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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Conflict: Desert Storm II - Back to Baghdad PlayStation 2 Cheats

Ammo Conservation
If there is a big group of enemy soliders, instead of using your guns throw a phosphrus grenade into the group.

Extreme Mode
Successfully complete the game on the hard difficulty setting to unlock the extreme difficulty setting.

Healing Falling Teammates
If one of your teammates falls to the ground, throw a smoke grenade near him. Then, get your health packet out and heal him.

Destroying Armored Vehicle or Tanks
Use Jones to run up to the vehicle or tank. Lay an anti-tank mine next to it, in turn sacrificing jones Temporarily to take out the vehicle or tank. Use Jones to run close to the tank, then plant a C4. Throw a smoke grenade on the tank, run for the nearest cover, then blow it up. Have one of your team members run by the tank to distract it. Then, run up to the tank, plant C4, and blow it up (risking your life). You can heal him with the other team member.

Unlock Cheat Menu
Go to the main menu then hit L1, L1, R1, R1, square, square, triangle, triangle, circle, circle. Now in the options menu while playing there will be a cheats option.

Destroy tanks in Street Battle
Get Bradley and Jones to kill the first few Iraquis. When you get to the first tank, there is a wrecked jeep. Crouch behind it,and switch to your laser desigenator. Lock on and a helicopter will destroy it. The second tank is behind a wall,there is a room off to the right go inside and get the rocket launcher leaning against a drawer. Get it,hit the deck and go outside. there is an alley strait in front of you. Get whoever doesn't have the rocket launcher and throw a grenade,preferebly smoke and throw it as a distraction. Make the other guy run into the alley and hit the tank from behind. The third tank is easy. Get into the room on the left. There will be a window. Use the laser designator and blow it up.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Conflict Zone PlayStation 2 Cheats

Mission 4: Releasing Hooper from prison
Get one of your commandos into the prison. The prison will explode, and your commander will still be standing there. Take him to the northeast village and avoid the GHOST troops.

Replay Missions
After pausing the game press START then press X, Up, Up, Left, Right, Left.

Get 100 Population
After pausing the game press START then press X, Right, Right, Left, Up. A message will confirm correct code entry.

Skip Mission
After pausing the game press START then press X, Up, Up, Left, Right, Left. Now end the game and press X at the debrief screen.

Get $10,000
After pausing the game press START then press X, Left, right, Up, Left. A message will confirm correct code entry.

To Attack Faster
Build structures that make units (Barracks, V. Factories, etc.), then have each of them to make units. For example, if you made two Barracks and told one to make fifteen soldiers and the other to make fifteen soldiers, both barracks will make them. This works for both IPC and GHOST. This trick will allow you to make soldiers and attack a lot faster.

Invincible Units

Fast Building
Pause the game and hit X, DOWN, DOWN, UP, LEFT, RIGHT.

View All On Map
To view all on your map pause the game and press: X, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Conflict Desert Storm PlayStation 2 Cheats

Easy way to kill tanks and special weapon abilities
To kill tanks easily all you have to do is shoot at the wheels and you can practice this on one player training which also tells you that the gun that Bradley starts with can be used as a grenade gun by holding triangle going onto his original gun and pressing R1.

Various Cheats
These codes require the PS2 keyboard. During gameplay press the following: K - Invincibility toggle Y - Reverse Aim X - Pauses Game L - Show debug info - Menu toggle

Cheat Mode
Press Square(2), Circle(2), L1(2), R1(2), L2(2), R2(2) at the main menu. There is no confirmation message. Start a game, then pause and enter the options screen. The "Cheats" option will be unlocked at the options menu, with "Trooper Level", "Enemy AI", and "Mission List" selections.

Toggle Damage
This code requires a USB keyboard. Press K to toggle damage while playing a game.

Display Debug Position and Rotation
This code requires a USB keyboard. Press L to display your position and rotation while playing a game.

Reverse Aiming
This code requires a USB keyboard. Press Y while playing a game.

Pause Game Play
This code requires a USB keyboard. Press X to freeze the game while playing a game. Press Start to resume.

Display Menu
This code requires a USB keyboard. Press to toggle the menu while playing a game.

Rescuing Your Teammates
If a member of your team goes down, he will fall to the ground and will not be able to move or defend himself. When the first health meter is gone, that teammate will fall to the ground and a dark red health meter will take the place of the normal health meter. This health meter will slowly diminish. It is critical that you eliminate all hostiles around the downed teammate before you advance to try and save him. if you do not eliminate all the hostiles, another teammate might be taken down trying to save the first one. Be quick because the downed teammate will not last for long. Once it is safe, equip the medkit, stand over him, press R3, look at him, and press X. This will heal him and he will be back in action.

Spreading Out Munitions
Do not give too much of the powerful items such as tank mines, C4, anti-tank guns, etc. to a single person. If you have this person advance and he gets taken down by a tank, your other teammates might not have the firepower needed to even get close to the downed person, let alone heal him. It is always a good idea to have each teammate equipped with at the least one high powered explosive in case you need to take something out.

Weak Spots on Tanks
All tanks have very heavy front and side armor. However, the tank's rear is lightly armored. Smaller tanks can be hit with a rocket almost anywhere and will usually explode. However, larger tanks must be attacked with an explosive from behind. If you shoot it from the front or side, chances are you will not even make a dent.

Last Resort Attack on Tanks
If you need to take out a tank but have no more long range rockets, it is possible to get close to it without getting hit. First, you will need to have a sniper rifle to zoom in on the top of the tank to take out the gunner, if there is one. After he is down, throw a smoke bomb in the direction of the tank. Try to get the smoke bomb in as close to it as possible. While the smoke is in the air, you can run up to the tank without being hit. The smoke will make it impossible for the tank to see you. Get directly next to the tank and plant a C4 next to it. After it is planted, throw another smoke bomb slightly further away from the tank. Make a mad dash for the smoke. If you are fast enough, you will get behind the wall of smoke and can then make your way to safety. Then, detonate the C4. If you have C4 with a detonator, run to the tank, crouch, plant the C4, then quickly run away. When you get about 10 feet away, use the detonator to explode the C4.

Last Resort Attack on SCUDs
SCUDs can be blown up with the sniper rifle if they are in the launch position. Shoot the rocket a few times with it.

Charge The Enemy
The game sends an infinite amount of troops after the alarm has been set. The best way to defend yourself is to charge ahead as fast, but also as safely, as possible. In some levels you can cut down the number of men by almost fifty. If you are low on ammunition, health, etc., this is a good way to cut down on the amount of men you have to deal with. It also works sometimes if you send a man far ahead and hold him there, then do your objectives for your mission.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Commandos 2 PlayStation 2 Cheats

Bonus missions
Collect all the brown bonus books during a mission to complete the photograph at the end and unlock a bonus mission. Note: The "Saving Private Smith" mission does not have an associated bonus mission.

Level Codes
Stage 1:

Stage 2:

Stage 3:

Stage 4:

Stage 5:

Stage 6:

Stage 7:

Stage 8:

Stage 9:

Stage 10:

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Colin McRae Rally 3 PlayStation 2 Cheats

Choosing your own bonus code
Use the following trick to change your bonus code. For example, if you want to use the cheats for "1154" but your number is different. Delete your saved game file, then reload the game. You will have a new bonus code. Repeat this process until you get the desired number. This usually works within about eight attempts as there are only about eight different bonus codes.

Bonus Code Cheats
Each copy of the game comes with a different bonus code. Here's a list of the cheats for each bonus code:
Bonus Code 0976
All Cars: MKCLLB
All Difficulties: WSNXZU
All Parts: FHPCNU
All Tracks: ODIATU
Baja Buggy: NQFIPE
Battle Tank: LHZWOH
Hovercraft: IURUOT
Super Focus: OQJZZY

Bonus Code 1154:
All Cars: WWACNU
All Difficulties: AUNAMA
All Parts: UZVLLB
All Tracks: XWUDBU
Baja Buggy: PHOUOT
Battle Tank: ZIIUUR
Hovercraft: MHXIPE
Super Focus: UYNFVA

Bonus Code 1432:
All Cars: FMGUOT
All Difficulties: UXNKFB
All Parts: KEZIPE
All Tracks: RVNUUR
Baja Buggy: VURCNU
Battle Tank: ZSSDBU
Hovercraft: NXDLLB
Super Focus: LPGXUE

Bonus Code 1866:
All Cars: OQJHOK
All Parts: FHPIWQ
All Tracks: ODIFCS
Battle Tank: LWXEIF
Hovercraft: BKQBAU
Super Focus: WSNBSB

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Colin McRae Rally 04 PlayStation 2 Cheats

NOTE: Colin McRae Rally 04 was only released for the Eupopean PlayStation 2 Console, NOT the North American PS2. These following cheats may only work on Eupopean PlayStation 2 game. Also note that Colin McRae Rally 04 has been released in North American for the Original Xbox System, and Windows Operated PCs.

Mirror Tracks
Select 'Secrets' at the option menu and enter EPDZJF as a code.

All tests
Select 'Secrets' at the option menu and enter DMLPOD as a code.

All car parts
Select 'Secrets' at the option menu and enter FUDWHC as a code.

Expert Mode
Select 'Secrets' at the option menu and enter HIQNRM as a code.

All tracks
Select 'Secrets' at the option menu and enter BSDJUC as a code.

All other cars (including bonus cars)
Select 'Secrets' at the option menu and enter AIDLAU as a code.

Group B mode and Group B cars
Select 'Secrets' at the option menu and enter CFCKGL as a code.

All Weather
Select 'Secrets' at the option menu and enter CLRWTR as a code.

Expert Mode (Bonus Code 34674)
Enter the following code at the entry screen: IRZQNT.

Bonus Code 76538 (Group B Mode and Cars)
Use the following code: RTNITJ.

Mirror Tracks (Bonus Code 34674)
Enter the following code at the code entry screen: FEQRJV.

All Tracks (Bonus Code 34674)
Enter the following code at the code entry screen: HCHSFD.

Various codes for an unknown bonus code
All tracks: BSDJUC
Expert mode: HIQNRM
All parts: FUDWHC
All tests: DMLPOD
Mirror tracks: EPDZJF

Monday, July 25, 2011

Clock Tower 3 PlayStation 2 Cheats

Unlock Cinema Theater
Complete the game once.

Unlock new costumes
Complete the game to get the key, then start a new game with the same saved game and unlock Alyssa's closet with the key to get 5 new costumes.

Art Gallery
After beating the game, you can also access artwork featuring character and pre-production area designs. To access the art gallery, press R1 when in the cinema viewer.

Clear Mode
Successfully complete the game to unlock Clear mode. This mode is a more difficult version of the game with enemies have more powerful weapons and your character's panic goes to full when surprised.

Defeat Subordinates
Charge up until your arrow has a little yellow "tail" coming from it.

Defeat Scissorwoman
Watch when she's coming towards you. Then face her, aim, wait till she's right at you, and release. She will retreat. Also, you can try moving, and when she gets near you and stops to attack, get strafe out of the way, turn, aim, and fire.

Defeat Final Boss
Don’t charge to the max when fighting the final boss. The instant the boss fight begins, charge to second stage glow (small glow, then medium glow), and blast him. If he already shoots the fireball, press X to squat and dodge the fireball and repeat until he can't use his fireball anymore. When he laughs, it's your chance to use 2nd stage blast on him repeatedly until he dies. He can't use fireballs since he's been disrupted by Alyssa’s medium charge arrow, thus combo- ing him to death. But if he suddenly use the blood puddle attack, run and repeat. His dialogue will indicate if he’s going to use it. Press R1 to use special arrow.

Scissor Man And Scissor Woman
When on Scissor man's side of the mirror (which is almost the same as Scissor woman's side), on the first floor is the men's bathroom run inside one of the stalls and lay low until he is gone. Note :If you are playing a clear mode game, be careful; when you are surprised your panic meter goes to full. If he does surprise you, he will do somewhat of a dance. Put some Holy Water on him and make a run for it. The best place to go is through the other side of the mirror. When on the other side, you will now be chased by Scissor Woman. Her side is almost the same, except everything is changed around. The bathroom that was on the first floor is now on the second floor. If you go to the second floor room where you find the empty chair (in Scissor man's side there is a dead body there, and this is where you use the form). All the way on the top corner (towards the television screen) is a hole where you can get through. This really is not that much help, as the music will stop for a few seconds and then restart. When you make it through the second part of Scissor Man and Scissor Woman's stage, an intermission sequence will play. After it ends, Scissor Man appears. Run into the clock tower. If you go to the door on the left, it is Scissor Man's side. The right door is Scissor Woman's side. On Scissor man's side, run up the stairs. You should be able to go to the edge and hang off. This will trigger an intermission sequence. Since there is nothing really on Scissor Man's side and nowhere to run or hide, do not bother going there anymore. When on Scissor Woman's side, go up the stairs. Go towards the sky and slide against the wall. When you reach the end and are in the kitchen, after putting out the fireplace, Scissor Woman will appear. Go to Alyssa's left. There should be some ashes. Use them against Scissor Woman. When you are in the Library part of the clock tower, Scissor Woman will appear. Go outside and towards the sky again. Move Alyssa towards the right. This will bring you back to the Library. Scissor Woman cannot harm you in anyway. When you get to the intermission sequence where you see Dennis and what Scissor Man and Scissor Woman are doing to him, you will never be chased by either one of them again.

Acid Man
When you first meet him, use the Holy Water. This will set him on fire for a few seconds and give you enough time to run. Run down the steps (where the lion fountain is located) and run past the door. There should be a small outhouse. Run in there until the music stops. If you enter the house and he appears, run up stairs. He will follow you. Go into the room and under the bed (if you have not found it already). There should be a secret ladder leading to somewhat of an entertainment room. When down there. Acid Man will appear. When he does, look for a fire extinguisher and use it against him. This will cause the room to become filled with white smoke and he will not be able to see. Use this chance to get out of the room. If you are on the other side of the big fans outside when he appears, go through the only door there. Go down the stairs and into the first door. Go all the way into the back. Alyssa will see an electric box when he comes in, and is close enough use it against him. This is another chance for you to escape. After he has fries, he should come out again. If he does, run past the door (where the electric box was located) and past the ghost (whose spirit you must set free). You will reach somewhat of a dead end. Stand there for a few seconds, and the music should stop, indicating that he left. If Acid Man follows you down there, use the Holy Water on him and run back and out the door to where the giant fans are located. Stay there until he follows you. When he does, run around the junkyard and back in the door. Go back to where that dead end is located. Another way if he follows you again is to walk towards the wall, and on that small walkway Alyssa will walk against the wall and he will be gone. Beware -- when you do the bridge part he will appear again and say "I found you".

Chopper Man
It is recommended that you carry as many Holy Waters as possible, and refill every time you get to one Holy Water remaining. When he first appears, use the Holy Water and run for the door on Alyssa's right. You should be in a office room that has two fish tanks. Run behind the fish tank that is closes to the television screen. You will see Chopper Man enter and repeat his "Oh nice trick" phrase. When you either see or hear him vanish, the coast is clear. When he appears on the B2 floor, does run down the stairs and go all the way to Alyssa's left. There should be some barrels and fire there. Hide in there and a short intermission sequence will appear. If he appears at random in the factory, do not bother hiding in the elevator. It will not do anything, as he will still be outside the elevator waiting and you will be trapped. If you need to enter the elevator and go to either B1, B2, or B3 (whichever floor you are on) and ride the elevator up or down, then go back to the floor you were on. When doing this, he will appear on that same floor again. This will get you just enough time to do what you need to do. If Alyssa is in panic mode, you will not be able to use the elevator. It is best if you use the Lavender Water to lower her panic or try to make a run for it. When you enter the grave yard after the intermission sequence, run towards Alyssa's right. There should be a house. Once inside, go around and pass the beds. Hide behind the curtain until he is gone.

Timing The Charge For An Arrow
If you do not know when to fire the arrow, count ten seconds, then fire. You can also count seven seconds and fire, but it will not be as strong.

Get Out Of Panic Mode
To get out of panic mode either use Lavender Water; or while you are running and Alyssa, stops keep pressing X. She will be able to move again.

Get Rid Of The Moth
Although moths may appear as if they are your friends, they are not. If they get near you, either use your Holy Water or keep pressing X and Alyssa will say "Get off".

Locations To Hide From Bosses
It can be difficult to find a place to hide or something to use to attack a Boss. The following are locations and items that you can use. Note: If you are trying to complete the game on a time record do not follow any of these tips.

Slugehammer Man
When you first meet him, run through the closest door (which leads to the main room in the clothing store). Run behind the curtain and stay there until you either hear or see him leave, or if he finds you. If that happens, run back up the stairs and into the room where you first met him. Then go through the door again and hide in the curtain once again. When in the music hall, go behind the stage curtain. He cannot and will not follow you back there. Though this may kill your time, it is a simple way to avoid him. Another place to hide in the music hall is in the locker on the second floor. He may sometimes find you, depending on whether Alyssa is in panic mode or if he is close to you. When in the music prop room (where you get the matches), once you leave the room Slugehammer Man appears. Quickly run back into the music room and use the violin case. A short intermission sequence will appear.

To get trough barriers, (Mostly on doors) spread some lavender water on it. The barrier should break like glass and you can go through.

Upgrade Second Time Around For Demons
After you complete the the game 1 Time around, Sludgehammer should have a sludgehammer like usaual. So if you complete the game and play it again, youre in for a big surprise. SludgeHammer has a spiked ball! This goes for the rest of the demons. Corrodor's weapon is a white vail of sorts. Also, the bosses are much quicker.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

City Crisis PlayStation 2 Cheats

Unlock Final Rescue Mode To unlock the Final Rescue Mode, earn an S rating with the Sports Car. Unlock Disaster Mode Achieve an S rating in Final Rescue Mode to unlock Disaster Mode. Unlock Chase Car Mode To unlock what is known to the Germans as "Chase Car Mode" earn an A rating on all missions and an S on the Bus Chase. Unlock Bat and Pork Choppers Beat all of the rescue missions. Bonus Helicopters Successfully complete all of the "Rescue" missions to unlock Bat and Pork as playable helicopters in all of the modes. Final Rescue Mission And Time Attack Mode Complete all of the chase-style missions. Time attack mode will now be unlocked. Select mission mode to access the "Final Rescue" mission.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Chessmaster 9000 PlayStation 2 Cheats

Other Boards
During online play, you can switch chess boards. Press Select, go to 'Preferences', select 'Board', then scroll to find twelve additional chess boards. After you have selected your board preference, you can only save the data when you back out to the main menu (offline).

Bypass The Ten Minute Game Limit
You can bypass the ten minute game limit in all tournaments by outputting the PlayStation2 video signal into a VCR and recording the game. Pause game play and rewind the tape to the last move. This gives you a chance to study the board for as long as desired instead of being forced to move quickly because of a declining clock.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Checkmate PlayStation 2 Cheats

Bonus Characters
At the Title screen, press Left, Up, Up, Right, Right, Right. To unlock a second bonus character, unlock the first, then press L1, L1, L1, R1, R1, R1.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chaos Legion PlayStation 2 Cheats

Be Arcia
Beat the game using normal difficulty.

Get Hard Difficulty Level
Beat the game using normal difficulty.

Get Super Hard Difficulty Level
Beat the game using hard difficulty.

Unlock "Liv Special PV", "Total Results" and "Extra Menu" options
Beat the game using any difficulty level.

Play Previously Played Levels
On stage 9 beat the boss and you will get the "Map Selector" which allows you to go to any completed level.

Change Enemies on Previously Played Levels
Beat the boss on level 10 to unlock "Change Appearance" which changes enemies on replayed levels.

Destroy the final summon
Slash twice and then use the upper cut. Then summon up the 2nd summon and will die.

Unlock Ultimate Legion
To unlock the Ultimate Legion, collect all of the Thanatos Chips scattered throughout the stages.

Avoid losing life
Pause game play before the last part of your health disappears. Use a healing item, and you will still have that life.

Easy experience
Find a location where enemies spawn in groups of two or three. Put a Legion on active attack mode and let them kill those same enemies for hours. This works if your Legion is strong enough, but check up every ten to fifteen minutes to make sure your health is still the same. If it has changed, check more frequently to make sure you do not die.
Let your Legions take the kills and do most of your dirty work. You will get double experience. Also, press Force Attack if you are in a tight spot.
For more challenging play, but better experience, when a generator keeps making monsters reappear, just stay there and kill those monsters over and over again, but don't attack the generator.
Go to level 6 and fight all the way to the second stage. Use the Malice and keep using the Force Attack (Triangle). Press it repeatedly after there are no threats around, except for the heads with the spikes that cannot die with conventional attacks. Do this for a while to gain experience.

Experience multiplier
To get the multiplier, get the target result. You can view it by using Select. Try the achieve the maximum time. For health and soul, after defeating the Boss, quickly press Start and use health and soul item to get full. If you get the all targets closely, you will get something like 3x for the experience multiplier. Note: You can pass the target for special monster, health and soul, but you cannot pass or get less than the level time and Boss time.

Leveling up Legions
Make sure to level up one organic-attack Legion and one inorganic-attack Legion (for example, Guilt and Flawed) until stage 9. After that, you can go back and level all of your Legions equally.
Blasphemey and Hatred Legions are by far the hardest Legions to level up. Take out one of your more powerful Legions along if you are using either one of them.

Guilt Legion
When using the Guilt Legion, treat them as your troops and yourself as a general. Command them into attacking targets who pose the largest threat to you by locking on and using Force Attack. If you are in need of protection from an onslaught, unsummonm then resummon the Legion after putting it into passive mode. Then, when enemies close in, press Force Attack and let your minions do the dirty work.

Hatred Legion
The Hatred Legion is useful when you need some serious back-breaking power. It is best to rely on these Hulk-like legionnaires if the enemy's number is great and you are in need of a little break. They are best left in active mode. However, if you fiddle around with passive mode and target elimination, you can become a ferocious force with this legion.

Malice Legion
This is the crossbow Legion best saved for large numbers of metallic enemies. Sniping is a great option, but consumes Soul Power. When the metallic enemies draw within ten feet of your legion, tap Force Attack repeatedly to "group snipe" them. Keep in mind that this is a great Legion for large numbers, but for other metallic enemies that are powerful as the Hatred legion, (for example, the armor suits on levels 10 and 11), consider using the Flawed Legion.

Arrogance Legion
This is the "human shield" Legion. They are best used to create a temporary safe haven. Basically, summon them and keep them in passive mode so that they do not move, but protect. Then, trek out slightly and face your foe. If you find your enemy's numbers are too great, simply fall back to your safe haven and battle them from behind your shields. You may notice that the Arrogance Legion does not exactly pack a whole lot of power in their attack. However, if you wait until they have just a little bit of health remaining, press Force Attack and watch them put the hurt on. Then unsummon them and fight ferociously until you have restored your soul power.

Flawed Legion
These are the little midgets with razor fingers. Once you lock-on to a hard to-defeat metal enemy and press Force Attack, they will surprise with how they burrow into your opponents and take their health down a by a considerable amount. They are by far the worst fighters when left in active mode, which is why they are not recommended for large group fights unless you are in a situation where your attacks are almost worthless. Note: The Flawed Legion's extra abilities and the group's unsummoned special attack are by far the most useful of any legion.

Blasphemy Legion
Their little floating bombs also turn into convenient little land mines. This legion is best used against Denu, or the metallic and shiny opponents that are impervious to your attacks.

Ultimate Legion
This is by far the game's best Legion, yet the most underdeveloped. For example, it teleports to your opponent's blind spot and basically mutilates it. When you use its unsummoned special attack, you can move through a plane of slower time. There is only one legionnaire in this crest. Also, you cannot rely on this Legion to protect. It has a reaction time, and when it attacks it leaves you very vulnerable to your foes. Note: To get the Ultimate Legion, collect all the Thanatos Chips.

Defeating the Giant Tree Boss
Find a safe location where the lasers shot by his minions will not hit you. Then, stand there and time the lasers with your Legions and your own attacks so that no health is lost.
Make sure you have the Guilty Legion and the Arrogance Legion equipped for this Boss. When you first get to the Boss, summon Arrogance to protect you. As they absorb the blasts of the cannons, have them return the attack of the cannons for experience. When a couple of cannons are remaining, dismiss the Arrogance Legion. Run to the tree and attack it until it opens up. Then, summon the Guilty Legion. Note: The amount of cannons respawned will increase as the tree gets more damaged -- be careful.

Defeating the Giant Spider Boss
In the cave, have no Legions active so that you can run around. Run up to the Boss and attack its right leg repeatedly. It does not matter if it is the right or left leg, but must be a front leg. After its leg falls to the ground, quickly summon a Legion (preferably Guilt) and press Force Attack (default Triangle). Attack it for one volley, then press Force Attack again and begin to get away from the Boss. Unsummon your Legion, and look at the Boss while in one of the two small clearings. While facing the Boss, hold R1 and as soon as its first laser is about to hit you, press X and movement Analog-stick Right. While still holding R1, repeat that maneuver once again. Then, repeat by attacking the leg and so on. Note: If the Boss falls from its perch, quickly get near its head and attack the now visible silver orb along by using Triangle with your Legions to assault it.

Defeating Giant Trolls
Jump and attack so that you can do a spin slash at its head. That will immobilize it. Keep doing this.

Boxed-up Gates
You will eventually encounter gates with huge metal boxes behind them. Notice that you can lock on to these gates and even attack them, but it does not really do anything. That is because you need to use a Legion's attack to open it. To see which Legion you should use, check the little circle in the gate, and make sure it matches your Legion's symbol.

On the stage 11, constantly explore before continuing onward. You will find plenty of power-ups.

In level 9 you get to use Arcia. This is basically just a fun level because you get to shoot enemies. Check what happens when you use the dodge technique with Arcia (hold R1 and press X when you move in any direction). This is useful for not getting hit, and you can shoot while performing these moves.

Longer combos
If you want a longer combo try jumping into the air once. When coming down, you will hit your enemy once and when you hit the ground you will start your regular combo. It is still slightly longer.

Sieg combos
Note: These work only if you have Guilt and Flawed Legions player techs fully leveled. Press Square(5), X. Press X, then X again in that jump, then press X when you land.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Championship Surfer PlayStation 2 Cheats

Unlock the Arctic Beach & the Iceman surfer At the Main Menu, press L2, R1, R2, L1, L2.

NOTE: This game may be a Playstation 1 game NOT a Playstation 2 game, however I did found this cheat listed under the Playstation 2 catagory.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Champions of Norrath: Realms of EverQuest PlayStation 2 Cheats

Defeating Bosses
When playing in single player mode, make a duplicate of yourself to distract the Boss. The boss will attack your copy and not your original character.

Alternate exploit
Utilizing the save method, you can effectively farm cash and items through item duplication. Drop the item on the ground you want duplicated from your map reference save and then import your character. Pick up the item and you now have 2, update your map reference save and then drop both items now. Import your character and pick up both items and you now have 4 of this item. This growth is exponential and over time will amount to insane amounts of cash if your selling, or you can duplicate your favorite weapon to dual wield, or just duplicate augmentations to slot into your armor.

Class Descriptions
If you're just getting into your new EverQuest journey, here are some tips to keep in mind concerning the five character classes.

1. Barbarian: Barbarians are the tanks of Norrath, and excel at melee combat, specializing in weapons and armor. Unfortunately, barbarians do not recover mana automatically.

2. Ranger: Relying on their bow skills, rangers specialize in long range attacks and mana usage. They also have some spell casting abilities, but are more focused on their archery.

3. Wizard: Wizards are very dependent on mana, and it shows in their attacks. Based on the elements, their magic attacks are to be used to keep them out of harm's way, as wizards are vulnerable in close combat.

4. Cleric: If used correctly, clerics can offer support by way of healing spells. And while they do not excel at combat, they still possess limited weapon use--blunt weapons onlys.

5. Shadow Knight: Using a range of evil spells, this class can attack with poison, and summon monsters to help in the attack. They can also use melee attacks, though not nearly as effectively as barbarians.

Duplicate items and easy money
Start a game with two controllers. Press Start and select "Add/Remove Player". Select the slot for player two at the import screen then import the current character you are playing into the player two slot. Select "Finish" and player two will now be a duplicate of your original character, with the same armor, weapons, and items. Sell the duplicated inventory items for money, then repeat.

Save exploit
Make sure you have room on your memory card for more than one save. The idea behind the cheat is to import your own character into a map you control. So, if you are after experience fight your way through the game to a boss fight with an easily accessible save point. Fight the boss down to the last hit and then withdraw to the save point. Save the game, this will be the map reference. Now, go ahead and wander back towards the boss and kill him. You gain the XP and loot of the boss fight. Return to the save point and save your game on. This will create a new save that we'll use to import from. Now, exit the game and reload your map reference save (1st save). Once inside your game, hit start and go to Add/Remove Players... Highlight your own character and hit triangle to import a character. Import your character that already has the boss experience into the map reference save you created and you now have the opportunity to kill the boss again (in one blow no less) and regain his XP and loot.

Faster experience
First, find a Boss that gives a lot of experience points. Before fighting it, save the game. After you defeat the Boss, create another save file and save the game on that file. Load the first file that you saved, then import your character from the second saved game file. Fight the Boss again, then overwrite the second file. Repeat the process until the experience points from the Boss is not longer satisfactory. Remember to not overwrite your first save file.

Level 20 with 999 Skill Points
Hold L1 + R2 + TRIANGLE and hit R3 during gameplay.

Massive Experience
This exploit requires at least two save files (1800+ KB on one card) or for safety reasons, two memory cards with at least 900 KB free (you can take out one card and force save/force load your game from the other card). Again, this exploit is for the Normal (non-Internet) Campaign only.
When you arrive in the final act (Act V: Plane of Air and Plane of Hate), you are tasked to secure lost souls to free Fironia to help you battle Innoruk. Once you free Fironia, you cannot enter the Halls of Despair any more, so create a save game before you rescue Fironia and you can return there any time (import your characters into the campaign) and you can keep earning experience and damn cool equipment. Note that the Halls of Despair prohibits Gate Scrolls from being used, so prepare to fight well to keep your items.
Consequently, once you rescue Fironia, you can use two cards to save your progress after battling Innoruk for massive experience. After rescuing Fironia, she tells you to locate Planar Steel to fight Innoruk. Once you locate Planar Steel, you warp into Innoruk's chamber, so make a save before you do anything stupid.
Yank out the card after you save and stick in another card with free space for a Norrath save game. Pick up all the gear you want to carry with you into the next game (weapons or armor you can't equip yet but would like to keep) and locate the Planar Steel (it is not hard to do since the Plane of Air is rather small and has no enemies). Go fight Innoruk, make him barf out some good items (pick them up as well) and save your completed campaign on the second card.
You can now load the campaign from the first card (before you found the Planar Steel) and import the characters from your completed campaign to make Innoruk pave your way to higher experience levels. As a bonus, you can also sell the extra gear you find. Just remember to save before searching for Planar Steel on card #1, pulling it out and using card #2 to save the results of the battle after Innoruk.

Ultimate Leveling Cheat
Get to the Boss in the Tower of Clouds (The giant that's right before talking to Lazlo) and Beat him down until he has about 1 or 2 hits until death then press start, go to add and remove players and make a new character that you want to level really fast. After he/she is created, press start and remove your old character from the game, (You probably want to save before doing this). Get the last few hits in with your newly created level 1 character and your level will jump accordingly: on the Adventurous difficulty you'll get level 15 with all stat points and skill points for up to that level. On the Courageous difficulty you'll get level 36. If anyone does this on the Champion difficulty, post your results.

Act 1: Defeating enemies easily
Get the wood elves to block in the enemy then attack with bow or magic. This works well against two guards blocking the Goblin caves.

Act 1: Defeating the head Goblin
When in in the goblin cave, to defeat the head goblin kill all goblins except for him. Run around him to get him to follow you. Then, go to the center part. Run away to the outer edge. If done correctly, he should get stuck. Shoot arrows at him until he is dead.

Act 2: Defeating the Queen Mammothant
When in the ant hill, run past all Mammothants until you reach the portal opening. Leave, save the game, then go back and fight the ants that followed. Then fight the queen, but before you attack her kill all of her servants. They will get in the way. Throw poison potions at her and if you are playing a Shadow Knight, use a level 5 Disease Bolt. Slow her down and attack with a fire weapon She should die easily. To kill the Queen Mammothant very easily, when you walk in the room where you fight her, do not move from the middle. Block her attacks when she does; she has an easy to follow pattern. When she goes away, the ants still will not appear and you will be able to shoot her with arrows. After you defeat her, kill the rest of the ants by slowly moving or they will all attack you at the same time.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Champions of Norrath PlayStation 2 Cheats

Defeat cloud giant boss easily
Once you start your fight with the cloud giant quickly move your player to either the left or right and behind one of the fires. The cloud giant boss will be on the other screen and won't be able to see you. Because he is in the middle just pelt him full of arrows after arrows, for me he went down after 150 arrows on a 50-70 attack bow.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Centre Court: Hard Hitter PlayStation 2 Cheats

Easy aces
Select a hard hitter for arcade mode. When it is your turn to serve, hold Square and press the Left Analog-stick slightly to the side of the court. If done correctly, this will result in a very fast serve, almost always getting an ace.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Celebrity Death Match PlayStation 2 Cheats

Play As Alien
Successfully complete Episode 5 with a "Perfect" rank to unlock an Alien.

Play As Cousin Grimm
Successfully complete Episode 1 with a "Perfect" rank to unlock Cousin Grimm.

Unlock Adam Sandler
In Make A Character mode, enter Adam Sandler.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Catwoman PlayStation 2 Cheats

Vault Code
The code to unlock the vault is 1940 which is the year that Catwoman first appeared in the comics. This will unlock new galleries as well as a new comic book cover.

Level 1: Dodging bullets
While on the level 1, there will be a hail of bullets. To dodge them, hold L1 and run around. The chances of you getting hit will be decreased.

Kitty dance
Allow the game to idle and Catwoman will do a dance.

Midnight the cat
When Catwoman comes across this little feline she is in luck. Finding Midnight gives Catwoman nine lives.

Finding Cat Eyes
If you have problems finding Cat Eyes, press Triangle to use your cat vision. Some of them are hidden behind posters and other objects.

Cat Sense
Hold L2 to access Hunting mode. To go to Cat Sense, concentrate on a glowing icon to make it darker, and it will automatically change into Cat Sense. Stop however, and it will turn back to Hunting mode.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cat in the Hat PlayStation 2 Cheats

Extra Life
Press Up, Down, Square, L2, L1, Down, Up, Down (2), Up.

Extra 10 Magic Pickups
Press L1, Down, L1, L2, Square, Down, Up, Down, Up (2).

4 bonus door keys
Press Square, L2, Down, L1, L1, Up, Square, Down, Up, Down.

All Gallery Items
Press Square, Down, L2, Down, L1, Square, Up, Square, Down, Down.

Open all levels
Press Down, L2, Up, L1, Square, Down, Down, Down, Down, Up.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Castlevania: Lament of Innocence PlayStation 2 Cheats

All Skills Mode
Clear the game with Leon once and save that game. Start a new game on another slot and enter the name @LLSKILL. Leon will have all his skills when he begins the game.

Unlock Jade Mask Item
Clearing the game will unlock the Jade Mask for sale at the shop.

Unlock Mobius Brooch Item
Clearing the game on Crazy Mode will unlock the Mobius Brooch in the shop.

Unlock Sound Test
Clear the game once with any character and save that game. The Music Box will be available for purchase in Rinaldo's shop for all future games (you only need to buy it once and save the purchase to that game).

Unlock Boss Rush Mode
Clear the game with any character and save that game. That game's character may head back to the stage select room and opt to try Boss Rush Mode, that is a time attack mode against all the bosses in the game in the order they appear in the Encyclopedia.

Unlock Crazy Mode
Clear the game with Leon once and save that game. Start a new game on another slot and enter the name @CRAZY. Crazy mode is much harder than the normal game, and Leon starts with a defence of zero.

Unlock Joachim's Game
Clear the game with Leon once and save that game. Start a new game on another slot and enter the name @JOACHIM. Joachim's game is played differently, and the character has no access to any weapons, armour, or health restoration items.

Unlock Pumpkin Game
Clear the game with Joachim once and save that game. Start a new game on another slot and enter the name @PUMPKIN. The Pumpkin game starts the character off with all skills and the Vampire Killer, as well as increased stats. However, there are no subweapons available other than the initial subweapon.

Fire Whip
First, go to the Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab second floor and find the room with the moving platform. Follow it until you get to the second platform on the right. After jumping over the platform, look for two yellow poles. Hook over the two poles. On the upper side, you can find the monster named Flame Element. Defeat him and he will give you the Fire Whip.

Duplicator Glitch
There's a way to duplicate your items. Enter the castle and head to the door that leads to the Save Room and the room to the other 5 stages. In the hallway near the Save Room, look on the carpet for a green spot of color. Go stand on it, facing the window and open up your subscreen and go to your item list. By scrolling through your item list each item mysteriously increases by one.

Duplicator Glitch #2
There is a second spot inside the Pagoda of Misty Moon where items can be duplicated (again). On the second floor hallway, stand near the second circle design on the carpet (on the map, it will be near the east side of the stage). Press START to enter the item screen and glitch away.

Duplicator Glitch #3
The hallway outside the VI Stone room allows items to be duplicated through the start menu (see Duplicator Glitch #2).

Monday, July 11, 2011

Castlevania: Circle Of The Moon PlayStation 2 Cheats

Magician mode
Enter FIREBALL as a name and start a new game. The word "Magician" will appear on the option screen to confirm correct code entry. All trading cards will be available under the DSS option.

Thief mode
Enter DAGGER as a name to get your character thief stats.

Action Cards
Mercury: Bone Head in Catacomb.
Venus: Slime in Catacomb, Abyss Corridor (hidden room), and Audience Room.
Jupiter: Heat Shade in Machine Tower.
Mars: Bloody Sword in Chapel Tower.
Diana: Man Eater in Underground Gallery.
Apollo: Arch Demon in Underground Storage.
Neptune: Ice Armor in Underground Waterway.
Saturn: Fallen Angel near the Battle Arena.
Uranus: Scary Candle in Golem Boss Room (defeat Camilla first).
Pluto: Trick Candle in Cerebus Boss Room (defeat Camilla first).

Attribute Cards
Salamander: Bomb skeleton in Catacomb.
Serpent: Earth Demon in Catacomb.
Mandragoras: Axe Armor in Abyss Corridor(in a hidden room), Audience Room.
Golem: Electric Skeleton in Audience Room.
Cockarice: Stone Armor in Machine Tower.
Manticore: Thunder Demon in Machine Tower.
Griffon: Skeleton Athletes in Audience Room (hidden room way to the right).
Thunderbird: Were-Panther in Chapel Tower.
Unicorn: White Armor in Battle Arena.
Black Dog: Devil Armor in Battle Arena.

Defeating Death
To defeat Death very easily, just activate the Jupiter + Manticore DSS combo. His sickles cannot hit you, and by this point in the game you will probably never run out of MP because this combo will use it slower than you restore it.

Shooter mode
Enter CROSSBOW as a name and start a new game. The word "Shooter" will appear on the option screen to confirm correct code entry. Nathan will have a substantial number of hearts, extra sub-weapon damage, and can use the Homing Dagger sub-weapon in this mode.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Casper: Spirit Dimensions PlayStation 2 Cheats

Secret room
Move in front of the bookcase inside Casper's house. Shoot the bookcase with normal, fire, fire, ice, normal, fire, and super spirit blasts (in order). The will open to a secret room containing Lucky the Chicken.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

CART Fury Championship Racing PlayStation 2 Cheats

Unlock Fog
At the Cheat Menu, press R2, R1, X, Square, Square, Circle.

Unlock Big Head Mode
At the Cheat Menu, press Triangle, Square, Square, L2, L1, R2.

Hidden Drivers and Cars
At the Driver Selection screen, press R1 for more drivers or L1 for more cars.

All Cars
At the Cheat Menu, press Triangle, X, Triangle, Square, L2, Triangle.

All Movies
At the Cheat Menu, press L1, Circle, R2, X, L2, Triangle.

All Tracks
At the Cheat Menu, press R1, Triangle, X, X, R2, L1.

Death Cars
At the Cheat Menu, press L2, Square, L1, R2, R2, X.

Death Wall
At the Cheat Menu, press X, Square, R2, Triangle, R1, R2.

Player Death Car
At the Cheat Menu, press L1, Square, R1, R2, L2, L1.

Rocket wheels and Boston Big Dig track
Complete block your opponent mode on the easy, medium, and hard difficulty settings to unlock the rocket wheels and Boston Big Dig track options at the cheat menu.

No time out and Moon track
Complete time trial mode on the easy, medium, and hard difficulty settings to unlock the no time out and Moon track options at the cheat menu.

Night drive and Alpine Raceway track
Complete lock-on mode on the easy, medium, and hard difficulty settings to unlock the night drive and Alpine Raceway track options at the cheat menu.

Death car and Miami track
Complete simulation mode to unlock the Death car and Miami track options at the cheat menu.

Driving 101 FMV sequence
Complete all Driving 101 options to unlock the Driving 101 FMV sequence.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001 PlayStation 2 Cheats

Random Groove
Press Start at the Groove selection screen.

Boss challenge mode
Boss challenge mode becomes available under the following two conditions. Both hidden Bosses (God Rugal, Shin Gouki) must already be defeated and unlocked. Hold Triangle + Square while selecting arcade mode.

Extra options
Clear Boss challenge mode with no continues. The "Extra Option" becomes available in the game.

Extra color edit mode options
Press Start while editing the colors for your character to display more options on the left side of the screen.

Infinite custom groove
Defeat all characters straight in survival mode. The custom groove option settings will become infinite.

Middle Boss conditions
The middle Boss appears when the following conditions are all fulfilled:
No time over has occurred.
The CPU has not made over six "first attacks".
The CPU has not made three or more Special KOs.

Victory quotes
Hold Start + FP after winning a stage to make your character say an opponent specific quote. Hold Start + FK to make the character talk with a team member.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millenium PlayStation 2 Cheats

Unlock Boss Challenge Mode
Defeat both hidden bosses and then hold square + triangle when you select Arcade mode.

Extra Option
Clear the Boss Challenge mode without using a continue to unlock the Extra Option.

Infinite Custom Groove
Defeat all the characters in Survival mode without losing to get infinite custom groove.

Super Move
Defeat your opponent with one of the following to get a finishing blow: Counter a Super Move with either a Special or a Super Move; Counter a Special with a level 3 Super Move; or Hit a taunting opponent with a level 3 Super move.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Capcom Fighting Evolution PlayStation 2 Cheats

Fight as Pyron
Defeat Pyron in arcade mode. Note: You will also unlock his stage.

Fight against Shin Akuma
Successfully complete the game once with each character, except for Pyron. Shin Akuma will appear after Pyron is defeated when using a team containing your last set of characters.

Fight as Shin Gouki
Defeat Shin Gouki in arcade mode.

Classic character sound themes
Successfully complete the game to unlock classic themes for the characters used in the "Sounds" option.

Fight against Ingrid
Win each round of your first three matches with at least one perfect finish.

Victory pose
Press a Kick or Punch button after winning a round to change your victory pose.

Switch starting characters
Between matches, hold two Kick buttons. When the match begins, you can start the round with your second selected character instead of your first.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Cabela's Deer Hunt: 2004 Season PlayStation 2 Cheats

Unlock X-Ray
To unlock X-Ray vision, beat the game once.

New Scopes
As you progress through the game, you will unlock better scopes.

Unlocking Weapons
Complete regions in career mode ynder any difficulty to unlock weapons and scopes.
44 Magnum: 1 region completed
Compund Bow: 2 regions completed
.25-06 Bolt-Action: 3 regions completed
7mm Magnum Bolt-Action AND Static Scope: 4 regions completed
12 Gague Semi-Automatic: 5 regions completed
.308 Bolt-Action and Field Scope: 6 regions completed
7mm Short Mag Bolt-Action: 7 regions completed
.300 Magnum Bolt-Action and Hawkeye Scope: 8 regions completed

Successfully complete the game under the easy difficulty setting to unlock Johanna, the sniper character.

Easier Aim
When you are hunting with a bow or any other difficult to aim weapon, equip yourself with the spotting scope. Zoom in and line its crosshairs up with the deer. Then, switch to your weapon. If the deer has not moved and is in range, your shot should be dead on. You can also aim the scope a slightly over the deer to adjust for the drop in the arrow (or bullet). With some time and practice you will kill them every time with this technique.

Sneaking Up On Deer
Use the scent cover when sneaking up on any deer.

Attracting Deer
Get a deer feeder and a tree stand. Walk to an area with a lot of trees. Set up your tree stand and deer feeder. Get up in the tree stand, use the scent cover, then use your buck call. It may take several minutes to attract a deer. For best results, use your rifles.

Recommended Deer Hunt Locations
The best place to hunt deer is Arizona. You need the buck decoy, buck call, scent cover, and the urine scent. First, use the decoy. Then, use the scent cover and urine scent. Finally, use the buck call. You should have bucks coming in a matter of seconds.

Exiting Tree Stand Safely
When in a tree stand and you want to get out, look down at the ground first. Then, get out.

Crouch Warning
Do not use the tree stand, tripod, or ground blind while crouched; you will die when you attempt to exit.

Improving Stats
Stats will improve as you progress through the game, based on your use of the skills associated with those stats. For example, using you tracking skill successfully during the game will result in your tracking skill improving, excellent shooting improves accuracy, sneaking up on deer improves your stealth, and running around a lot with a heavy pack increases your strength.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cabela's Dangerous Hunts PlayStation 2 Cheats

High Ground Hide-Away
When you go to a hunt where you have to kill an animal then use its mest to lure other animals sich as wolfs, yotes, etc. kill the "BAIT" animal then try to get to the slope of a hill before the wolfs get after you. By doing this, the predators cannot reach you, which in-turn lets you kill them easily.

Use Items
If your walking and want to get into lets say a ground blind. All you have to do is click the SELECT button and a screen with all your items will show up. Find what you want and you can use it.

Rifle selection
When selecting your rifle in action zone, it is best to get an automatic. You will be able to shoot faster and will not get attacked as much.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cabela's Big Game Hunter PlayStation 2 Cheats

Extra Hunters
Beat an entire area in career mode then save and exit the game. Reload the game and start a new career to access the extra hunter. A hunter is unlocked for each area finished.

Get X Ray Scope
Get all tags in a level then play the area a second time using quick hunt mode. Press X while using the scope for X-ray vision.

Break the Law
If you ever shoot a non-game animal and don't want to get busted, just return to your Trophy Room to wipe the slate clean.

Easy Money
In career mode buy a tag for wolf in Alberta, or coyote in Texas. The tag will only cost $200, but if you kill all 4 of them with one shot you get $100 for a clean shot bonus. After you kill all 4 of your animals go back to the main menu and into location, go to the store and you'll have $200 more than you started with at the beginning of your last hunt.

Avoid Charging Animals
Getting into a vehicle will save you from suffering damage from a charging animal.