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Friday, August 31, 2012

NBA Live 2001 PlayStation 2 Cheats

New Stadiums
Go to the main menu and press L1, L2, Square, R2, R1, Circle, X.

Unlock Legends
To unlock the legends players in this game you have to beat michael jordan one on one on the superstar difficulty with the rules set to default and play to 11 pts. Once you defeat him go to the roster menu- by the sign free agents and switch. You can now select any legend and get him on any team you want... even Jordan! It's not easy but it can be done.

Defeating Michael Jordan one-on-one
Make one point and the ball goes to winner mode. When he checks the ball, go with turbo Down/Left and then quickly make a circle around him, go for the sheet, and dunk away. Keep at this until you master faking him with a roll around cross over.

Easy basket
When they check the ball to you, fake the shot and they will jump. Run around them and dunk the ball.

Increase Super Star stats
Press Circle at the main menu to access the active menu. Select "Roster", then "Edit Player". A Super Star player will appear if your "Create A Player" list has no entries. Press R2 to increase the player's stats at the edit player screen. To choose a different player, press L2 to return to the "Create A Player" list. Then, press Start and change to another player.

Strong pass
Press L2 + X in one-on-one mode to pass the ball quickly to your opponent.

Between the legs pass
Press R2 + X in one-on-one mode to pass the ball between your legs to your opponent.

Rolling pass
Press R1 + X in one-on-one mode to pass the ball by rolling it to your opponent.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

NBA Jam 2004 PlayStation 2 Cheats

Developer teams
Enter "CREDITS" as a profile name to unlock five teams with the game's developers.

Cheat Mode
Enter one of the following codes by pressing the appropriate buttons to change the icons in each position, where 0 is the basketball, 1 is the NBA Trophy, 2 is the NBA Jam logo basketball, and 3 is the NBA logo, then press the D-pad in the indicated direction.
Effect -- Code
Tournament mode -- 1-1-1-Down
Child's Play -- 1-1-1-Left
Challenging Mode -- 1-1-1-Up
Show Shot Percentage -- 1-0-0-Down
No Replays -- 1-0-0-Up
No Fire -- 1-0-0-Left
ABA Ball -- 0-2-0
Big Heads -- 2-0-0-Right
80's Filter -- 0-0-3-Right
Beach Ball -- 2-0-1-Up
Chain Nets -- 2-0-1-Down
Iguana Gymnasium -- 0-1-0 Up
Retro Celtics Arena -- 0-1-0 Down
Retro Lakers Arena -- 0-1-0 Left
Retro Bulls Arena -- 0-1-0 Right

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

NBA Hoopz PlayStation 2 Cheats

Cheat Codes
At the Versus screen, press Turbo, Shoot, and Pass the number of times indicated below, then press the D-Pad in the direction indicated to enable the code. If done correctly, you will hear a sound:

Cheat Code - Granted Wish
Turbo(3), Shoot, Pass(2), Up - Infinite Turbo
Shoot(2), Pass(3), Left - Beach Court
Turbo(3), Shoot(2), Left - Street Court
Shoot, Pass(4), Right - Home Uniform
Shoot(2), Pass(4), Right - Away Uniform
Turbo, Shoot, Pass, Right - ABA Ball
Turbo, Shoot(2), Pass, Left - Granny Shots
Shoot, Pass, Down - Show Shot %
Turbo, Shoot, Down - Show Hotspot
Turbo(4), Shoot(4), Pass(4), Left - No Goaltending
Turbo(2), Shoot(2), Pass(2), Right - ....No Fouls
Turbo(3), Pass, Up - No Hotspots
Turbo(3), Right - Big Heads
Turbo(3), Shoot(3), Left - Tiny Heads
Turbo(5), Shoot(4), Pass(3), Left - Tiny Players

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

NBA Ballers PlayStation 2 Cheats

Cheat Mode
Make a profile then go to "Inside Stuff". Select "Phrase-ology", enter one of the following codes, then press Triangle to activate the corresponding bonus:
Code - Bonus
killer crossover - Allen Iverson's alternate costume
the answer - Allen Iverson's Studio
zo - Alonzo Mourning
24 seconds - Chris Weber's alternate costume
rising sun - Amare Stoudamire
clyde the glide - Clyde Drexler
nba hangtime - Dejaun Wanger's alternate costume
dunk fest - Dominique Wilkins
rebound - Elton Brand's alternate costume
pass the rock - Jason Kidd
give and go - Jason Williams
special delivery - Karl Malone
ice house - Karl Malone's Devonshire Estate
hoosier - Larry Bird
spree - Latrell Sprewell
king james - Lebron James
laker legends - Magic Johnson
manu - Manu Ginobili
rags to riches - Nene Hilario
pistol pete - Pete Maravich
rip - Richard Hamilton
playmaker - Scottie Pippen
nice yacht - Scottie Pippen's Yacht
platinum playa - Stephon Marbury
ankle breaker - Steve Francis
world - Wally Szczerbiak
hall of fame - Willis Reed
wilt the stilt - Wilt Chamberlain
prep school - Yao Ming's Grade School
bring it - Jalen Rose's alternate costume
court vision - John Stockton's alternate costume
one on one - Julius Irving's alternate costume
from downtown - Reggie Miller's alternate costume
juice house - Special movie 1
nba showtime - Special movie 2
run and shoot - Tony Parker's alternate costume
old school - Wes Unseld's alternate costume
prep school - Yao Ming's Childhood Grade School

Bringing Down The House
To do the "Bringing Down The House" move, when your Juice House meter is full, hold R1 + R2 + Triangle to ally-oop the ball to yourself and break the backboard. This is needed to win a game in the third tournament or to do a "Bringing Down The House", press X, Circle, L1.

Big head mode
Enter this code at the "enter special codes section before the game begins. The last button of these codes can be any direction on the D-PAD: TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, SQUARE, SQUARE, SQUARE, SQUARE, D-PAD.

View shot percentage
Enter this code at the "enter special codes section before the game begins. The last button of these codes can be any direction on the D-PAD: CIRCLE, SQUARE, SQUARE, D-PAD.

Use unlocked alternate gear
Enter this code at the "enter special codes section before the game begins. The last button of these codes can be any direction on the D-PAD: TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, SQUARE, SQUARE, SQUARE, D-PAD.

Random moves
Enter this code at the "enter special codes section before the game begins. The last button of these codes can be any direction on the D-PAD: TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE, D-PAD.

Baron Davis
Enter Stylin' & Profilin' at the phase-ology screen.

Versus Screen Codes
At the VS screen where there are three balls, enter the following codes using square, triangle, and then circle in this order.
1. Alternative gear: 1-2-3, Up
2. Random Moves: 2-0-0, Up
3. Shows shot percentage: 0-1-2 Up
4. Young ballers: 4-4-3 Up
5. Super Blocks: 1-2-4, Up
6. Good Handling: 3-3-2, Up
7. Unlimited Juice: 7-6-3, Up
8. Super Steals: 2-1-5, Up
9. Hot Spot: 6-2-7, Up

Mortal Kombat reference
At Yao Ming's Prep School, look in the background around the hoop to se 2D Mortal Kombat characters watching the game.

Deleting a custom baller
Go to the start menu, then go "Profile Options" (not "Inside Stuff"). Next, go to "Unload Profile". Choose your profile and select the person you want to delete. You will be asked to confirm your choice. Select "Yes" and you baller will be gone. Note: This is not for Rags To Riches mode.

Off The Hizzle
To do the "Off The Hizzle" move, press R1 + Square or alternately, press L2 + Square.

Pass To Self
Hold R2 + R1 and press Square. If done correctly, you should throw the ball against the backboard and back to yourself. Note: Do not do this when an opponent is nearby or after an "Off The Hizzle". To the "Pass To Self" move, hold R1 + R2 then press X. Your baller should throw the ball off the backboard and it should come right back to him.

Stunt Dunk
To do a stunt dunk, press R1 + R2 + Square while in front of your opponent going towards the basket.

Watching movies
Go to "Collectibles" to watch the movies you have earned from your created character.

Free unlocked players
Sometimes if you complete a TV tournament, you can go to "Inside Stuff" at the main menu and a message will appear stating you have unlocked a player such as Rashard Lewis or Kobe Bryant.

All players, movies, alternate gear
At phraseology type in NBA BALLERS TRUE PLAYA as a code.

Easy Backs
While playing a match if you hate backing it every time you rebound you can do this. Pass it to your friend and it will back it automatically. You can only do this if you have unlocked pass to friend.

Unlock Allen Iverson studio
Go to inside stuff go down to phraseology and put in the answer you should see a sentence saying that you've unlocked the studio.

Act a Fool Moves
Player's special move: L2 + Square
Hackey Sackin: L2 + R1 + Square
White Derivishin: L2 + R2 + Square
Smell Dem Kicks: L2 + R2 + R1 + Square

Various Cheats
Enter these codes at the today's episode section before the game begins. The first position indicates how many times to press the first button, the second indicates how many times to press the second button, and the third how many times to press the third. Press the D-Pad in any direction to lock in the cheat.
Alternate Gear: 1-2-3
Baby Baller Mode: 4-2-3
Big Head Mode: 1-3-4
Enable Fire: 7-2-2
Enable Super Blocks: 1-2-4
Enable Super Push: 3-1-5
Expanded Moves: 5-1-2
Great Handles: 3-3-2
Kid Baller Mode: 4-3-3
Paper Baller Mode: 5-3-7 or 5-2-7
Play as Agent: 5-5-7
Play as Businessman: 3-0-0
Play as Coach: 5-6-7
Play as Secretary: 5-4-7
Pygmy Mode: 4-2-5
Random Moves: 3-0-0
Tournament Mode: 0-1-1
View Shot Percentage: 0-1-2
Young Baller Mode: 4-4-3

Monday, August 27, 2012

NBA 2K3 PlayStation 2 Cheats

Get Cheat menu
Go to the options menu and pick Gameplay. Now HOLD D-pad Left + Left Analog Stick Right and press Start.

Get Visual Concept, Sega Sports Team
Put in MEGASTARS for a code.

Duotone Graphics
Enter DUOTONE as a case-sensitive code to have your player in color with all other players in black and white.

Enter SPRINGER as a case-sensitive code. Trash will be blowing around during games in street mode.

Dancing cheerleader
Select franchise mode, pick any team, and finish the season. Make sure you make the playoffs. Simulate or play all of the games until you get to the finals. Play the last game of the finals. You can play if desired, but if you think you are definitely going to win, go to the pause menu then choose "Quit" Then, go to simulate until the end. When the game is done, you will see a dancing cheerleader. Then your franchise's team's name will say "Champion" around it.

Easy shooting foul
To draw an easy shooting foul, get the ball on offense and hold L2. While holding L2 press either Left or Right, then press the same direction again. The defender should jab at the ball. While they are doing so, press Square. You should draw the foul and get two shots at the charity stripe.

Easy lay-up
While doing a dunk, press Square in the air to do an easy lay-up.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

NBA 2K2 PlayStation 2 Cheats

Cheat Mode
Enter the options menu and select "Gameplay". Hold D-Pad Left + Left + Analog-stick Right and press start. The "Codes" selection will now be unlocked at the options menu.

Intentional fouls
When you are down by a few points, press L1 + R2 to call the defense to create an intentional foul. Use this as a strategy to try and tie the score to go to overtime, assuming the opponent will miss the free throws.

Easy three pointers with Allen Iverson
Choose Allen Iverson and go to the left side of the court near the corner. If a defender is checking you, upfake. When he flies away trying to block your shot, shoot the three pointer. The release must be excellent. After shooting two or three of them, he will become hot.

Play as Legends Team in Season Mode
Go to season mode and edit the season. Take out any team and replace it with the Legends team.

Activate Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bernard King
Go to the active players section and choose the 80's All Stars. The West 80's All Stars have two players, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bernard King, who are not active. Deactivate one or two players and activate either Kareem or Bernard or both.

Easy Three Pointers with Allen Iverson
Using Allen Iverson, go to the left corner of the court. If a defender is in your way, pump fake him until he jumps, then shoot a 3 with excellent release (holding the shot button until he reaches the top of his jump). Make 2 or 3 three's with this method and "The Answer" will get hot.

Easy Win
In the NBA Rules section of the options menu take off fouling. Use the intentional foul to make the other team drop the ball, then run up the court and score.

Special Dunk
To do the under the leg dunk when on a break away, take control of Stackhouse, Bryant, Carter, Macgrady, or any other good player, hold turbo and go for a dunk. You will make it most of the time.

Bonus Teams
To unlock the Sega Sports, Visual Concepts, and Team 2K2 in Exhibition and Street modes, enter MEGASTARS as a code.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Naval Ops: Warship Gunner PlayStation 2 Cheats

Atomic Engine Alpha
Destroy 100 destroyer ships to unlock the Atomic Engine Alpha.

2-Hull Crusier
Destroy 100 transport ships to unlock the 2-Hull Crusier.

203mm Chain Gun
Destroy 100 aircraft to unlock the 203mm Chain Gun.

Charged Particle Gun 3
When you sink 100 Battleships you get the guided Charged Particle Gun 3. This is a optical weapon with the following stats: Offensive 1300, Weight 600 and price of 59000 and can be mounted on any ship type.

Atomic Engine E
This is unlocked when you sink 500 destroyers.

Enigmatech Atli
This is unlocked by sinking 100 subs. This is an auxiliary movement system with the following stats. Top Speed +10%, Rudder response +1, Controlablity +25%, Endurance +500.

Easy way to obtain the XBattlecarrier
To obtain the XBattlecarrier without having to sink 999 transport ships you have to beat the game once as the Americans and continue the game. Simply get an "S" Rank on the C-8 mission and the XBattlecarrier will be your reward.

Infinite Money
At the dock screen, press Left(2), Right(2), L2, R2, R1, L1.

Hints Collection
203mm Chain Gun: Destroy 100 Aircraft.
2-Hull Battleship: Kill 500 transports
2-Hull Cruiser: Destroy 100 transport ships.
356mm Chain Gun: Destroy 500 enemy aircraft.
406mm Chain Gun: Destroy 999 enemy aircraft.
46cm 60-Caliber Gun: Destroy 100 PT boats.
Astral Railgun: Beat level D-9 collecting all parts you should get at least one.
Atomic Engine Alpha: Destroy 100 enemy destroyers.
Atomic Engine E: Sink 500 enemy destroyers.
Gas Turbine E: Destroy 999 enemy destroyers
Grian Laser: Sink 999 battleships
I32-Arawashi: Destroy 100 Carriers
Multi-Warhead Launcher: Destroy 100 Battlecarriers
New Supersonic Torpedo: Sink 999 Cruisers
Special Warhead Torpedoes: Kill 500 Cruisers
Wave Gun: Destroy 100 superships

Friday, August 24, 2012

Naval Ops: Commander PlayStation 2 Cheats

Cruise Missile Launcher
Kill 500 Battleships.

KaRyuu Aircraft
Kill 100 Carriers.

Multi-Warhead VLS
Kill 100 Battleships.

New Quantum Torpedos
Destroy 999 Cruisers.

Pocket Battleship
Kill 500 Transports.

Railgun Astal
Kill 100 Superships.

Rapid Fire 102mm Cannon
Kill 500 Destroyers.

Rapid Fire 127mm Cannon
Kill 100 Aircraft.

Special Warhead Torpedoes
Kill 500 Cruisers.

Wave Gun
Get an A Rank on F-10.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

NASCAR: Dirt to Daytona PlayStation 2 Cheats

Master code
Press R1(2), Up, Down, R2(2), Left, Right at the title screen.

Richard Petty
Win all the challenges to unlock Richard Petty.

Bonus options
The following bonuses can be unlocked during game play by doing well and earning points.:
AI Vengeance: AI cars retaliate when hit.
Front Wheel Drive: Car has front wheel drive.
Hardcore Physics: Hardcore realism.
Horn Ball: Press Up to shoot a paintball.
Horn Mortar: Press Up to shoot an explosive mortar.
Insane Racecar: Press Up to jump.
Mini Cars: Smaller cars
Monster Cars: High suspension.
Oh Dear: One car on track replaced by monstrous-sized crew member.
Super Draft: Faster draft speed.

Pit crashing
Go into the pits at the end of pit lane. You can crash into cars, which shows on the tack.

Kenyon Raceway: Leave track
After you pass the start/finish line, instead of turning drive straight for the upper right part of the wall. You then should be able to drive past the parked cars and trailers, and exit the other side back out on the race track.

To get an extra $10,000 in career mode, at the main menu press Up, Down, Left, Right, Z, Left, Left.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

NASCAR Thunder 2004 PlayStation 2 Cheats

EA Bio Extras
Reach Level 16 to unlock the All-Star Race. Reach Level 18 to unlock the Bud Shootout.

Unlock All Cameos
Select the Features option on the main menu, then Create-a-Car. Enter the name Seymore Cameos as printed.

Unlock Cameos
To unlock all Cameos, create a car in the Features menu. Name it "Seymore Cameos" to unlock the bonus.

Dale Earnhardt Bonus
Win the Daytona 500 in season mode driving Kevin Harvick's #29 car to unlock Dale Earnhardt. You will also get the Goodwrench car, Goodwrench Plus car, Wrangler car, Silver car, Coke car, Bass Pro Shops car, Oreo car, and the Legacy car.

Unlock All Create-a-Car Sponsors
To unlock all create-a-car sponsors, win the Winston Cup in Career Mode and you'll get a thunder plate that states all create-a-car sponsors are unlocked.

Unlock All Dale Earnhardt Cars
Beat every rookie lightning challenge to get all the Dale Earnhardt cars.

Unlock All Fantasy Drivers
Go to create a car and put in for your first name as extra and your last name as drivers.

Unlock All Normal Driver Special Paint Schemes
Win 5 Championships and you'll get all special and retro Winston Cup paint schemes.

Unlock Fantasy Drivers
To unlock the fantasy drivers, just win three championships in career mode.

Unlock Kitt Paint
To unlock Kitt Paint, win the Winston Cup in Career Mode.

Unlock Paint Schemes for Other Drivers
Win a race in Veteran Difficulty to unlock a different paint scheme for your driver.

Driving locked cars
In multi player mode, you can drive a locked car. This only works with one person at a time. Have a player choose their car, then have the other player go to the same car. It changes to a locked car. After that, they can choose their car.

The Perfect Car
Reach level 28 in your EA Sports Bio and you will unlock the pace car, Buster Auton. The pace car will not receive any damage when it is hit.

EA Sports Bio Bonuses
If you only have Nascar Thunder 2004:
Reach EA Bio level 16 to unlock the All-Star race at Lowe's
Reach EA Bio level 18 to unlock the Bud Shootout at Daytona

If you have Nascar Thunder 2004 AND Madden NFL 2004 saved games:
Reach EA Bio level 10 to unlock the All-Star race
Reach EA Bio level 12 to unlock the Bud Shootout

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

NASCAR Thunder 2003 PlayStation 2 Cheats

Fantasy drivers
Enter Extra Drivers as a name at the create a car screen.

Dale Earnhardt
Enter Dale Earnhardt as a name at the create a car screen.

Tiburon Speedway track
Use a memory card with a saved file from an EA Sports 2003 game.

Thunder Plates
Select the Thunder Challenge or Lightning Challenge at the game mode screen. Complete the various challenges to get new Thunder Plates.

Unlock Cars
To unlock a paint scheme for a specific driver, win a race under Veteran or Legend mode.

Unlock Dale Jr.'s Oreo and Nilla schemes
Beat the Steve Park Thunder Challenge.

Best car setup
Tire Pressure: 30psi
Front shock: default
Rear shock: default
Sway Bar: default
Wedge: -0.5 turns
Gear 1: 3.00
gear 2: 2.40
Gear 3: 2.00
gear 4: 1.45
rear end gear: 2.50

Daytona: Easy win
Make sure the race is set on ten percent difficulty. Then, cause a crash on lap four. If done correctly, there should be a caution. Go into the pits, and ignore that fact if no one else also enters. You will probably be last, but there will soon be another caution and the leaders will come in. Stay out and do not pit. After the stop, you should be in first or second place. You will run low on gas, but you will not run out. Block and you will be able to win.

Thunder Plates
Select the Thunder Challenge or Lightning Challenge at the game mode screen. Complete the various challenges to get new Thunder Plates. Note: The Plates are awarded randomly from game to game, winning a certain track with a particular driver will not unlock the same Plate between games.

Richard Petty
To unlock Richard Petty, enter his name at the create a car screen.

NASCAR Commentary
If you want to bend the rules a bit turn off caution flags, turn on unlimited fuel and tires, move the race progress past 5%, and then do a quick race. When the race starts, go to the side of the track or just go backwards on the track. Either way, you'll hear some really funny commentary from your pit crew as you break the rules of NASCAR.

Eight Championships
Win all eight championships and get the Eight Championships video with a New Lightning challenge.

Get pole position
Before running a veteran race in quick race mode, take the Thunder license and complete all three levels of the test for the desired track. This will give the first (pole) starting position.

Better acceleration and easier handling
For all of the tracks except for Daytona and Talledega, go into car setup before the race. Change your tire pressure down to 15 psi for better acceleration and easier handling. For Daytona and Talledega, leave it at 25 psi.

Pass easily
Draft with the car in front of you for awhile. When you just come out of a turn, move over and you should pass him. You can also do this on a straight away, but it works much better coming out of a turn. Also, drafting helps fuel mileage and your speed.

Faster donuts on celebration
When you win a race and start to celebrate, begin to do a donut. When you are spinning, hold the brake and your car will spin even faster.

Bristol: Easy win
First, turn on the running line, and unlimited fuel and tires. Qualify as you would for any track. During the race, when the running line turns red, wait a moment before letting off the gas. Then, press the gas when you reach the green again.
The car will automatically go high, and the other cars will slow down. You can go around them. It may take a few laps, but eventually you will be running in the front. This tactic can be adapted for all short tracks. When at Bristol Motor Speedway on the second lap, on the second turn the other cars will slow down.

Bristol: Great crash
Go to Bristol, turn around, and run directly into the lead car. If yellow flags are on, you will not be able to turn around.

Daytona: Easy win
Make sure the race is set on ten percent race length. Then, cause a crash on lap four. If done correctly, there should be a caution. Go into the pits, and ignore that fact if no one else also enters. You will probably be last, but there will soon be another caution and the leaders will come in. Stay out and do not pit. After the stop, you should be in first or second place. You will run low on gas, but you will not run out. Block and you will be able to win.
At Daytona in career mode in the Datona 500, when you pit instead of taking four tires or right side tires, take on left side tires and enough fuel to make it to the finish. You should leave the pits in first place, providing that you came in first or near it.

Daytona: Super speed
Go to Daytona Super Speedway at any length. At a round of pit stops, before you enter, go to speeds of 71 to 75 mph. Do your pit stop with a penalty; your speeds should be at around 207 mph. This will work about 50% of the time.
Set your gear ratios to preset 6 and tire pressure at 21 psi. You will go up to 194 mph. Note: It will take your car some time to get up to speed, but on the second lap you might even reach speeds of 197 mph (because you will be drafting).

Lowe's Motor Speedway: Car setup
The following setup is to be used with caution. With this setup, your car can and will slide out of turn four and hit a wall if you are not careful. Change the car setup to the following settings. Tire Pressure: 23 PSI; Down force: Fender Flare, 74"; Rear Spoiler, 51 degrees; Suspension: Front and Rear Springs at 100%, sway bar at 1/4 ", and Wedge at -4.0; Gears: first to 1.30, second to 1.10, third- 2.00, fourth- .80; and Rear End to 4.60. This setup takes away the handling needed to succeed on Lowe's, but the speed will give you an advantage. The acceleration combined with the speed will get you up to about 195 mph by turn four, lap one. Also, this setup allows you to not let off the gas if you have all assists on. Use unlimited gas/tires for this, as it will eat your tires.

Talladega: Easy win
Go to the car set-up then select the gear ratios. Set the ratio number to "5". Make sure damage is off, and tire wear is unlimited. Also, use a manual transmission. Note: This can also be used at Daytona.

Talladega: Car setups
Go into car setup. Go into "Gear Ratios" and change the two down at the very bottom to "89" and "4.45" respectively. Note: "4.45" for the bottom one and "89" for the one above it. Accept the changes, start the race, and by the end of the back stretch on the first lap, you can get up to and over 200 mph.
Go into car setup. Then, select "Auto Transmission". Set the tire pressure to "30". Loosen or tighten the car as desired. Finally, go to the gear ratios. Leave the first gear as is. Set second gear to "1.85", third gear go "1.35", fourth gear to "1.01" or "1.02", and leave rear end as is. When you start the race, second and third gear will be a little slow, but when you get to fourth you will blow them away. At the end of the first lap you should be going about 190 to 195 mph.

Tiburon: Great crash
Let all the cars pass you at the star of the race. Line up on the start/finish line so that the front of your car is facing the wall and the back of it is facing the pits. Hold the brakes and wait for the other cars to come around. With you parked out on the track and the other cars coming around, they will hit you. When they do, you and other cars will go flying up in the air. Sometimes this takes out four or more cars, and perhaps even all of them.

Watkins Glen: Easy win
Set the race length to 5%. On the first lap, cause a caution. When asked to pit, do not. On the second lap, cause another caution. This time when asked, pit. You will be 43rd place, but just before lap 4 everyone else will have to come in and pit. You will coast to an easy win with enough fuel and tires.

Bud Shoot Out
On the first lap, go into the pits and take on left side tires only (no gas or repairs). When you leave the pits, cause a caution. After all of the caution laps, there will only be one lap remaining and not enough time for anyone to pit.

Pay At The Pump lightning challenge
During the Pay At The Pump challenge, step on the gas all through the track. Put a big enough lead on Bobby Labonte and Sterling Marlin so that it is about a two to three second gap. You will run out of gas at the exit of turn four, depending on how hard you have been pushing the car. If the lead is big enough, just block and you will win the challenge. This may take a few attempts, but if you drive the car correctly it will be an easy way to win.

Pocono thunder challenge
Press Start during the race. Go to the settings and set "Auto Brake" to "Off". Set "Stability Control" to "Limited". You will be able to catch your opponent. Try to stay off the wall; if you hit it too much you car will be gone.

The Big One lightning challenge
At the start of the challenge or a few seconds after, slow the car to 181 to 183 mph. Do not let the meter at the top of the screen transfer below 24th or you will be out of contention. When you feel that you have enough room between the cars that will wreck and yourself, accelerate. You should have enough speed to get to about 4th place. Stay alert to dodge the wrecking cars. Do not slow if you happen to drive through some smoke. You have to time it correctly in order to catch the lead pack.

Rookie stripes
When in career mode, the back of your bumper has yellow stripes on it. When you get to the second season, they will be gone.

Monday, August 20, 2012

NASCAR Thunder 2002 PlayStation 2 Cheats

Unlock Boca Chica Track
To unlock the Boca Chica Track you must finish first in the points standings in the Road Course Challenge.

Unlock Traci Hultzapple's Car
Create a driver with the name Traci Hultzapple.

Unlock Tom Renedo's Car
Create a driver with the name Tom Renedo.

Unlock Scott Brewer's Car
Create a driver with the name Scott Brewer.

Unlock Sasha Soares' Car
Create a driver with the name Sasha Soares.

Unlock Rick Humphrey' Car
Create a driver with the name Rick Humphrey.

Unlock Rick Edwards' Car
Create a driver with the name Rick Edwards.

Unlock Michelle Emser's Car
Create a driver with the name Michelle Emser.

Unlock Mandy Misiak's Car
Create a driver with the name Mandy Misiak.

Unlock Kristi Jones' Car
Create a driver with the name Kristi Jones.

Unlock Ken Patterson's Car
Create a driver with the name Ken Patterson.

Unlock Katrina Goode Car
Create a driver with the name Katrina Goode.

Unlock Josh Neelon's Car
Create a driver with the name Josh Neelon.

Unlock Joey Joulwan's Car
Create a driver with the name Joey Joulwan.

Unlock Jim Hannigan's Car
Create a driver with the name Jim Hannigan.

Unlock Dick Paysor's Car
Create a driver with the name Dick Paysor.

Unlock Dinae Grubb's Car
Create a driver with the name Diane Grubb.

Unlock Dave Nicholls' Car
Create a driver with the name Dave Nicholls.

Unlock Dave Alpern's Car
Create a driver with the name Dave Alpern.

Unlock Daryl Wolfe's Car
Create a driver with the name Daryl Wolfe.

Unlock Crissy Hillsworth's Car
Create a driver with the name Crissy Hillsworth.

Unlock Chuck Spicer's Car
Create a drive called Chuck Spicer.

Unlock Cheryl King's Car
Create a driver called Cheryl King.

Unlock Buster Auton's Car
Create a driver called Buster Auton.

Unlock Benny Parsons' Car
Create a driver called Benny Parson.

Unlock Audrey Clark's Car
Create a driver called Audrey Clark.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

NASCAR Heat 2002 PlayStation 2 Cheats

Unlock Hardcore Realism Mode
To unlock Hardcore Realism Mode, earn a 100 point rating on any track. The Harcore Realism will only be unlocked for the track you earned the rating on.

Unlock Richard Petty
Complete all of the Heat Challenges and earn at least a Bronze rating on each to unlock the legendary Richard Petty.

Arcade-Style Beat the Heat Mode
At the Main Menu, press Up, Down, Left, Right, R1, Left, Right.

Shoot Paintballs
At the Race Day screen in Singe or Head-to-Head, press Up, Down, Left, Right, R1, Up, Up. Use horn.

Remove Replay Text
At the Main Menu, press Up, Down, Left, Right, R1, Down, Up. During a replay, press Circle.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup PlayStation 2 Cheats

Unlock Pocono
Complete a full season (34 races) placing first in each race and Pocono will be available in track select.

Dale Earnhardt, Sr.
Create a new driver with the name The (first name) Intimidator (Last name) to unlock Dale Earnhardt, Sr.

Easy $10,000,000
From the "Edit Driver" screen, enter: First Name: Walmart, Last Name: NASCAR (Must be in ALL CAPS)

Exclusive Track
From the "Edit Driver" screen, enter: First Name: Walmart, Last Name: Exclusive. You will receive a special track.

Cheat Mode
Enter the "Edit Driver" screen, then enter "Open" as a case-sensitive first name and "Sesame" as a case-sensitive last name to unlock all cheats.

Skill Points
You earn skill points by completing lightning challenges and doing different moves on the track. Then you can spend your skill points on thunder plates.

Mr. Clean Pit Crew
Buy the 25,000 pt. platinum card to unlock the Mr. Clean pit crew. They all wear white shirts and have bald heads.

Nextel Series Drivers
0 - Ward Burton
01 - Joe Nemechek
2 - Rusty Wallace
5 - Terry Labonte
6 - Mark Martin
8 - Dale Jr.
9 - Kasey Kahne
10 - Scott Riggs
12 - Ryan Newman
15 - Michael Waltrip
16 - Greg Biffle
17 - Matt Kenseth
18 - Bobby Labonte
20 - Tony Stewart
21 - Ricky Rudd
22 - Scott Wimmer
24 - Gordonowitz
25 - Brian Vickers
28 - Tracis Kvapil (Ford, sponsored by
29 - Kevin Harvick
30 - Johnny Sauter
31 - Robby Gordon
32 - Ricky Craven
33 - Paul Menard
38 - Elliot Sadler
40 - Sterling Marlin
41 - Casey Mears
42 - Jamie McMurray
43 - Jeff Green
45 - Kyle Petty
48 - Jimmie Johnson
50 - Derrike Cope
77 - Brendan Gaughan
88 - Dale Jarrett
97 - Kurt Busch
99 - Jeff Burton

Truck Series Drivers
4 - Bobby Hamilton
6 - Matt Crafton
16 - Jack Sprague
18 - Chad Chaffin
22 - Bill Lester
24 - Travis Kvapil
38 - Brandon Whitt
50 - Jon Wood
56 - Scott Bush
64 - Ryan Carter
82 - Billy Wilson
83 - Richard Johnson
86 - Jake Bradley
99 - Carl Edwards
103 - Larry Watson
105 - Kevin Quinn
106 - Carl Richards
107 - Mark Handle
108 - Barry Wilder
110 - Bennie Allen
116 - Troy Perry
117 - Wesley Schmidt
119 - Keith Grimsley
121 - Lee Anderson
123 - Adam Bell
124 - Doug Thompson
128 - Chad Wright
131 - Gary Freeley
135 - Kenny Hall
137 - Robbie Young
139 - Ace Johnson
152 - Bob Speer
164 - Andy Lyman
178 - Jack Baker

Busch Series Drivers
2 - Ron Hornaday
02 - Hermie Sadler
5 - Kyle Busch
8 - Dale Jr.
9 - Jeff Burton
9 - Mark Martin
10 - Terry Cook
12 - Tim Fedewa
14 - Casey Atwood
17 - Matt Kenseth
18 - JJ Yeley
20 - Mike Bliss
21 - Kevin Harvick
22 - Jason Keller
23 - Kenny Wallace
25 - Bobby Hamilton Jr.
27 - Johnny Sauter
32 - David Stremme
33 - Paul Menard
37 - David Green
46 - Ashton Lewis
56 - Cody Holt
60 - Greg Biffle
63 - Luke Nixon
64 - Russel Hughes
66 - Billy Parker
81 - Bart Hawkins
82 - Randy LaJoie
83 - Manny Brown
86 - Shane Kirkland
103 - Trey Murray
106 - Wally Renshaw
107 - Gene Martin
108 - Jared Holmes
109 - Lance Brantley
110 - Bobby Butler
112 - Nick Richardson
113 - Tiny Buchanan
116 - Jimmy Hill
117 - Corey Haynes
119 - Eddie Hammock
121 - Ray Westberry
123 - Jay Chapman
124 - JC Mathers
125 - Al Wiggins
128 - Donnie Hart
131 - Drew Campbell
134 - Johnnie Moore
135 - Dwayne Borlan
137 - Shawn Batson
138 - Blue Castleberry
139 - Steve Callaway
152 - Darrell Bradford
168 - Craig Miller
178 - John Jones

Friday, August 17, 2012

NASCAR 2001 PlayStation 2 Cheats

Bonus cars
EA Sports car win the Road Course Challenge car win the Superspeedway Shootout on either the veteran or legend difficulty setting
Black Box classic car win the Short Track Challenge
Black Box exotic car win the half season
2nd John Andretti car hold R1 and press Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle

Treasure Island track
Win during season mode on the veteran difficulty setting.

Proving grounds track
From the Options Menu. Select "Credits", then go to "Development". You will get the video sequence, which you have to watch. When the credits begin to roll, hold R1 and press Left, Circle, Up, Down, Right (x3).

Bonus Drivers
For each of these cheats, you start from the Options Menu. Select "Credits", then go to "Development". You will get the video sequence, which you have to watch. When the credits begin to roll, do the following for each character:

Driver Code
KC Monoxide (#101) hold L2 and press Square, Circle, X, Down, Up, Right, Left
"Shorty" Leung (#100) hold R2 and press Square, Circle, X, Up, Down, Left, Right
Jocko Michaels (#167) hold L1 and press Square, Triangle, Square, Circle, Square, X
Asher Boldt (#153) hold L2 and press Square, Circle, Triangle, X

Running out of fuel
Select Chad Little (John Deere Ford) in championship mode. Then, go to "NASCAR Options" and set it to 5%. Late in the race, you will blow out tires and run out of fuel.

Pass the pace car
When under a caution and a few spaces behind the pace car, answer "Yes" when the game asks you to pit, When you get to the pits, abort if you are behind the pace car. The game should allow you to pass it. If not, you will still gain some positions.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Naruto: Nultimate Hero PlayStation 2 Cheats

NOTE: I have found these cheats under the Japanese Title "Naruto: Nultimate Hero", the American Title of this game is "Naruto: Ultimate Ninja", therefore I am unsure if the following cheats work with both the JP and NA versions or if these cheats only can be used in the Japanese version of the game.

Beat story mode as any character: Neji Hyuuga
Beat story mode as Neji Hyuuga: Hinata Hyuuga
Beat story mode as Hinata Hyuuga: Haku
Beat story mode as Haku: Zabuza Momochi
Beat story mode as Zabuza Momochi: Gaara
Beat story mode as Garaa: Orochimaru

At the character selection screen hold L1 + R1 while choosing a character.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Namco Museum PlayStation 2 Cheats

Galaga Arrangement: Display game time
Press Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Up, Down at the Galaga Arrangement title screen.

Pac-Man: Pac-Attack game
Select Pac-Man at the games screen. Get over 25,000 points during game play to unlock Pac-Attack at the games screen.

Ms. Pac-Man: Pac-Mania game
Select Ms. Pac-Man at the games screen. Get over 20,000 points during game play to unlock Pac-Mania at the games screen.

Do not shoot any bees as the come down. After all bugs are lined up and ready to go You will see two bees to the far left of the screen one on top of each other. Do not shoot those two bees. Kill everything but those two. After those two bees are left let them fly around and avoid them. I repeat do not shoot those two bees. After about five to ten minutes those two bees will quit firing. When they quit firing shoot them. The rest of the game none of the bugs will fire at all. This code works for level 1,2 4. After that if you haven't gotten them to quit firing start over.

Pac-Attack Level Passwords
Level - Password
1 - STR
2 - HNM
3 - KST
4 - TRT
5 - MYX
6 - KHL
7 - RTS
8 - SKB
9 - HNT
10 - SRY
11 - YSK
12 - RCF
13 - HSM
14 - PWW
15 - MTN
16 - TKY
17 - RGH
18 - TNS
19 - YKM
20 - MWS
21 - KTY
22 - TYK
23 - SMM
24 - NFL
25 - SRT
26 - KKT
27 - MDD
28 - CWD
29 - DRC
30 - WHT
31 - FLT
32 - SKM
33 - QTN
34 - SMN
35 - TGR
36 - WKR
37 - YYP
38 - SLS
39 - THD
40 - RMN
41 - CNK
42 - FRB
43 - MLR
44 - FRP
45 - SDB
46 - BQJ
47 - VSM
48 - RDY
49 - XPL
50 - WLC
51 - TMF
52 - QNS
53 - GWR
54 - PLT
55 - KRW
56 - HRC
57 - RPN
58 - CNT
59 - BTT
60 - TMP
61 - MNS
62 - SWD
63 - LDM
64 - YST
65 - OTM
66 - BRP
67 - MRS
68 - PPY
69 - SWT
70 - WTM
71 - FST
72 - SLW
73 - XWF
74 - RGJ
75 - SNC
76 - BKP
77 - CRN
78 - XNT
79 - RNT
80 - BSK
81 - JWK
82 - GSN
83 - MMT
84 - DNK
85 - HPN
86 - DCR
87 - BNS
88 - SDC
89 - MRH
90 - BTF
91 - NSM
92 - QYZ
93 - KTT
94 - FGS
95 - RRC
96 - YLW
97 - PNN
98 - SPR
99 - CHB
100 - LST

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mystic Heroes PlayStation 2 Cheats

Expert survival mode
Beat the game in survival mode to unlock expert survival mode.

S1 Rune
Beat the first group of four levels in survival mode to unlock the S1 bonus. The S1 Rune helps your MP regenerate.

S2 Rune
Beat the second group of four levels in survival mode to unlock the S2 bonus. The S2 Rune helps you move faster.

S3 Rune
Beat the third group of four levels in survival mode to unlock the S3 bonus. The S3 Rune helps your HP regenerate.

S4 Rune
Beat the first group of four levels in expert survival mode to unlock the S4 bonus. The S4 Rune doubles your physical defense.

S5 Rune
Beat the second group of four levels in expert survival mode to unlock the S5 bonus. The S5 Rune doubles your physical attack.

S6 Rune
Beat the third group of four levels in expert survival mode to unlock the S6 bonus. The S6 Rune gives you infinite MP.

M1 Rune
Beat the game on the easy difficulty setting to unlock the M1 Rune.

M2 Rune
Beat a versus mode match with four human players to unlock the M2 Rune.

M3 Rune
Beat the game on the normal difficulty setting to unlock the M3 bonus.

M4 Rune
Beat ten co-op matches to unlock the M4 Rune.

M5 Rune
Play twenty matches in multi-player versus mode that are not cooperative count to unlock the M5 Rune.

M6 Rune
Beat twenty co-op matches to unlock the M6 Rune.

M7 Rune
Play fifty matches in multi-player versus mode that are not cooperative count to unlock the M7 Rune.

M8 Rune
Beat story mode on the hard difficulty setting to unlock the M8 Rune.

M9 Rune
Beat the game with all four characters on any difficulty setting to unlock the M9 Rune.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Myst 3 - Exile PlayStation 2 Cheats

Answers to Myst Quiz
Getting 29/29 will unlock 6 drawings of Myst:

1. A
2. D
3. C
4. C
5. B
6. B
7. A
8. A
9. B
10. C
11. B
12. C
13. D
14. C
15. C
16. A
17. D
18. A
19. B
20. B
21. A
22. D
23. B
24. B
25. A
26. B
27. D
28. B
29. A

Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Street PlayStation 2 Cheats

Win all three rounds of Volleyball. Shaun will give you access to Myroc's lab. Go to his lab and play.

To unlock the marbles game, go to the shop and buy the marbles. The next day, your mother will tell you to play with Ann. Find Ann and ask her to play.

Hidden custom parts
Successfully complete story mode to unlock two hidden custom parts.

Win all three rounds of marbles. Ann should say "You can use my stuff". Get the scuba gear, go to your room, and change into it. Then, talk to Shaun (the hiphop character). He will say that the bully kicked his ball in the lake. Go to the back of his house and swim to the island. Grab the ball. Then talk to Shaun, and play.

Chicken Herding
One day your mother will ask you help with the farm chores. Talk to Suzy and she will tell you to do three chores. Do them to play the Chicken Herding game.

Win all three rounds of Chemistry. Myroc will let you use his things. Get the gas can and go to the gas station. Gill the can and talk to Tanya. She will say she needs gas. Use your gas and she will let you play.

RC Racing
Win all three rounds of Chicken Herding to get $5 for doing her chores every day. Save up $33.75 and buy a car. Go to the gas station and talk to the kid to play RC Racing.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

MX Rider PlayStation 2 Cheats

All Tracks
Enter ATARI as a name in championship mode. Exit championship mode and enter single race mode. All tracks will be unlocked. To unlock all MX, SX, and freestyle tracks, enter IRATA as a name in championship mode.

Get All SX, MX and freestyle tracks
Use IRATA for a name in championship mode.

Unlock Spike
To unlock Spike beat the bonus part on easy.

Friday, August 10, 2012

MX Unleashed PlayStation 2 Cheats

Get all bonuses
Go to the cheats menu and enter: CLAPPEDOUT.

Open Up Pro Physics
Enter SWAPPIN in the character completion field.

50cc Class
Enter SQUIRRELDOG in the character completion field.

Unlock Freestyle Tracks
Enter L1, L1, X, X, X, X, Square, R2, R2, L1.

All Machines
Go to the cheat menu at options and enter at all machines 'MINIGAMES'.

Unlock supercross tracks
To unlock all supercross levels go to the cheat codes menu and put in the word "STUPERCROSS" (don't put the quotation marks in though.)

Unlock 500cc bikes
First go to the cheat codes section and put in the code "BIGDOGS" (without the quotation marks) and you will get big bikes.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

MX Super Fly PlayStation 2 Cheats

Get the "Crane's Eye View" trophy.

Custom Bee motorcycle
Get the "World's Highest Jump" trophy.

Custom Playa motorcycle
Get the "Dominate 125cc Pro Race Season" trophy.

Special Fire motorcycle
Get the "Dominate 250cc Pro Freestyle Season" trophy.

Special Tiger motorcycle
Get the "Dominate 125cc Pro Freestyle Season" trophy.

Custom Water motorcycle
Get the "Dominate 250cc Pro Race Season" trophy.

Custom Zebra motorcycle
Go to West Valley Freestyle in one player mode. Go down to the basement and go off one of the jumps. It will take you to a place on top. Follow the way then do the big jump at the end to complete the "Brave The Vertical Drop" challenge. The "Trophy awarded" message will appear and you unlock the Custom Zebra motorcycle.

Extra track editor barriers
Get the "Dramatic Entrance" trophy.

Extra track editor movable objects
Get the "Impossible Stoppie" trophy.

Extra track editor ramps
Get the "Impossible Wheelie" trophy.

Extra track editor platforms and Station Z
Get the "Cross Training" trophy. To do this easily, participate in an exhibition race under the hard difficulty setting. Set the laps to "3" and opponents to "0". It is best to use a Super Cross Track because you will need a lot of jumps. Run the race and do tricks until you hit 5,000 points. You will automatically get first place because you are the only one on the track.

Balloon toss mini-game
Get the "Safety First" trophy.

Wheelball mini-game
Get the "Mega Stunt" trophy.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

MX 2002 Featuring Ricky Carmichael PlayStation 2 Cheats

Bunny Hop
It is possible to bunny hop your dirtbike. While not moving, hold L1 (clutch) + X (gas) + Analog-stick Down. Then, hold R2 or L2 (preload) until the bar is full. Then, release L1 (clutch) and if done correctly, you should take off into the air. Level yourself out and complete the bunnyhop. It may be a little tricky at first, but it is fun to jump on buses and and other things. You can also bunny hop, going slowly (or any time you can pull a wheelie). However, it is easiest when going very slow or staying still.

Press R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 to bail.

Speed burst
When on an incline, keep clicking the clutch button while on an incline. Your speed will gradually get up to 80 mph. A good place to try it on is the incline to the jump when you start out at the shaffter freestyle course.

Level Select
Start a game in 2-player mode. P1 should hold R1 and L2 and then press Up, Down, Left, Right, Triangle. Then P2 should hold Triangle, L2, R2 and X. Now you can select any level you want.

Get Less Air
Enter L2 and R2 just when you leave the ground.

Backflip on Flat Ground Trick
Hold L1, X, and DOWN, and then hold R2 until all the lights turn on. Now let go of the buttons except X and DOWN. If done correctly, you will do a backflip.

Get Extra Air
When you're about to go off a jump, hold R2. On top of the gauge there are some colors that will light up. Try to make all of them light up, and then release R2 when you're about to leave the ground.

Get some air, then hold the Trick button and press the indicated button(s) to do the corresponding move:
Bar Hop: Press Triangle(2).
Can Can: Press Square(2).
Cat Nac: Press X, Circle(2).
Catwalk: Press Square, Triangle.
Cliff Hanger: Press Circle, Triangle.
Coffin: Press Triangle, Circle.
Cordova: Press Circle, Triangle(2).
Disco Can: Press Square(3).
Heart Attack: Press X, Triangle.
Heart Breaker: Hold Analog-stick Down until you have done a complete flip.
Heel Clicker: Press Triangle.
Helicopter: Press X, Triangle(2).
Indian Air: Press X.
Kiss Of Death: Press Circle(2).
La-Z-Boy: Press Circle, X.
McMetz: Press Triangle(3).
Mulisha Air: Press X, Square.
Nac Nac: Press Square.
No Hander: Press Circle.
Nothing: Press Circle, Square.
Pendulum: Press Square, Circle.
Rocket Air: Press X, Circle.
Rodeo Air: Press Triangle, X.
Saran Wrap: Press Triangle, Square.
Seat Grab: Press X(2).
Suicide Flip: Hold Analog-stick Up until you have done a complete flip.
Superman Indian: Press X(3).
Switchblade: Press Square, X.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

MVP Baseball 2004 PlayStation 2 Cheats

Unlimited MVP points
Reach a desired level of MVP points to spend on a player, stadium, or throwback jersey. Use them to unlock a bonus, then save your roster. Do not save your profile. Instead, reload your profile. Your MVP points will be at their re-purchase amount. Use them to continue buying as many other bonuses as desired.
Select dynasty mode and choose the Yankees. Turn off injuries, trades, rain outs, and budget. Set the difficulty on MVP. Simulate to the last game of each month. On that game, choose to simulate it (not quick sim; choose "Play" then "Sim"). Stop the simulation at the top of the ninth inning and choose to manage the remainder of the game. Do this for every month for the rest of the season. When the season ends, and you see "Advance To Playoffs", save the dynasty. Then, choose "Advance To Playoffs". Each time it will show your points earned.(about 13,000 to 17,000). Do not save after this. Exit dynasty mode, then keep re-entering and choosing "Advance To Playoffs". Each time you do this, you will get that same MVP point amount put into your profile.

MVP points
After completing various goals, you will get a message stating that you have earned MVP Points. Enter the "MVP Rewards Checklist" screen in "My MVP" to check how many points you have earned, and how many are needed to unlock the various bonuses. You will earn twice as many MVP Points under the Pro difficulty setting, three times as many under the All-Star difficulty setting, and four times as many under the MVP difficulty setting. Also, MVP points are not awarded when games are simulated. The classic players that are unlocked will begin at age 30 and will age and retire like other players.

Barry Bonds
Go to "Edit Player" and select Jon Dowd of the San Francisco Giants. Change his number and name to Barry Bonds #25. His name will be annoucned when he comes to the plate for San Francisco, and all of his statistics are already in the game as "Jon Dowd".

Get any player
To get any player on your team in dynasty mode, create an outfielder with the best stats. Sign him as cheap as you can for one year. You can trade him for any player (for example A-Rod, Mark Prior, etc.)

Cheap perfect player
Create a player with all desired information. Leave his attributes exactly as is. Then, go to "Free Agents". Sign that player to a long cheap contract. Then, go to create/edit again and change the player's attributes to make him perfect.

Bad player warning
Do not create a player named Erik Kiss. If you do, every time he swings he will break his bat and send a little dribbler to the pitcher for a sure out. Also, you cannot bunt with him; it will just go foul.

Fast Stamina Recovery for Pitchers
After a pitcher has just pitched a game for you and his stamina is low, go to Rosters in Management then to Create/Edit player. Choose that pitcher and go to his pitch ratings. Edit his stamina to a different number then accept the changes. His stamina will now be full to whatever you changed that rating to.

Easy Reward Points
Play through a season in dynasty, preferably with a good team. Once the season is over, but before you start the playoffs, save the dynasty. When you choose to go to the playoffs, you will earn rewards points. If you then exit the dynasty without saving, you'll get your rewards points, and be able to reload the dynasty from before the playoffs, allowing you to get the points over and over.

Legendary Players
Save your profile once you have 5000 MVP Rewards points. Buy a Legendary Player and DO NOT save your profile. Add the Legendary Player to a team and save your roster. Then Load your profile and you will still have 5000 points and the Legendary Player will still be on the team. If you repeat the cheat you will be able to get all the Legendary Players on your existing teams.

More MVP Points
For more MVP points go to pitcher showdown and pick whomever you want, put difficulty on MVP mode, and when you get to the game go to options and put it back on rookie mode. When you win you will get the same number of MVP points for playing on MVP mode.

Bat Breaking Player
Create a player with the name Erik Kiss (case sensitive). His bat is much thinner than normal, and will break at nearly every at bat.

Unlock Classic Stadiums
Stadium Location, Description MVP = Points Needed
Crosley Field Cincinatti, OH Home of the Reds, 1912-1970 = 2500 Points
Astrodome Houston, TX Home of the Astros, 1965-1999 = 2500 Points
Tiger Stadium Detroit, MI Home of the Tigers, 1912-1999 = 3000 Points
Griffith Stadium Washington, DC Home of the Senators, 1903-1961 = 3000 Points
Shibe Park Philadelphia, PN Home of the Athletics, 1909-1954 = 4000 Points
Sportman's Park St. Louis, MO Home of the Cardinals, 1920-1966 = 4000 Points
Polo Grounds New York, NY Home of the Giants, 1911-1957 = 5000 Points
Forbes Field Pittsburgh, PA Home of the Pirates, 1909-1970 = 5000 Points

Unlock Legendary Players
Hal Newhouser Tigers 1939-1955 = 2500 Points
Robin Roberts Phillies 1948-1966 = 2500 Points
Richie Ashburn Phillies 1948-1962 = 2500 Points
Ralph Kiner Pirates 1946-1955 = 2500 Points
Bob Lemon Indians 1941-1958 = 3000 Points
Phil Rizzuto Yankees 1941-1956 = 3000 Points
Hoyt Wilhelm Giants/Orioles/Red Sox 1952-1972 = 3000 Points
Larry Doby Indians 1947-1959 = 3000 Points
Mel Ott Giants 1926-1947 = 3500 Points
Brooks Robinson Orioles 1955-1977 = 3500 Points
Rollie Fingers Athletics/Padres/Brewers 1968-1985 = 3500 Points
Juan Marichal Giants 1960-1975 = 3500 Points
Gaylord Perry Giants/Indians 1962-1983 = 3500 Points
Tom Seaver Mets/Reds 1967-1986 = 4000 Points
Jim Palmer Orioles 1965-1984 = 4000 Points
Joe Morgan Astros/Reds 1963-1984 = 4000 Points
Pee Wee Reese Dodgers 1940-1958 = 3500 Points
Bob Feller Indians 1936-1956 = 3500 Points
Whitey Ford Yankees 1950-1967 = 3500 Points
Early Wynn Senators/Indians/White Sox 1939-1963 = 3500 Points
Eddie Mathews Braves 1952-1968 = 4000 Points
Warren Spahn Braves 1942-1965 = 4000 Points
Jimmie Foxx Athletics/Red Sox 1925-1945 = 4000 Points
Roy Campanella Dodgers 1948-1957 = 4500 Points
Lou Gehrig Yankees 1923-1939 = 4500 Points
Honus Wagner Pirates 1897-1917 = 4500 Points
Walter Johnson Senators 1907-1927 = 4500 Points
Cy Young Red Sox 1890-1911 = 4500 Points
Satchel Paige Indians/Browns/Athletics 1948-1953, 1965 = 4500 Points
Ty Cobb Tigers 1905-1928 = 5000 Points
Babe Ruth Red Sox/Yankees 1914-1935 = 5000 Points
Jackie Robinson Dodgers 1947-1956 = 5000 Points
Billy Williams Cubs 1959-1976 = 2500 Points
Al Kaline Tigers 1953-1974 = 2500 Points
Ferguson Jenkins Cubs/Rangers 1965-1983 = 2500 Points
Phil Niekro Braves 1964-1987 = 2500 Points
Lou Brock Cardinals 1961-1979 = 3000 Points
Catfish Hunter Athletics/Yankees 1965-1979 = 3000 Points
Luis Apraricio White Sox/Orioles 1956-1973 = 3000 Points
Harmon Killebrew Senators/Twins 1954-1975 = 3500 Points
Orlando Cepeda Giants/Cardinals 1958-1974 = 3500 Points
Rod Carew Twins/Angels 1967-1985 = 3500 Points
Willie Stargell Pirates 1962-1982 = 4000 Points
Mike Schmidt Phillies 1972-1989 = 4000 Points
Robin Yount Brewers 1974-1993 = 4000 Points
Willie McCovey Giants 1959-1980 = 4500 Points
Reggie Jackson Athletics/Yankees/Angels 1967-1987 = 4500 Points
Yogi Berra Yankees 1946-1965 = 4500 Points
Nolan Ryan Mets/Angels/Astros/Rangers 1966-1993 = 4500 Points
Bob Gibson Cardinals 1959-1975 = 4500 Points

Unlock Throwback jerseys
The Throwback jerseys can be unlocked with the indicated number of MVP points.
Anaheim Angels 1986: 250
Atlanta Braves 1974: 500
Baltimore Orioles 1971: 500
Boston Red Sox 1903: 1000
Brooklyn Dodgers 1941: 750
Chicago Cubs 1954: 750
Chicago White (Black) Sox 1919: 1000
Chicago White Sox 1983: 350
Cincinatti Reds 1970: 500
Cleveland Indians 1975: 500
Detroit Tigers 1906: 750
Houston Astros 1986: 250
Kansas City Royals 1985: 250
Milwaukee Brewers 1982: 250
Minnesota Twins 1977: 500
Montreal Expos 1981: 350
New York Giants 1954: 750
New York Mets 1986: 350
New York Yankees 1927: 1000
Oakland Athletics 1972: 500
Philadelphia Athletics 1921: 1000
Philadelphia Phillies 1980: 500
Pittsburgh Pirates 1916: 750
Pittsburgh Pirates 1979: 500
San Diego Padres 1984: 350
Seattle Mariners 1981: 350
St. Louis Cardinals 1934: 750
Texas Rangers 1976: 500
Toronto Blue Jays 1992: 250
Washington Senators 1913: 1000

Monday, August 6, 2012

MVP Baseball 2003 PlayStation 2 Cheats

Easy Homers
Go to the Main Menu then go to Rosters and create a player with the name "Erik Kiss". He will hit a ton of homers. Also for some more broken bats name a player Keegn Patersn, Jacob Patersn, or Ziggy Patersn.

Get Widescreen Format
Hold R2 + L2 for several seconds then press Left to change to widescreen. Press Right for normal.

Fenway Homeruns
Use your big hitter in Fenway and hold the Left Analog stick diagonal toward the green monster. Inside or hot spot pitches should go over the wall.

Trade Hint
In rookie mode the computer will take almost all trades in season mode. Trade your non used players for superstars on other teams to make a super team!

Strikeout Hint
If you get two strikes on a batter make your next pitch a low inside or a slider. This is highly effective for getting the strikeout.

Right Handed Batter Hint
Point the Left Analog stick toward Right field to increase your chance of a homer.

Strike Out Hint
To get more strikeouts in a game you first have to pick a corner any corner. Then, get the baseball as tightly to the line as possible. Next. if your pitcher has a 4-seam or 2-seam fastball, sinker, slider, or a splitter you can use that. Finally, pitch like that and 80% of the time you will strike th batter out.

Vlad Guerrero
When up in the count 3-0 with Vlad, the pitch will be high and inside 95% of the time. I hit 5 homeruns in a game with Vlad.

Sucker The Padres
When playing in the franchise mode, the best way to improve your team is to trade for Oliver Perez of the San Diego Padres. You can trade a much less valuble player to get Perez, and he will be well worth it. Every franchise I've done I've got him for nothin and he's won multiple Cy Young Awards, never having an ERA over 3, plus he's in his early 20's. If you're gonna make any trades make it this one.

Cheat to Win
One way to cheat the system, especially in the playoffs, is to save your game, then configure your lineup and sim the results. If you lose, don't save. Reset the game and reconfigure the lineup based on their previous performance against that same pitcher. When you win, save the game again. Repeat to never experience defeat. It's the fastest (cheapest) way to win a World Series.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Mummy Returns PlayStation 2 Cheats

Playing as Imhotep
When you are Imhotep and find the Curse Of Death, do not bother wasting life using the curse on Bosses. It does not work.

Walk on swamp
When you are Imhotep, go to the swampy place in the jungle. For this part you will need to have to raised the block in the swamp. When you have jumped on to it (as Imhotep), use the Apis Spell. Run off the block and you will be walking on the swamp for a short amount of time. Note: Do not attempt this if you do not have much energy left. Also, do not use the Curse Of Death.

Defeating The Scorpion King
Let the Scorpion King to charge the pillars and hit his tail each time. Next, let him charge you again and attack from behind. Stand still until he gets mad and attacks with his super-slash. Run around behind him and hit his tail. When he drops, hit him in the torso. Repeat this process until he climbs the pillars again. He will attack again. Let him charge and attack from behind again. Wait as before, but longer. He will try to grab you. Move out of the way at the correct moment. He will get stuck. Hit his tail again, and then his torso. Repeat this until he climbs back up the pillars. Jonathan or Meela will bring the Spear of Osiris down and fail at trying to spear the Scorpion. Use the same tactic to hit his tail while he is stunned then get the spear and attack him.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

MTX Mototrax PlayStation 2 Cheats

Jump 600 feet in the Everglades level
From your starting point on the dock, back up a bit and look to your left. Ride over to the set of jumps that are at the other end of the barges. Once in the area, ride over the jumps to your left until you come to the jump that is directly left of a palm tree. Past this jump are two landing slopes: one that is directly in front of the jump next to the palm tree, and one that is behind it and to the left. Ride over to the second slope, and face the right hand corner/side area of it. Continuously ride into this area, trying to push your way through it. With some speed and the proper placement, you should be able to ride right through the corner of the slope and "fall" through the ground, eventually re-spawning back onto the dock where you started out. During this fall you will also be able to string together as many tricks as you wish for an insanely huge multiplier without the fear of crashing, because when you re-spawn back onto the dock, the game still acts as if you're in the air (but be careful with the gas and brake/reverse, however, because the game also acts as though you're on the ground as well). When you're done with your multiplier, speed off into the level as you would normally. If done correctly, when your jump distance meter appears, it should read more than six hundred feet.

Super-fast acceleration
Go to the main menu and go to the options area and go to cheats and enter JIH345. This will give top speed but bike will be hard to control and crashes often.

Officer Dick And Police Bike
Successfully complete all the Freestyle competitions.

Maggot And Slipknot Bike
Successfully complete Master Supercross.

Speed Demon
Successfully complete the entire MX career.

Successfully complete the entire Freestyle career.

Get Squashed by your bike
Go into the rock quarry level and go into the objective in front of you fall of your bike and retry the objective you will be on the ground with your bike on you.

Slipknot Movie
Enter: 23F7IC5.

Performing faster rotations
While not moving, hold Square and Left or Right and press the gas (X). To make faster rotations, hold the clutch (L2) immediately before you perform this.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

MTV Music Generator 2 PlayStation 2 Cheats

View music video
Enter the options menu, then select "Video Palette". The music video from the Gorillaz's song "Clint Eastwood" can be selected and viewed.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Motor Mayhem PlayStation 2 Cheats

Unlock Buzzsaw
Win the Eliminator, Deathmatch, and Endurance titles with the same character on the hard or very hard difficulty setting to unlock Buzzsaw.

Extra Goodies
At the aircraft carrier level, blow up all of the planes around you. There should be one big explosion. If you look close, a piece of the ship will be missing. Go down in there and there will be a mini nuke, chaingun, and health. Then to get out go through the blue portal.

City Canal arena
Finish all of the Deathmatch level on the normal difficulty level and the City Canal arena will be available in the mutli-player and quick battle modes.

Downtown arena
Finish all of the Eliminator levels on the normal difficulty level and the Downtown arena will be available in the quick battle modes and multi-player mode.