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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Jade Cocoon 2 PlayStation 2 Cheats

Easy start
To get an advantage when beginning a new game, choose to take a Fire monster and start in the Earth Forest. By the time you get other monsters, your attacks will be far higher than other wild monsters and you will have an easier ransition no matter what elemental forest you choose.

Easy money
Enter Barren Earth, the fourth Earth Forest. When you get there inside, at quite few of the Ogre Vines there will be either a Cute Gem or a Lovely Gem which sell for good money.

Rare Eggs
Collect Inferno Books and Twill Mugworts from the Fire Tower Forest and buy some Luch Eggs (five is best) from the Kikinak Company. Then, enter the Wind Patina Forest and take a left to the second Ogre Vine. Inside is a plant that merges items. Place the Luch Egg inside, then place the Inferno Book or the Twill Mugwort in. Do not place them in the reversed order or you will not get anything good. Save the game before doing this so you can reset and try again if it does not work the first time.

Water Drac
Defeat Levant in the Dark Forest. Then, Cure will be back to being human. Talk to her and after a little while she will post a job on the work board saying that the reward will be a Drackich (Water Drac). Water Drac cannot be created at item merging.

Make sure your beast amulet has a strong beast that knows barridian, one that knows medinite and one that knows that knows tishalite before going to fight levant and lilith and also have some ressurect books, full heal books and sheild bibles handy. if your lucky the fight will only last an hour.

Boss Fights
When you fight bosses you are fighting one really good guy instead of 3 bad ones. Now when you fight Bosses that are mainly physical (attacks only or mostly), a simple attack can decimate them. You get a speedy earth type with good mana capacity and teach it barrid or barridis then have it cast the spell for the entire battle sheilding your guys and leaving them open for damage. Though DO NOT use this tactic against a boss like Gojet or another boss that cast sleep, poison, or paralysis moves. Hope it works for you if it doesn't that means you guys are either not strong enough, too low mana or don't have enough speed.

Metallic Monsters
It is possible in the game to achieve a Metallic Monster with a 1 in a 1000 chance. To get one, merge your monsters and hope for the best. When the monster is merged, its best stat will be boosted +100.

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Italian Job PlayStation 2 Cheats

View all extras
Finish story mode to unlock a heap of extras such as film stills, concept art, gallery, development, and movie credits.

Access all stunt tracks
You must complete each track to unlock subsequent tracks until all of them are unlocked.

Bonus extras
Finish story mode to unlock concept art, film stills and more.

Access all cars in circuit races
To get all the cars you must get a ranking of A in every race.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Inuyasha: The Secret of the Cursed Mask PlayStation 2 Cheats

New game plus
Successfully complete the game and save it when prompted. Start another game and get to the point where you are at Kaede's village. When you find the cat there, you will be given your character's stats from the completed game.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

IndyCar Series PlayStation 2 Cheats

Trading Cards
Complete certain goals to unlock Trading Cards. The following cards will unlock the corresponding cheats:

Page 1 - Qualify for a race on pole
Bronze: Jaques Lazier - Video Clip
Silver: Helio Castroneves - New Car Livery
Gold: Sam Hornish Jr - Nothing

Page 2 - Win a 10 lap race
Bronze: Arie Luyendyk - Create your own team
Silver: Gil de Ferran - Nothing
Gold: Al Unser Jr - New Car Livery

Page 3 - Win a quarter lap race
Bronze: Scott Sharp - Viedo Clip
Silver: Jeff Ward - Nothing
Gold: Robby McGehee - New Car Livery

Page 4 - Win a full distance race
Bronze: Eliseo Salazar - New Car Livery
Silver: Shigeaki Hattori - Video Clip
Gold: Airton Dare - Nothing

Page 5 - Complete Masterclasses
Bronze: Richie Hearn - New Car Livery
Silver: Felipe Giaffone - Nothing
Gold: Sarah Fisher - New Car Livery

Page 6 - Win IndyCar Series
Bronze: Robbie Buhl - Nothing
Silver: George Mack - Video Clip
Gold: Laurent Redon - Nothing

Page 7 - Qualify Indy 500 on pole
Bronze: Rick Treadway - Video Clip
Silver: Alex Barron - Nothing
Gold: Eddie Cheever Jr - Video Clip

Page 8 - Win Indy 500
Bronze: Buddy Lazier - Video Clip
Silver: Billy Boat - New Car Livery
Gold: Anthony Lazzaro - Nothing

Page 9 - Set a lap record
Bronze: Budy Rice - New Car Livery
Silver: Tony Renna - Video Clip
Gold: Dan Wheldon - Nothing

Page 10 - Win a race with 100% AI
Bronze: Homestead Miami - New Car Livery
Silver: Phoenix - Nothing
Gold: California - New Car Livery

Page 11 - Finish a race
Bronze: Nazareth - Create your own driver
Silver: Richmond - Nothing
Gold: Pikes Pike - Video Clip

Page 12 - Win all races in IndyCar Series
Bronze: Kansas - Nothing
Silver: Nashville - Video Clip
Gold: Michigan - New Car Livery

Page 13 - Win the hard charger award
Bronze: Kentucky - Video Clip
Silver: Gateway - Nothing
Gold: Chicagoland - New Car Livery

Page 14 - Collect all of the cards
Bronze: Texas - New Car Livery
Silver: Indianapolis - Nothing
Gold: Borg-Warner Trophy - New Car Livery

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb PlayStation 2 Cheats

Go to the start screen and hold down L1+R1 and press Up, Up, Down, Up, X, Square, X, Circle, Up, Down, Triangle, Start.

Art gallery
Collect all artifacts in the game to unlock an art gallery.

Avoid falling damage
Press R1 before you hit the ground to enter combat mode. You will not get any damage from falling.

Pistol whip
Press Square to pistol whip your adversary. Note: This works for all guns, not just the pistols.

Drink from canteen
To drink from the canteen, hold X. If you instead tap X, it will take longer. Holding X also helps when you fill your canteen.

Magical barrier
Equip the PaCheng and press R1 to block.

Break wall in Istanbul Sunken City
When you reach Istanbul Sunken City, to break the damaged wall, hover above the head in the water with the crane. Press X and it will automatically break it up.

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Incredibles PlayStation 2 Cheats

Various Codes
Enter these cheats under secrets after pausing:
Effect - Code
Destroys everything in surroundings - SMARTBOMB
Eye lasers - GAZERBEAM
Infinite incredipower for Elastigirl - FLEXIBLE
Infinite incredipower for Mr. Incredible - SHOWTIME
One hit kills - KRONOS
Restore 25% health - UUDDLRLRBAS
Small heads - DEVOLVE
Speed up gameplay – SASSMODE

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ico PlayStation 2 Cheats

Destroying the Smoke Creatures easily
If you enter a room, and it is a clear run to the portal on the other side, take Yorda by the hand and run her to the portal with the black Smoke Creatures chasing you. As you approach the portal, Yorda's activation of the portal will create lightning which will destroy the creatures anywhere near you.

Finding Yorda
When in the last level with Ico's horns cut off on the beach, go towards the left following the shore of the beach to find Yorda.

Avoid losing Yorda
To avoid losing Yorda, as soon as you set her free press R1 and hold her hand, then run to the door . You should also pick up the stick that falls so you can defeat the Shadow Creatures easily.

Turning wheels
When turning big wheels, as when shutting off the water, turn from the farthest point to go faster.

Second Ending
After you beat the queen, wait until after the credits roll. Another cut scene will play, then you will take control of Ico on the beach. Move far down the coast to the left and you will find a surprise.

Beating the Final Boss
When fighting the queen, the energy sword is paramount. Whenever you are holding it, her shadow attacks cannot touch you. If you take a hit without it, however, you will turn to ash. The way to beat the queen is to hack at her shield with the sword. Once you hit it, the sword will fly from your hand and you'll have to retrieve it. Immediately after hitting the shield, run behind one of two statues at the center of the room. The shadow attack will pass you by. From this position of safety, scan the room for your discarded sword. The first time it is rejected, it will end up in the right side of the room. The next three times, you will find it on the left side of the room. After four hits, the queen's shield will drop. This time, your sword ends up well behind the statue. Hide behind the right statue. As the shadow passes, you will notice a safe zone on the ground -- a kind of oval. Get as far back in the safe zone as possible. As soon as the shadow wave passes, head straight back from the statue and run to the sword. You'll grab it just as her next wave reaches you. With the sword in hand, stride to the front of the room and strike the final blow.

Mace Weapon
After reaching the top of the waterfall area, to the left of the switch you pulled is a tall tree. Swipe at it with your sword until you make contact. A ball will fall from its branches. Take the ball up the stairs, into the opened room, and drop it. You will notice tree arches between the two stairs going to the upper level of the room. Go to the middle arch and push on one side of it to make it revolve and reveal a secret room. Go back and take the ball (and Yorda) and enter the secret room . Hop into the idol pedestal with Yorda and a basket will appear. Take the ball and shoot it into the basket. A mace will fly through the window. It is more powerful then the sword and the 2x4. You can take out a standard Ghout in three swings.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

I-Ninja PlayStation 2 Cheats

Unlock Battle Arena
To Unlock Battle Arena, earn all the Grades, Then you should get the Master Grade. The Battle Arena Will be open at Robot Beach.

Mow Grass
Where there are grass, flowers, mushrooms, other foliage, objects other than crates and barrels, and certain decorative objects, you can cut them down to earn a few extra points towards your main score. This is useful in the certain levels that require a high score to earn the grade.

Whenever you kill an enemy in a rapid succession, the number to the right of the health bar increases by one up to 10. This represents what points you receive for killing an enemy, multiplied by the number displayed. This is useful in certain missions where a high score is required to earn the grade.

Various Codes
While playing, press START and enter any of these codes:


Complete Current Mission - Hold R1, SQUARE, SQUARE, SQUARE, CIRCLE, Release R1, Hold L1, TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE, Release L1, Hold R1, SQUARE, SQUARE.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunter: The Reckoning Wayward PlayStation 2 Cheats

Unlock Trophies/Enable Cheats
Trophy - How to Get - Effect

Nephrack - Beat Nephrack - Enable Cheats

Team Up - Beat the game with two players - Unlock Tougher Monsters Cheat

Gun Bunny - Beat Downtown and kill all enemies with only your starting ranged weapon - Unlock Max Ammo Cheat

Looter - Get all silver pieces - Unlock Gain All Weapons Cheat

Life Saver - Save all Innocents in the Lower Level of the Prison Hospital - Unlock No Conviction Cost for Edges Cheat

Pit Fighter - Beat Downtown and kill all enemies with only your starting melee weapon - Unlock Max Health Cheat

Rogue Hunter - Beat the Rogue Hunter - Unlock Unlimited Ammo Cheat

The Machine - Beat the Machine Boss - Unlock Mega Melee Damage

Warrior - Beat all enemies in Midtown - Unlock Unlimited Life Cheat

Werewolf - Beat the Werewolf - Unlock Monster Spawning On/Off Cheat

Chaingun - Piece together the Chaingun - ?

Deserter - Leave too many Innocents in the Lower Level of the Prison Hospital - ?

Grenade Launcher - Piece together the Grenade Launcher - ?

Cheat List
To use these cheats, you must first beat the game. In addition, you also must also unlock each of the cheats. Refer to the Unlock Trophies/Enable Cheats List to see how to do it.


Gain All Weapons: SQUARE, X, CIRCLE, X, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN




Mega Melee Damage: DOWN, DOWN, R1, R1, UP, X, UP, CIRCLE


No Conviction Cost for Edges: L2, UP, X, UP, SQUARE, DOWN, DOWN




Unlock Models
Unlock Models following the list below, then view them in the Entertainment Center:
Model: Goal
Emma: Save her
Joshua: Save him
Le Roi: Save him
Devin: Beat him
The Werewolf: Beat him
The Machine: Beat him
The Witch: Beat her
Nephrack: Beat him
Carpenter: Beat the game on Nightmare
Rot Hand: Kill 25 Rot Hands
Rot: Kill 199 Rots
Prison Guard Rot: Kill 20 Prison Guard Rots
Flamethrower Rot: Kill 8 Flamethrower Rots
Gargoyle: Kill 10 Gargoyles
Hanged Spirit: Kill 7 Hanged Spirits
Mourner: Kill 40 Mourners
Aileron: Kill 75 Ailerons
Cultist: Kill 20 Cultists
War Ghoul: Kill 2 War Ghouls
Machine Monster: Kill 20 Machine Monsters
Samantha: Unlock 8 models
Father Esteban: Unlock 12 models
Kassandra: Unlock 18 models

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Hulk PlayStation 2 Cheats

Puzzles Solved
Enter BRCESTN on the Code Input menu to unlock this cheat. This causes puzzles to be automatically solved.

Wicked Punch
Enter FSTOFRY on the Code Input menu to unlock this cheat. This lets Hulk kill bad guys with one hit.

Code Input Screen
Enter these cheats at the code input screen in the Options menu:
Effect - Code
Double Health for Enemies - BRNGITN
Double Health for Hulk - HLTHDSE
Half Enemies' HP - MMMYHLP
High Score reset - NMBTHIH
Invincibility - GMMSKIN
Level Select - TRUBLVR
Regenerator - FLSHWND
Unlimited Continues - GRNCHTR

Code Terminal
Enter these cheats at a code terminal in the game:
Effect - Code
Play as Gray Hulk - JANITOR
Unlock Desert Battle art - FIFTEEN
Unlock Hulk Movie FMV art - NANOMED
Unlock Hulk Transformed art - SANFRAN
Unlock Hulk vs. Hulk Dogs art - PITBULL

Full Rage Meter
Enter ANGMNGT on the Code Input menu to unlock this cheat. This causes the rage meter to constantly remain full.

Half-Life Halved
To kill Half-Life faster, knock him into the generators.

Final level
After defeating the Leader, the stronghold will collapse. Pound the door two or three times and follow the path. Ignore the Gamma Elite and go directly to the place where you fought Madman and Half-Life. Wait until the boulders stop falling. Then, jump as if going out of a trouble zone. Defeat the return of Madman at the end and you are home free.

Destroying helicopters
If you get something to throw, pick it up then jump on the roof. Jump while on the roof. If done correctly, you can blow up the helicopters. Do a Super Sonic Clap (Triangle + Circle) while in a rage. Point in the general direction of the helicopter, do the attack, and it will explode. Note: This will not work if the helicopter is directly above you.

Destroying missiles
Perform any kind of punch toward a missile when it is flying at you. If timed correctly, you can punch the missile and it will fly back to the soldier who shot it then blow him up.

Defeating the Leader
In the level where you meet the Leader, enable the "Invulnerable" code to always win. To make it faster, also enable the "Wicked punch" cheat. Punch him once as Banner and use a Sonic Clap as the Hulk to defeat him before help arrives.

Defeating soldiers with their shields up
When you are in rage mode and encounter soldiers in their shields, do Hulk's Earthquake attack. Their shields will fall and you can take them out.

Defeating super robots
The super-robots are the steel-made hide-weaponry guards inside the Desert Base. To defeat them, get them to clump together. Then, jump over the pack of them and run in a circle around them. They will use their energy-beam attack, but as you run it will hit more robots, damaging or destroying them all.

Defeating the parasitic Half-Life
Half-Life is the first Boss you have to fight. His touch will drop your health. Get him into the generators. If you cannot; jump into the air and press Gamma. If you get him in a generator, you will fry him. His bar will return. Use the same strategies again. He will return after you defeat Ravage (Gamma thief).

Return of Half-Life and Madman
After you defeat Ravage and passed the Gamma Elites, you will reach a "door". Two old Bosses will return for revenge (Madman and Half-Life). Deplete half of one of their meters. Madman will escape, will return in the last level. This time, take down Half-Life. Use the Air Gamma trick. This time he stays defeated.

Waving soldier
In challenge mode, go to time attack mode 1. Wait until the soldiers appear. Go to either side of the building. Pick up a soldier, jump, and throw him off the building. Sometimes another soldier will wave good-bye to him.

Soldiers and Alphas
Unless you are Super Hulk, Alphas can withstand a full powered gamma blast, but soldiers cannot. You can tell them apart by the color of their uniforms.

Paralyzer attack
If you are facing a Boss or Gamma guard and you are angry; grab them, then press [Gamma] for a hurting and heroic move. This also works on Ross' robots.

Tank shields
When a tank has its shield up, you cannot go through it, but your Gamma Claps can. It also reduces the withstanding. You will find health and rage.

Endurance mode
Both endurance modes have 25 waves of enemies.

Gray Hulk: Additional comments
After you unlock the Gray Hulk, he will say things such as "And you think your car stereo is loud" and other comments.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

HSX: Hypersonic Xtreme PlayStation 2 Cheats

Access all tracks
Hold R1 and L1 at the title screen, then hit Square, Square, Square, X, Triangle, Triangle, Square, X.

Unlock All Cars
Hold R1 and L1 at the main title screen and hit Triangle, X, X, Circle, X, Circle, Triangle, X.

All track editor features
Win all the Arcade Circuit and Slalom Series races in either first, second, or third place.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hot Wheels: World Race PlayStation 2 Cheats

Kurt's Spy Car
Enter Square(3), Triange, Circle, X.

All tracks
At the Press Start screen, press R2, L2, Circle, Circle, Square, Square.

All cars
At the Press Start screen, press R2, L2, Square, Square, Circle, Circle.

Smash Mouth car
At the Press Start screen, press Square, Square, Square, Triangle, Circle, X.

Unlock Bonus vehicles
Enter SMASHMOUTH as a code.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hot Wheels: Velocity X PlayStation 2 Cheats

Unlimited horse power and perfect handling
Beat the first ten races with a rank of third or higher. Once finished with this task you will need to start a new game and once you have completed the first five races new game. This time come in last each time ten times and reset the Playstation and when you look in your garage you will have a Shelby gt-350 that can go 300 and hit a turn no problem at top speed.

Select Jet Boosters and Hyper Mite and then go to Turbine Sands in joy ride mode. Then find the freestyle course, go off the metal ramp while jet boosting, and then use jet boosters while in the air and you will be flying.

Unlimited ammunition
Intentionally hit at least 50 Barrels while completing Challenge 18.

Unlimited health
Intentionally hit at least 179 Barrels while completing Challenge 17.

Unlimited turbo
Collect 8 Zappers while completing Challenge 4.

All cars
Hit 11 Bonus Stunt items while completing Challenge 8.

All worlds
Find the Hidden Key while completing Challenge 18.

All gadgets
Intentionally hit at least 30 Barrels while completing Challenge 7.

Upgraded laser
Successfully complete Challenge 18 under the very hard difficulty setting.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hot Shots Golf Fore! PlayStation 2 Cheats

In-game reset
Press Start + Select + R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 during game play to restart.

Play as Beida in versus mode (Japanese version)
Defeat Reira.

Play as Buronzon and Sha-ku in versus mode (Japanese version)
Defeat Musashi and Shirubia.

Play as Dogi in versus mode (Japanese version)
Defeat Purin by 4 UP.

Play as Farukon and Ni-na in versus mode (Japanese version)
Defeat Marion.

Play as Garu-da in versus mode (Japanese version)
Defeat Sakura.

Play as Guroria in versus mode (Japanese version)
Defeat Sha-ku.

Play as Hitomi and Sakura in versus mode (Japanese version)
Defeat Purin and Gonzou.

Play as Ku-ga and Reira in versus mode (Japanese version)
Defeat Guroria.

Play as Marion in versus mode (Japanese version)
Defeat Buronzon.

Play as Musashi in versus mode (Japanese version)
Defeat Garu-da.

Play as Rin in versus mode (Japanese version)
Defeat Hitomi.

Play as Ro-zu in versus mode (Japanese version)
Defeat Ku-ga.

Play as Shirubia in versus mode (Japanese version)
Defeat Rin.

Mini Golf 2
Score 120 or more in Mini Golf 1.

Defeat PURIN BY 4+.

Defeat MARION.

Play as BEIDA
Defeat REIRA.


Play as GARU-DA
Defeat SAKURA.

Defeat SHA-KU.



Play as MARION

Defeat GARU-DA.

Play as RIN
Defeat HITOMI.

Play as RO-ZU
Defeat KU-GA.

Defeat RIN.

Play as JAK
Defeat JAK.

Price Reduction
Enter "MKJEFQ" as a password.

Getting The Second Mini Golf Course
All you have to do to get the 2nd course is get a perfect score on the 1st course when you finish your game and should say you can now play on the 2nd course of mini-golf! It doesn't matter what character you use but you have to be in one player mode without any computer players.

Safe shot
Notice how your caddy is on the fairway and not next to you sometimes. When you notice your caddy is not next to you, scan down the fairway. Wherever your caddy is standing, this is a signal for a "safe shot". Aim for your caddy to avoid water or sand traps. However, this will happen only once a hole and not on every hole.

When you use a certain player or caddy many times, you will build loyalty for that character. However, this loyalty is only useful in tournament mode. Choose your characters wisely.

Unlock Costumes
To unlock extra outfits play as the same character four times in tournament or verus mode, this will then also unlock outfits for you to buy in the shop. Note: The extra outfits unlocked in the shop can be won by beating the character in HARD VS mode. It will also be cheaper as most characters can be beaten by using 2-4 pitch hit coupons while outfits to be bought range from 5000 - 15000 points.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hot Shots Golf 3 PlayStation 2 Cheats

In-game reset
Press L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 + Start + Select during game play.

Left-handed golfer
Press Start when selecting a golfer.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Hobbit PlayStation 2 Cheats

Lots of courage points
When on the final level there will be one part you meet up with an elf girl she will tell you to move on while she fights the trolls instead stay and watch her fight the trolls put the ring on when there are a lot of courage points on the ground if you want to make it faster go and fight the trolls with the elf girl.The trolls never stop coming so you can get as many health bubbles as you want in that area.

Elf Head Spin
When in barrels out of bond don't free the head dwarf from the cage in the deep cellar instead go to the small pedestal with a small crystal on it hold the square button a door will open. Slip the ring on and go up the passage there should be to elfs guarding the passage jump behind one of the two and pay attention to the elfs head if you did it correctly the elfs head should spin completely around.

Beating The Three Spider Sisters
In the last section of the level "Flies and Spiders", you will be required to kill the three huge spiders before moving on. This is enormously difficult and is probably the hardest level in the video game. However, here is how to complete the stage. After you free the dwarves, kill the approaching spiders and slide down the rope. Make mush of any immediate enemies, and try to go through the opening in the wall. A queen spider will block it with her web, making your escape impossible. Kill her by hacking with your sword or walking stick. When she is done, another sister will start harassing you. Get the fire rocks nearby and throw them at her. She will dissolve in about ten hits, leaving a string of courage points in her wake. The last spider is difficult. Hit her with freezing stones, then lash out when she is immobilized. You will finish the level to explore more amazing adventures!

Poisonous Spiders
On levels such as "Flies and Spiders" and "The Gathering of the Clouds", where there are a large amount of venomous spiders, you need to know what to do in the case that you run into them. Most spiders are classified by their color. Black spiders are not venomous, but can kill you if you don't attack back. Green spiders are mildly venomous, and you will have to take an antidote potion or you will die. Red spiders are extremely venomous, and will kill you in a very few seconds if antidotes are not taken. However, there is a simple and effective method of eliminating all three types. Instead of hacking at them with Sting (your sword), swipe at them with your walking stick. The stick has a better damage range than the short, stubby sword, and more spiders can be knocked away at once. If all else fails, however, use the Ring to get past the arachnids.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hitman: Contracts PlayStation 2 Cheats

Unlock All Levels
Enter the following code at the main menu: X, Triangle, Circle, Left, Up, Right, L2, R2.

Mini Gun
The mini gun is held by a patient who is behind the locked doors of a basement room in Mission 1: Asylum Aftermath. The keycard that unlocks the doors can be found during Mission 9: The Wang Fou Incident. It is called Orthmeyer's Keycard and is on Lee Hong's desk in his office on the second floor of his mansion. After finding the card, finish the mission and save your progress. Quit to the main menu and replay the first mission. Head to the northern section of the map and turn right in the small room with the red flashing sensor on the ceiling. Pass through the west door and dispose of the patient in order to collect the mini gun.

Each weapon is unlocked by completing the mission and achieving the Silent Assassin rating.
Mission 1: CZ 2000 Dual Pistols
Mission 2: Micro Uzi Dual Submachine Guns
Mission 3: Silverballer Silenced Dual Pistols
Mission 4: Magnum 500 Dual Pistols
Mission 5: Sawed-Off Shotgun Dual
Mission 6: M4 Carbine Silenced Assault Rifle
Mission 7: SG220 .S Dual Pistols
Mission 8: MP5 Silenced Submachine Gun
Mission 9: AK 74 Silenced Assault Rifle
Mission 10: GK 17 Dual Pistols
Mission 11: Micro Uzi Silenced Dual Submachine Guns
Mission 12: PGM Silenced Sniper Rifle

Come back to Life
When your health bar reaches zero the game will enter a black and white death sequence. If you are able to get four consecutive head shots on four different enemies during this sequence you will receive a small amount of health and return to the game.

Skip Level and Earn Secret Weapon
While playing enter R2, L2, UP, DOWN, X, L3, O, X, O, X.

Master Key
In the level "Traditions of the Trade" when you are on the 3rd floor you will eventually see a vacuum boy. When he opens a door to vacuum the room, go to the door and pick up the master key. You should then have access to most doors.

In the level Traditions of the Trade, as soon as you enter the building if you go to the right of the staircase you will see a set of double doors. Go through them and pick the second set of double doors with a sign that says hotel wing closed. Once you do that go to room 106 or any of the other rooms around there closed off by police. Go into that room and walk into the bathroom then go into first person view and look in the mirror and you will see a ghost.

Reflection Ghost
When playing The Meat King's Party look at the loading screen of the slaughter house. You should see a faint skull. This skull is also on the pinball machines in Rotterdam Rendezvous.

See Lee Hong
In the level Asylum Aftermath, once you get the double Desert Eagles, keep going forward through the second set of doors until you get to the last tank with a body in it, then look to the right and there is a tank with Lee Hong written on it.

Getting the M60 Early
On the level "Deadly Cargo," it is possible to get the M60. If you don't get it here, you will have to wait until the 2nd to last level. Make your way to where the SWAT sniper is, on the building overlooking the ship. After the SWAT team attacks the ship, a helicopter will begin circling the area. If you shoot the gunner on the ship, he will fall to the ground with his M60. Make sure that you assassinate the target first and you kill the gunner while the helicopter is over a land area that you can reach.

Dual Gold Desert Eagles
After getting the key card from the Wang Fou Incident you most likely went to Asylum Aftermath to collect your Mini Gun. After that continue thru the level and when you get to a large room with windows and the door ahead... STOP! One patient will be walking around and on your right will be steps leading down to a door with red lights over it. Enter that room with the key card. Walk forward until you find the Gold Desert Eagle Guns right under your nose!

Ghost Blood in room 106
In traditions of the trade it was previously posted there was a ghost. But I found something else. This only worked in room 106, but after looking at the ghost in the mirror if you turn around you can see your target flicker red. When it does shoot and blood will spatter on the shower wall.

Various Codes
All 3 of these cheats are on level 2, The Meat Kings Party.
1. This is how to make a guy float. You start the mission and you start in the produce truck. The guy lying below you is only knocked out, shoot him and take his clothes. You can Either walk through stealthily, or do it my way. I like to wait till' one of the guests walks over to take a leak behind the pallets.Shoot him with your silenced silverballer5 and steal his clothes. Then, use the gun to shoot everybody on the porch, a chick might run in to tell a guard, shoot them. Walk in neutralize all guards and have fun.Take a right arter the stairs and go to the next door.Keep on walking straight to go into the minor party room. Keep on going forward , right, another forward, another right until you get in the room where a single guy is sleeping on the couch. Shoot him once in the stomach, and go around shooting everybody until you have to go to the exit point. Go back and look, He's floating in midair.
2. When you go to the second floor to neutralize the meat king, there should be one door where you go outside on the roof. Look closely and you will eventually find a ladder going higher.Follow the platform for a while until you can't go any farther.Look right and there is a window. Open it and you can see the meat King.Shoot him and finish up.
3. You start mission, walk through the first door and take a left. Keepp walking forward until you get in the big Meat room.get down beside the farther Butcher and there is a sniper rifle and ammo relatively close to him.Its a good idea to blend this with #2.

Level select
Press Square, Triangle, Circle, Left, Up, Right, L2, R2 at the main menu.

All weapons in training level
Start the training level, then enable the "Level skip" code. You will complete it with a "Silent Assassin" rank. Choose the training level again, and all the weapons in the game will be unlocked in the weapons storage area. This also will unlock the Cardboard Tube weapon.

Getting the M60 Early
On the level "Deadly Cargo," it is possible to get the M60. If you don't get it here, you will have to wait until the 2nd to last level. Make your way to where the SWAT sniper is, on the building overlooking the ship. After the SWAT team attacks the ship, a helicopter will begin circling the area. If you shoot the gunner on the ship, he will fall to the ground with his M60. Make sure that you assassinate the target first and you kill the gunner while the helicopter is over a land area that you can reach.

See Lee Hong
In the level Asylum Aftermath, once you get the double Desert Eagles, keep going forward through the second set of doors until you get to the last tank with a body in it, then look to the right and there is a tank with Lee Hong written on it.

The Bjarkhov Bomb: Humorous translations
Go inside of the submarine. There are some Russians wearing radiation suits working on the dirty bomb. The translation of what they are saying are the following four phrases:
"I hate this frozen wasteland."
"Careful! Are you trying to kill us?"
"Thank God there were 2 boxes of vodka on the plane this morning."
"Help me a little."

The Seafood Massacre: Phantom chef
Once the mission starts, run to the restaurant's basement where you cut the gas off. Grab the restaurant outfit and quickly run to kill the Red Dragon Negotiator. Dump him in the sewer, grab his amulet, and climb out. Next, head back to the basement. The guards will not know that you are not a restaurant employee. Cut the gas. Hide in the room where you got the outfit from and wait for the chef to go over to the gas thing. Quickly, yet quietly, exit the room and get behind the Chef. Note: Make sure you have the syringe out before you walk out the room. Just when he turns his head and spots you, stab him with the syringe. If done correctly, he should stand up and slowly walk away, leaving you in the motion as if you stabbed him. He will walk out the door, and get knocked out there.

Traditions Of The Trade: Bleeding ghost
In the part where the ghost appears and goes into the room in the dark hallway, enter that room and go back into the shower. The ghost will appear by the back wall. If you shoot it, blood with splatter on the wall. If you missed him the first time, just leave the room then return and he will reappear. You can do this as many times as desired. When you shoot him, it will seem as if time slowed down and speeds back up.

Traditions Of The Trade: Kill the Ghost
Go down to the hallway at the bottom floor of the hotel. You will see the ghost that walks through into a wall. Move to a dead plant in the corner of the hallway near to a locked door. Then, go back towards the hallway where you saw the ghost. Make sure you have your Fibre Wire out before continuing. Heading down the corridor, you will see the ghost who walks into the wall. Get your Fibre Wire ready then get behind the ghost before it disappears into the wall. If you are quick, you can strangle the ghost with your Fibre Wire, which now flickers on the ground. You can now drag the ghost around the hotel.

Traditions Of The Trade: See murder
Go to your map in the level. There is a point of interest in the corner of the second or third floor. There is police tape and a guard there. Kill the guard, sneak in, and you will find a dead man on the bed. Go into the bathroom to see a bathtub full of blood. There is a sawedoff shotgun in front of it that can help you if you do not have any guns.

Traditions Of The Trade: Showering
In room 202 on the second floor, there is a fat guard wearing black and sunglasses. Shoot him, then picklock the door he is securing. Sneak in without a gun and sneak silently. You will see a man in red Speedos taking a shower.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin PlayStation 2 Cheats

Get Silenced Ballers
Get a Silent Assassin Rank in any mission.

Get Sawed Off Shotgun
Get a Silent Assassin Rank in any 2 missions.

Level cheat
At the main menu, press: R2, L2, Up, Down, square, triangle, circle.

God mode
While playing, press: R2, L2, up, down, X, R2, L2, R1, L1.

All weapons
While playing, press: R2, L2, Up, Down, X, Up, Square, X.

Megaforce mode
R2, L2, Up, Down, X, R2, R2.

Full heal
While playing, press: R2, L2, Up, Down, X, Up, Down.

Bomb mode
While playing, press: R2, L2, Up, Down, X, Up, L1.

Punch mode
While playing, press: R2, L2 Up Down X Up Up.

While playing, press: R2, L2, Up, Down, X, L2, L2.

Lethal charge
While playing, press: R2, L2, Up, Down, X, Up, Up.

Nailgun mode
While playing, press: R2, L2, Up, Down, X, L1, L1.

Slow Motion
While playing, press: R2, L2, Up, Down, X, Up, L2.

Press R2, L2, Up, Down, X, R2, L2, R1 and L1 at the main menu to unlock invincibility.

Get the M4
To get the M4 you must complete all the St.Petersburg missions, including and up to "Invitation to a party", and recieve a Silent Assasin rating, each time, at the end.

Quick Pick
On some missions where you have to get passed a door you need your lock pick but it takes hours so start to pick then go to your menu and when you go back its done.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

High Heat Major League Baseball 2004 PlayStation 2 Cheats

Game State Mode
When you are playing a game, pause the game so it is on the menu screen, then, press square[2], circle[2], and then hold L1 and R1. You should be in the Game State mode. You can change the inning, outs, score, and even have the ball cannon on!

Hold Square after your batter is beaned and he will charge the pitcher and start a fight. Your player will be ejected.

Created Player With Long Socks
Go to edit/create player screen. Go to a person that has socks (for example, Mark Belhorn). Select him, then change him to the player you want to create. Press Triangle and you will be prompted to save your changes. Select 'Yes'.

Getting Beaned
Sometimes if your batter is beaned, he will not be allowed to go to first base.

Monday, March 12, 2012

High Heat Major League Baseball 2003 PlayStation 2 Cheats

Cheat mode
Pause game play and press Square(2), Circle(2), L1, R1. A sound will confirm this portion of the code. Then, press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2. The "Ball Cannon" (set pitch physics) and "Game State" (edit game parameters) options will now be unlocked.

Hold Square after your batter is beaned and he will charge the pitcher and start a fight. Your player will be ejected.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

High Heat Major League Baseball 2002 PlayStation 2 Cheats

Charge the mound
When your batter gets hit by a pitch, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and the batter will start to walk towards the mound and gesture with his hands. Continue to hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press X for the batter to charge the mound and for all players on both teams to come out and fight.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hidden Invasion PlayStation 2 Cheats

Big Heads and Deformed Bodies
At the Title screen, press Left, Left, Up, Up, Right, Right, Down, Down.

Easier Game
At the title screen, press Up, Down, Down, Up, Left, Left, Up, Right, Right, Up, Up, and Up. A sound will confirm the code. The game will be a little easier.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Heroes Of Might And Magic PlayStation 2 Cheats

Using a Hydra
When surrounded by enemies close by, use the Hydra's attack on any opponent. All of the Hydra's heads will lash out, and kill one of each enemy.

Getting a good army
Start with the barbarian and catch some villains. This is easy on Arcathia. Build a very nasty army including pikemen, nomads, knights, archers and lizardmen. If you get an army with over 400 lizardmen it is possible to kill dragons with three strikes.

Gaining stats from treasure chests
Approach a treasure box then save the game. Touch the treasure box and you will get one of several options:

100 gold or 2 leadership points.
200 gold or 4 leadership points.
300 gold or 6 leadership points.
400 gold or 8 leadership points.
500 gold or 10 leadership points.

A leprechaun willing to trade a spell if you release him.
A tribe of nomads who give you +1 to spell capacity.
Some minerals that will get a pay raise from queen.

If you do not get the desired treasure, load your game and try again. Note: Do not try for the spell capacity, as it seems to be very rare.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Herdy Gerdy PlayStation 2 Cheats

Cheat Mode
To activate CHEAT MODE go to the title screen: L2, L1, L2, L1, UP, R1, R2, R1, R2 then the screen will fade and come back. next go to the options screen and there will be new options.

Secret 1 Option
Collect 100 Bells in the Gerdy's Hut level, then give the Cowbell to the cow herder in Meadow Village. The Secret 1 option (Gerdy concept art) will now be unlocked at the extras screen.

Secret 2 Option
Collect 100 Bells in the Meadow Village level, then give the Cowbell to the cow herder in Meadow Village. The Secret 2 option (development FMV sequences) will now be unlocked at the extras screen.

Secret 4 Option
Collect 100 Bells in the Beaver Creek level, then give the Cowbell to the cow herder in Meadow Village. The Secret 4 option (unused level designs) will now be unlocked at the extras screen.

Secret 5 Option
Collect 100 Bells in the Moonlit Peaks level, then give the Cowbell to the cow herder in Meadow Village. The Secret 5 option (concept art) will now be unlocked at the extras screen.

Secret 6 Option
Collect 100 Bells in the Goldmine Gorge level, then give the Cowbell to the cow herder in Meadow Village. The Secret 6 option (Gerdy concept art) will now be unlocked at the extras screen.

Secret 7 Option
Collect 100 Bells in the Belders Spring level, then give the Cowbell to the cow herder in Meadow Village. The Secret 7 option (Concept art) will now be unlocked at the extras screen.

Secret 8 Option
Collect 100 Bells in the Belders Spring level, then give the Cowbell to the cow herder in Meadow Village. The Secret 8 option (Concept art) will now be unlocked at the extras screen.

Secret 9 Option
Collect 100 Bells in the Ancient Temple level, then give the Cowbell to the cow herder in Meadow Village. The Secret 9 option (Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness screenshots) will now be unlocked at the extras screen.

Secret 10 Option
Collect 100 Bells in the Pirates Cove level, then give the Cowbell to the cow herder in Meadow Village. The Secret 10 option (wireframe animation) will now be unlocked at the extras screen.

Secret 11 Option
Collect 100 Bells in the Skrags Nest level, then give the Cowbell to the cow herder in Meadow Village. The Secret 11 option (background concept art) will now be unlocked at the extras screen.

Secret 12 Option
Collect 100 Bells in the Elven Wood level, then give the Cowbell to the cow herder in Meadow Village. The Secret 12 option (Gerdy wireframe animations) will now be unlocked at the extras screen.

Secret 13 Option
Collect 100 Bells in the Forest Glade level, then give the Cowbell to the cow herder in Meadow Village. The Secret 13 option (box art concepts) will now be unlocked at the extras screen.

Secret 15 Option
Collect 100 Bells in the Crystal Lake level, then give the Cowbell to the cow herder in Meadow Village. The Secret 15 option (wireframe animations) will now be unlocked at the extras screen.

Secret 17 Option
Collect 100 Bells in the Crystal Lake level, then give the Cowbell to the cow herder in Meadow Village. The Secret 17 option (unused level concepts) will now be unlocked at the extras screen.

Secret 18 Option
Collect 100 Bells in the Foxtown Bridge level, then give the Cowbell to the cow herder in Meadow Village. The Secret 18 option (concept art) will now be unlocked at the extras screen.

Secret 19 Option
Collect 100 Bells in the Foxtown Docks level, then give the Cowbell to the cow herder in Meadow Village. The Secret 19 option (concept art) will now be unlocked at the extras screen.

Secret 20 Option
Collect 100 Bells in the Tournament Island level, then give the Cowbell to the cow herder in Meadow Village. The Secret 19 option (Sadorf concept art) will now be unlocked at the extras screen.

Stop Gromps From Chasing You
When a Gromp is chasing you, jump in to a pen. The Gromp will stop chasing you.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Headhunter PlayStation 2 Cheats

Opening the Star Locker
To open the Star Locker, break Hank Redwood's records in Leila mode, then complete the game once. The Star Locker contains all weapons with unlimited ammunition. Note: You may not be able to complete the game normally if the Star Locker is used.

Unlimited Ammo & All Weapons
You must achieve records in all of the L.E.I.L.A tests, then finish the game. You should receive a message under you statistics that says "You have received the Special Award." Now save when prompted. Then start a New Game, and when you get up to the L.E.I.L.A Office go to the * box. Check inside for all of the weapons fully loaded.

Debug mode
Hold R1 + Square and press Start during game play.

Door password
To unlock the room on the second floor of the bikers' hideout, enter "1993" as a password.

Killing silently
Sneak up behind someone and press R1 + X to will break their neck kill them instantly. Note: This requires some practice.

Ramirez's spiders and door
When you battle Ramirez's spiders, shoot them once then stand over them. Press Action, then guide the spiders towards the door. Press Action again to make the spiders jump at the door. Eventually they will melt the mechanism with their acid blood and you can enter.

Defeating Ramirez
To defeat Ramirez the second time, you must get up and shoot out the lights. He will then only throw grenades. Next, get up close and shoot him to kill him.

Defeat Greywolf
First grab the medi-kit. Push triangle to push up against the wall. Then just move left shoot him and then go to the right. If you are lucky you can meet him just as he's coming around the corner.

Defeating Gladiator
You can only use the handgun. There are five circular plates on the floor. Stand on one and a lighting bolt will hit it. It can cause damage to you. However, if timed correctly, you can lure Gladiator towards you and jump out of the way, allowing the bolt to hit him instead. The only way to kill him is to use the plates.

Finding The 6th Bomb
On the map it looks like the bomb is directly the bridge.Well it is of course but it's not that easy. Press select or start"I don't remember" look at the map and go to the far view. You have to go the HOLE WAY AROUND the dam. Once you get in the sewer. Be careful becuase they WILL trick you if you are not ready for it.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Haven: Call of the King PlayStation 2 Cheats

Refill Health
Press R2, L2, R1, Circle, Triangle, L2, X and Square to refill health.

Shield Recharge
While playing, enter code L1, L2, Square, Triangle, X, Triangle then hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 . Your shield will recharge slowly.

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Haunted Mansion PlayStation 2 Cheats

Invincibility Code

Weapon Code

Level Select
While playing, hold Right, then press Circle(2), Square, Triangle(2), Square, Circle, X.
Level - Password
Level 2 - Ox, Horse, Tiger, Sheep
Level 3 - Rooster, Boar, Rabbit, Dragon
Level 4 - Rat, Dog, Monkey, Snake
Level 5 - Sheep, Tiger, Horse, Ox
Level 6 - Dragon, Rabbit, Boar, Rooster
Level 7 - Snake, Monkey, Dog, Rat

Zeke Is Invisible
Hold X + Square + L1 + R1 during the intro movie (before the legal screen). You can release them on the title screen.

Play as Skeleton Zeke
To play as Skeleton Zeke, press and hold down the following button combos when the game's "legal screen" appears: Triangle, Circle, Square, X.

While playing, hold RIGHT on the D-Pad, and then press SQUARE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, SQUARE, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, X.

Madame Leota
Whenever you need a hint or help, press up or down on the directional buttons and Madame Leota will give you a hint which is a riddle you must solve to understand.

Maid's Room
The maid's room in the lower hallway is a maze filled with ghosts and spiders and other creeps. The only way to get through is to find the 4 or 5 doors in the room. When you first start that room, you will be mauled by the haunted spirits that hurt you. That entry room is also the last. When you get through all the doors, you are in the same room you started in. Although, when you start, the light switch is not there by the door. When you get through all the doors the light switch is next to the door. Turn it on and get all the shrivled souls and go to the next room.

Secret Area
In the great hall/first level go to the fire place and go to the left. You will see a bat statue go to it and press "B".Once you have done that go back to the fire place and walk down into it.

Secret of the Graveyard
At the Graveyard, you have to find the Head's brothers. There will be alot of fake heads that are wanna bees. Now,from the begging you'll have a choice to go straight or go left. Go left and press square on the one on the left. Ok,now keep on going that way, and then you'll find 2 more heads. Choose the one on the left. Finally, you'll find three heads on the hill. Stand in front of the heads so that you see a backwards triangle. Choose the head in the upper left. If you do this correctly, lights will come on, and a huge Castle will come out of the ground.

Ballroom hint
At the Ballroom, you will be pushed by wind. Now, what you have to do is try to get pulled by the spiders web, and when you get pulled to the spider you shoot it,and then another spider might pull you right after that. Keep recently doing this until you get to the mother spider. Hold in L1,and keep on using the powerful attacks. Eventually, you'll beat the spider and you'll have to face Atticus Thorn. One of the ways you can beat him is, to hide behind a wall, charge up your attack,and keep on shooting him. Remember, after every shot,go behind the wall and charge your attack again.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland PlayStation 2 Cheats

How to Get the Dog
When you begin the game, you'll notice several stray dogs wandering around. If you approach them, they'll run away. To woo a dog to your yard, keep putting food in his bowl. Anything will do: grass, eggs, berries. When you place these foods in the bowl, they immediately turn into doggie mush. After a while, you will notice the dog appearing at your farm more and more. Keep trying to pick up the dog (X). At some point, he will let you pick him up, and he will be yours!

How to Get the Horse
To get the horse, you'll have to visit Bob's farm quite a bit. Do part-time work taking care of his horses and cows and give him lots of presents. Eventually, after a solid chunk of work (a season or more), he'll bring a horse to you.

How to Train Your Dog
Once you get a dog to stay on your farm, you'll have to train him. To do so, use the following button presses in order to get him to do what you wish:
Drive animals: RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT
Sit up: DOWN, UP, UP

Power Berry Locations
To get the Power Berries scattered around the land, look in these places:
1. In your pasture.
2. Visit the Harvest Goddess.
3. Visit the Harvest Sprites.
4. Go fishing.
5. Trigger the "Sacred Land" event.

Full Moon Berry
Around the middle of Fall you can go behind the cafe/bar and get the full moon berry. After you get it, the berry will be there in another 3 days. The full moon berry will restore a lot of your energy and it is also a good gift to give to people.

More Birthdays
Ronald - Spring 11
Wallace - Summer 1
Katie - Fall 2
Louis - Fall 2
Lyla - Spring 27
Parsley - Spring 16
Bob - Summer 1
Tim - Fall 12
Gwen - Summer8
Martha - Winter 25
Gina - Fall 20
Dia -Winter 9
Woody -Winter 2
Joe - Summer 10
Kurt - Winter 10

Seven Brand New Recipes
Pancakes Breadfruit, egg, milk, pan
Honey Cake egg, Honey, breadfruit, oven
Fruit Flan milk, egg, any fruit, oven
Cheese Cake egg, G milk, breadfruit, oven
Bouillabaisse tomato, M. Fish, pot
Cheese Omelet egg, cheese, Pan
Sautee Fish w/cream Herb, Large Fish, Milk, Pan

He loves eggs, especially Golden Eggs.

Give her Special Cheese and she will have a heart reaction. She loves her eggs, especially gold eggs.

The little heart will appear over her head if you give her Home Made Jam or Pink Cat Flower (which start growing in summer). If you show her you dog in the beginning, she will also have a heart over her head, but this only happens once she appreciates the yellow flowers (but that does not get a big reaction).

He likes tomatoes.

If you give Katie some cheese, a little heart will appear over her head indicating that her love rate increased. It is recommended that you make your own cheese - costs $500. When she meets your dog for the first time, she will get a exclamation point on top of her head. The girls will only like your dog if you give it a good name. If you give her gold eggs and milk before the Cake Contest starts. you will also get a reaction.

Gwen also loves Jam.

She really likes Golden Eggs. Also try giving her a big fish for a heart reaction. Gina loves the Full Moon Berries found behind the bar and cafe in the fall. A heart reaction will form.

There may not be anything that she likes, even blueberries.

He likes home made cakes.

Free Animal Fodder
Take a part time job at Brownie Farms when you are feeding the animals fodder You can steal whatever is left over by putting it in your pack.

Secret Store
There is a secret "store" in the big mansion near the farm store where you can sell almost everything but you cannot buy anything. The store is on a piece of paper near the refrigerator at the mansion.

Fishing Rod
Go to the Cafe as soon as the new day begins and you will see a carpenter. After the intermission sequence he will explain and give you the rod.

Chickens take longer to give Gold Eggs. If you leave your chickens outside in the grass you will not have to feed them. Instead of paying 500G for a chicken from the Animal Farm, buy an egg from the Supermarket for 50G and place it in the incubator. Three days later, a baby chick will hatch.

Your cow will give milk faster if you leave her outside on very sunny days (when the weather channel states that there will be a 0% chance of rain). Once she gives Large Milk, leave her outside on two very good days and you should get Gold Milk. If you leave your cows outside in the grass you will not have to feed them.

Note: You can cook food after you buy a kitchen.
Blue Berry Jam: Blue Berry (3x) and Pot.
Boiled Egg: Egg and Pot.
Cake: Egg, Milk, Breadfruit and Oven.
Cheese: L Milk and Pot.
Cooked Fish: Potato (or Herb), Fish and Pan.
Cran Berry Jam: Cran Berry (3x) and Pot.
Cream of Corn Soup: Milk, Corn and Pot.
Cream of Mushroom Soup: Milk, Mushroom and Pot.
Cream of Tomato Soup: Milk, Tomato and Pot.
Creamy Soup: Potato, Milk and Pot.
Flan: Egg, Milk and Oven.
Fruit Cake: Breadfruit, Milk, any fruit and Oven.
Fruit Omelet: Egg, any fruit and Pan.
Hot Milk: S Milk and Pot.
Mixed Jam: Very Berry, Cran Berry, Blue Berry and Pot.
Mixed Omelet: Egg, any vegetable and Pan.
Omelet: Egg, Milk and Pan.
Special Cheese: G Milk and Pot.
Sunny-Side Up: Egg and Pan.
Very Berry Jam: Very Berry (3x) and Pot.
Yogurt: M Milk and Pot.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Harry Potter: The Sorcerer's Stone PlayStation 2 Cheats

Bug in Spongify Challenge
This is a bug that I have encountered several times. In the Spongify Challenge, at the top of the room with the ghosts in, there is an Alohomora door. When you go through it, there are green and purple beans and a Fire Crab. DO NOT GO ANYWHERE ELSE APART FROM THE FIRST CORRIDOR WITH THE BEANS. There are two wizard cards and a Challenge Shield, but if you go past the trail of beans there will no longer be an option to exit the room. You will have to reset the console to the last point you saved. This happens to me every time I do this, so WATCH OUT!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup PlayStation 2 Cheats

Faster Snitch Catch
When the snitch is in play wait for a second untill you have full control over your seeker. Then hit the boost button if done right it will take you right to the snitch. How fast you catch it is affected by how much boost you have when you start.

Tons Of Points
To score points very quickly,you must first make a point.As soon as the possesion changes,tilt the analog stick(or D-pad) towards the player with the ball and repeadetly press X. If you do this corectly,you should have tackled them and taken the ball from them. Move towards the three hoops and press O to shoot the ball into an open hoop. Do this over and over again and you should have alot of points by the end of the game.

Lots of Boost
To have lots of boost first you must get to the point where you have to catch the snitch. Then you hold X and stay in the gold line the snitch lets out. You will keep getting boost so you will beat the other seeker.

Queerditch Marsh
Win the Quidditch world cup with any country to play in the place where they first invented Quidditch, called Queerditch Marsh. You can play multi-player or against the CPU.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban PlayStation 2 Cheats

Defeating The Fire Armor
When fighting the fire armor thing when you just got Glacius, to avoid the shooting fire rocks when he opens up, stay directly in the middle. You should be able to avoid almost all of them. Start with Flipendo until he opens his mouth, then use Glacius until he sort of explodes (this does not mean that he is defeated). One of his arms will come off. Use Glacius to put out the fire, then use Flipendo to destroy it. Repeat until he is defeated.

Defeating The Metal Armor
He will try to spin around to attack you. You must dodge it, and when he stops, use the spell that grabs things. You must grab each of his four shields. When the shields hit the ground they will turn into monsters. Once you kill all four, he gets swords. He will stop spinning. Wait before you grab his head with the spell, because he will hit his swords on the ground. After he does this, grab his head and yank it off to defeat him.

Defeating The Goul
On the 'Neville And The Goul' level, after you have completed all of the tasks and have opened the chamber, light Lumos Duo in its eyes. Then, lead it into the chamber to lock it in.

Defeating Hinkypunks
You will first come in contact with Hinkypunks on the same level with the Goul. Hunkypunks are ghost-like creatures with one foot and a lantern. To defeat them, have Ron shine Lumos Duo in their faces. When they become solid and zombie-like, finish them off with Flipendo.

Getting Fairy Wings
Have Hermione repair the dragon statue with Reparo. Then, shoot Draconifors at it to light the bush in which the fairies are hiding in. The fairies will get mad and attack you. Then, have Hermione shoot them with Flipendo then use Glacius on them while they are on the ground.

Character Special Abilities
Each character (Harry, Ron, and Hermione) has a special ability. Use Ron to find hidden passages. Use harry to jump long gaps. Use Hermione to crawl under small spaces. This is useful when getting spellbooks or escaping Trolls and Prefects.

Harry's Dad's Voice
When you get attacked by a Dementor and it is stealing your soul, listen closely. You will hear a male voice yell 'Lily! Its him run!' or 'Lily! Take Harry outta here!', which we can assume its his dad telling his mom to get Harry to safety the night Voldemort came and murdered them.

Gryriffindor Ties And Clothing Differences
When you talk to other students, look at their ties. Everyone has a Gryriffindor tie, with the exception of Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle (whom have different ones). Also, there are only two people with their shirts out, which are Ron and Seamus, and with either Crabbe or Goyle, only one has a school jumper on.

How to kill a salamander
To kill a Salamander first use the Glacius spell to put out the fire on its back and to turn it icy and then shoot it with Flipendo.

Getting Doxey Eggs For Potions Class
Have plenty of Antidote because Doxeys are poisonous. Use Flapindo to get rid of the Doxeys, then have Harry use the spell that grabs things, Carpe Retractum, to pull the eggs towards you. Hold the Analog-stick Toward you to pull them.

Unlocking The Locked Door And Chest
In order to unlock the locked door on the Sixth Floor and the locked chest in the Muggle Studies area, you have to find and return all of the lost objects from the notice board in the Gryffindor common room, until you find the key. It is located behind the statue on the First Floor. You can now open the door and chest using the lost key.

Easy Beans
You can get lots of beans and Wiggenweild Potions in Fred and Georges bathroom. Play as Ron and go to the back room. Go up to the robes and press X for both sides. Beans and sometimes Wiggenweild Potions will appear. Go through the secret wall, then go back to Fred and Georges. Go to the robes and do the same thing. Keep going back and forth and you will have plenty of beans. Also when using Harry, Hermione, or Ron, fire your attacking spell at a bush. A bean will appear. Continue to do this as many times as desired.

When you are helping to save Neville the Hinkypunks are the ghost things that Ron has to kill. All you have to do is back all 3 of them into a corner. Once they are there and you are close to them, they should not move anymore and you should be able to target and Lumos Duo each of them. When they become solid Flipendo them until they blow up. Do this for all 3 of them. After you do one group a second will appear. Repeat the steps above to kill them. After that shine Lumos Duo on the crystal for about 5 seconds until it lights up, then adjust the mirror so it shines in the eye and the gate on the far wall should open.

Free Wiggenweld and Antidote Potions
When you are exploring the Hogwarts grounds, you will every once in a while encounter a bush. When you see one, move up close to it and shoot Flipendo at it. Either a jelly bean, antidote potion, or wiggenweld potion will pop out. Pick it up with the character of your choice.

Unlimited Every-Flavored Beans
Using Ron, you can discover Bertie Bott's Every-Flavored Beans in bookcases. Using this logic, this is how the trick works. First, enter a huge room with many bookcases (usually a study area.) Pick out the beans (or occasionally dungbombs) from them, and then exit the way you came. Enter once more, and you will be able to reap the beans again, even though you already did! This is an effective technique for gaining unlimited beans.