleon Windancer. This is the best ship and can hold a capacity of 32 cannons.

Play as Galleon
While you are playing the game, hold R1 and R2 and press L2, Triangle, R3, L3, X, Square, R3, Select, L1, Circle. Then leave to a different place on the map, and when you get to a different island, you will play as the galleon.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pirates Of The Caribbean PlayStation 2 Cheats

Stack captain scores
You can add more than one person, other than the Captain, onto your other three ships. All of their scores will stack with that ship's captain's score. There are two different ways to do this. The first method is at the "Open Sea" screen (where you can see all of your ships), get close to another one of your ships and a swap cargo icon will appear. Go into the swap cargo menu. There is an option to switch captains. Under this option, there is a screen that has four slots. One of them is the captain of that ship. Click on one of the other three slots, then assign passengers to each one. When you do this, they disappear from your passenger list. You will need to get more party members at the tavern if you want to fill up all your ships. Do not sell the ship with the other three crew members still on it. You will lose anyone that is still on board. The second method is to capture a ship and do it when you assign a captain to the captured ship.

Easy money
Go to any of the loan sharks and ask for any amount of money. You can go to the box in his office and drop your money in it. Then, go up to him again and ask for more money. Continue to do this until you have the desired amount. Even though he says that he has ways of getting his money back, he never comes after you.

Ding Dong Ditch
Go to a door in any part of the game and press Action. Your character will knock on the door, then you can run away.

Unlimited Money
Raise your Commerce to 10 as soon as you can (use all the points you get towards it). Then, go to a tavern and talk to an officer that you can hire and ask him 'How much are you asking?'. He will respond with a price. Then, say 'Isn't that a little too much for you?'. He will reply 'I guess you are right' and then offers less. Say 'Nah, still too much' (or something to that effect) and the dialog box will close. However, the next time you talk to him, the price will be the last price he offered. Repeat this until he responds with a negative number (i.e. he will pay you for you to hire him).

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Piglet's BIG Game PlayStation 2 Cheats

Eeyore and Owl levels
Successfully complete the Pooh and Roo levels to unlock the Owl and Eeyore levels.

Rabbit and Tigger levels
Successfully complete the Owl and Eeyore levels to unlock the Rabbit and Tigger levels.

Final level
Successfully complete all other levels in the game to unlock the last level.

Bonus mode
Successfully complete the final level, then replay any level to play an alternate version where you have to catch enemies in the various locations.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Phantom Brave PlayStation 2 Cheats

Snakish Sword
In the tutorial called "Lifting and Throwing," the game will demonstrate how to lift and throw using a powerful Snakish sword. This sword never appears elsewhere in the game, and has techniques you can only learn from that sword. You also only have this one chance to grab it. To get the sword for your own, confine the Bottle Mail character to the sword instead of lifting it like the demo told you to. Let his three Remove turns run out and the sword is yours.

Bottle Mail Character
On Marona's island there's a large tree next to her house. You must toss four people onto the tree and have them stacked on top of each other (You can get on the roof of the house by jumping on the back deck and from their jump on the roof). From there, jump up the stack of characters and once you reach the top character, jump one more time and you'll receive a message saying you got the Bottle Mail character. You'll also receive some cash and a Change Book for jumping that high.

Extra Map 1
Beat the game.

Extra Map 10 and Baal
Beat Extra Map 9.

Extra Map 2
Beat Extra Map 1.

Extra Map 3, Etna, and Flonne (Fallen Angel form)
Beat Extra Map 2.

Extra Map 4
Beat Extra Map 3.

Extra Map 5 and Laharl
Beat Extra Map 4.

Extra Map 6
Clear a random dungeon with 30+ floors, with Level 300+ enemies on the bottom floor.

Extra Map 7
Beat Extra Maps 1-6.

Extra Map 8
Clear a random dungeon with 50+ floors, with Level 500+ enemies on the bottom floor, and have unlocked Extra Map 6.

Extra Map 9
Clear a random dungeon with 99 floors, with Level 1000+ enemies on the bottom floor, and have unlocked Extra Maps 6 and 8.

Beat Extra Map 5.

Beat Extra Map 8.

Complete the game and clear all the extra levels.

Bonus Maps
Extra Map 1: Successfully complete the game
Extra Map 2: Complete Extra Map 1
Extra Map 3: Complete Extra Map 2
Extra Map 4: Complete Extra Map 3
Extra Map 5: Complete Extra Map 4
Extra Map 6: Complete a random dungeon with over 30 floors and enemies over level 300 on the bottom floor.
Extra Map 7: Complete Extra Map 1 through 6
Extra Map 8: Unlock Extra Map 6 and also complete a random dungeon with over 50 floors, and enemies over level 500 on the bottom floor.
Extra Map 9: Unlock Extra Map 6 and 8 and also complete a random dungeon with 99 floors, and enemies over level 1000 on the bottom floor.
Extra Map 10: Complete Extra Map 9

Bonus Characters
Baal: Complete Extra Map 9
Etna: Complete Extra Map 2
Flonne (Fallen Angel form): Complete Extra Map 2
Laharl: Complete Extra Map 4
Mid-Boss: Complete Extra Map 5
Myao: Complete Extra Map 8

Phantom Island: Kill Your Own Teammates
Walk up to your teammate and press R2 to attack them. Press Toward + R2 to grab and throw them. This is useful for easy experience.

Phantom Island: Extra Money
You can find money around Phantom Island by jumping on certain places. You can find 100 Bordeaux by jumping in the stone circle in front of the house. There is also some behind the house at the bottom of the cliff in the water. There is also some on the roof of your house. Also, on the big tree next to the house you can find a book called the 'Changebook'. It is a very strong book for magic users. It is located on the edge where you can jump on to from your house'

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Paris-Dakar Rally PlayStation 2 Cheats

All the Cars
Enter "ILUMBERJACK" as your driver name.

Various Codes
Enter the following codes as a driver name.
All Paint Jobs: ASHRUBBERY